Customer Journey Orchestration Meets Generative AI Solution: Architect and Sirius AI™ Is The Ultimate Match

Did you know marketers spend over 60% of their time on campaign execution? 

The process encompasses everything from segmenting customers and orchestrating omnichannel journeys to crafting and fine-tuning campaign content for conversions. It’s no surprise, then, that marketers around the globe are feeling overwhelmed.

Aside from the cumbersome nature of marketing technologies, consumer expectations are soaring to unprecedented levels. They demand seamless, personalized customer experiences from brands at every digital interaction point. Today’s consumers expect brands to understand their identity, interests, desires, and motivations and to provide exactly what they need at the precise moment they need it, via their preferred channel, and in a way that captivates them.

The swift rise in channels like WhatsApp marketing, SMS marketing, App Push, and even Email has only added to the challenges for marketers. With consumers being more accessible yet distracted, engaging them has become more difficult.

Pursuing these spiraling expectations means marketing has become complex, disconnected, and fragmented.

Considering these factors, it’s no shock that search terms such as customer journey analytics,” “marketing automation platform,” “omnichannel personalization,” “segmentation,” “SMS marketing,” “WhatsApp marketing,” and “ab testingare hitting record highs. Marketers are on a quest for a technological ally that can boost productivity, ensure superior customer experiences across all channels, and simplify their workload.

In this blog post, we’re going to delve into what customer journey orchestration is, its critical role in achieving success, and how Insider’s innovative generative AI solution, Sirius AI™, can streamline your efforts across all facets of customer experience – from segmentation and omnichannel personalization to customer journey builder and customer journey analytics, ab testing, and beyond…

What is Customer Journey Orchestration and Why is it Important?

Customer Journey Orchestration is enabled by specialized technology, often known as “customer journey builder,” “customer journey software,” or “marketing automation platform.”

Insider’s Architect is an AI and ML-driven solution for omnichannel customer journey orchestration. It enables marketers to design omnichannel journeys tailored to customers’ past and predicted behaviors, such as Purchase Likelihood, Discount Affinity, Category Interest, and others.

Architect offers ready-to-use templates for frequently encountered journeys, allowing quick creation of personalized customer experiences. These templates blend data, automation, and personalization for crafting compelling and efficient customer journeys.

Developing a customer journey map from initial awareness to conversion allows you to:

  • Achieve Deeper Understanding: Customer journey analytics provide crucial insights into consumer behavior, helping you better grasp their preferences and challenges.
  • Improve Omnichannel Interactions: Develop personalized, cohesive omnichannel experiences across various channels including SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and over 12 others, ensuring a fluid omnichannel journey.
  • Optimize Marketing Strategies: Conduct A/B testing and remarketing with ease, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Generative AI Solution for CX: Sirius AI™

Sirius AI™ is the most advanced Generative AI solution globally, specifically designed for marketers. Developed by specialists and honed by over 1,200 businesses, including a third of the Fortune 500 companies, it enables marketers to offer relevant, timely, and personalized experiences automatically.

Sirius AI™ simplifies everything from segmentation to journey crafting and content creation. It produces comprehensive, revenue-enhancing customer journeys in mere minutes, amplifying marketing team efficiency by 60 times.

Here are the capabilities of Sirius AI™, backed by actual results from marketers using this dynamic Generative AI tool:

  • Discover Segments: Manually creating customer segments is now obsolete. Just prompt Sirius AI™ for any desired customer segment and let the Generative AI solutions handle the rest. With prompt-based segmentation, this process becomes 30 times faster. Segments are instantly created using Generative AI based on marketers’ prompts.

Marketers can specify various use cases or desired outcomes, such as cross-selling, converting new buyers to repeat customers, or enhancing product discovery. Desired outcomes might include improving RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) metrics, increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV), boosting average order value (AOV), and more.

For instance, a prompt like “Identify an audience to maximize conversions and increase AOV” yields a pre-defined segment, considering factors like CLTV, purchase likelihood, products with higher AOV, etc. The result is a ready-to-use segment for journey-building or informing omnichannel strategies.

  • Create Journeys: Say goodbye to manually building omnichannel journeys. With Sirius AI™, orchestrate these journeys 60% faster. Marketers write a prompt, and the Generative AI solution instantly crafts an omnichannel journey.

For example, to promote a new product launch to VIP customers, a marketer might use a prompt like “Craft a cross-channel journey targeting VIP customers for the new collection, ensuring maximum product discovery and conversion.” Sirius AI™ then utilizes customer data, segmentation rules, and preferences to design a journey with optimal elements, wait times, and channel mixes, achieving precise objectives.

These journeys are more accurate and efficient than manual creations, delivering the right messages at the right time. Sirius AI™ also enhances manual orchestrations by suggesting starting elements and completing journeys based on prompts.

  • Generate Content: Eliminate the uncertainties in copywriting and content generation. With a single prompt, Sirius AI™ produces data-driven content tailored for specific customer groups in seconds, enabling advanced omnichannel personalization quickly and effortlessly.

Generate engaging email subjects and campaign content with prompts like “create a message to re-engage VIP users urgently.” These messages are automatically tailored to the channel and intended outcome and can include use cases, CTAs, emoji use, etc. Marketers can also specify the tone, ensuring alignment with brand guidelines.

Sirius AI™ also offers content scoring for manually created messages, allowing marketers to gauge campaign performance in advance. The AI suggests alternatives for enhancing message quality.

  • Enable Two-Way Conversions: Leverage WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, for scalable, human-like customer interactions.

Sirius AI™ completes the engagement circle with automatically generated conversations on WhatsApp and other platforms like web, app, and chatbot. Utilizing Open AI, Sirius AI™ bots can embody any persona, adhering to branding guidelines for authentic, brand-consistent conversations. The AI is programmed with knowledge boundaries to avoid sensitive topics, ensuring safe and relevant customer interactions.

With Sirius AI™, bots become ten times more effective in recognizing intents and classifying entities, offering highly contextual responses without unnecessary probing. This ensures safe, reliable customer experiences at scale, aligned with business objectives such as increased conversions, AOV, sales, and product discovery.

Revolutionize Efficiency with Sirius AI™ in Architect

Incorporate Sirius AI™ into Architect, Insider’s customer journey builder, and automate your journey orchestration. This integration removes the need for manual input and guesswork in every phase of developing customer journeys.

By combining Architect and Sirius AI™, you gain the ability to:

  • Effortlessly implement cross-channel marketing strategies using one unified platform, eliminating the complexity of coordinating different services for journey software, personalization, WhatsApp marketing, and A/B testing.
  • Offer tailored customer experiences that significantly boost ROI, revenue, customer lifetime value, average order value, and more.
  • Embrace automated, data-driven decision-making with A/B testing, ensuring you fully capitalize on every opportunity to enhance your campaigns and projects.
  • Increase your marketing team’s productivity and efficiency by 60%.


Today’s consumers demand personalized experiences, making it essential for marketers to delve into customer segments for smooth and individualized interactions. Utilizing Architect and Sirius AI™ not only streamlines your efforts and fosters customer loyalty but also uncovers new segments, boosting your team’s creativity and productivity.

Eager to elevate your approach? Get started and experience the impact of advanced customer journey orchestration combined with the world’s most comprehensive Generative AI solution for customer experience, Sirius AI™.

Click here to book a demo with our team and explore how Architect and Sirius AI™ can assist in reaching your objectives.

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