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How Allianz used Insider’s AI-powered segmentation capabilities to deliver ROI within days

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opt-in rate
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Unified view of customer data

Increase in CLTV


Financial Services


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Smart Recommender

What impressed us most is Insider’s AI-powered segmentation capabilities. The platform learns from customer behavior and identifies which products and services would interest each customer most. This powerful intelligence helps us maximize our engagement ratios and deliver relevant, timely experiences. We were also delighted to find Insider lived up to their promise of a fast and effortless integration—it was so easy to get up and running, with the platform delivering ROI within days.

Marketing and Service Design Group Head

Executive summary

With customer experience predicted to overtake price and product as the key differentiator for financial services brands, Allianz was looking for a technology partner that could help them deliver outstanding experiences across their digital channels. 

Increasingly, customers expect interactions with their insurance companies to be as immediate and personalized as other industries, so customer experience was a huge focus for the team at Allianz.

About Allianz

Allianz is a leader in the financial services industry with an extensive network spanning 4,000 agencies, 1,500 branches, and over 7,200 contracted institutions. The company has built a reputation for its exceptional customer experience, agility, simplicity, digitalization, employee engagement, sustainability, and innovation.

With its purpose of “We Secure Your Future,” the brand is committed to helping its customers achieve their financial goals.

Why Insider?

Allianz is a trailblazer in digital innovation, renowned for offering its financial services customers digital-first solutions. They were looking for a technology partner that could enable them to deliver personalized, timely, and relevant digital experiences to meet and surpass customers’ expectations. Insider offered them everything they needed to take their digital strategy to the next level.


Using Insider’s customer data platform (CDP) to gain a 360-degree view of each customer

The challenge

Data privacy restrictions and complex sales cycles often stop insurance marketers from gaining a holistic view of customers. Traditionally, reliance on technical teams has been high, which stops marketers from being as agile and autonomous as they need to be.

Allianz needed a platform that could help them deliver better customer experiences without the need for tons of IT and dev support. They also needed a tool which could centralize their customer data, making it easier to make data-driven decisions and improve key results.

The solution

The team at Allianz turned to Insider. Our single platform for building individualized, cross-channel customer experiences was just the tool they needed. 

By connecting data across channels, predicting future behavior with AI, and offering the power to individualize customer experiences, Insider enabled Allianz to build AI-powered segments and deliver better customer experiences.


Increasing engagement and CLTV with AI-powered opt-ins and advanced segmentation

The challenge

For financial services brands, keeping customers updated on the latest products and offers available is paramount to increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV). Allianz was keen to ensure they never missed an opportunity to share relevant, timely, and personalized offers with their customers.

The solution

Working closely with Insider’s growth experts, Allianz built an App Push Notification strategy which encouraged users to opt-in to future communications and news from the brand.  

Insider’s AI-powered segmentation capabilities allowed Allianz to re-engage customers with Push Notifications just in time for renewal, providing timely communications at just the right time. 

The results


opt-in rate
via App Push


higher opt-in rate than industry average


Insider gives us the unified customer view we were searching for. The platform offers real-time server-to-server integration and an encrypted identification approach, which gives us the security and freedom to create precise AI-powered segments and use them to build better customer journeys.

Marketing and Service Design Group Head

Looking ahead

For the last six years, Allianz has trusted Insider to help them deliver incredible digital experiences for their customers. They now look forward to improving their customer experience further by exploring innovative new communication channels and features such as WhatsApp Commerce and Architect, Insider’s cross-channel customer journey orchestration tool.

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