Building better product discovery and personalization with InStory

Learn how to create compelling content and product discovery experiences using a drag-and-drop storybuilder.

Product discovery built for modern engagement

Stop the scroll-by and increase engagement with personalized stories based on user purchase history, real-time behaviors, and predicted actions. See how your InStory campaigns are performing with at-a-glance dashboards and adjust your personalization strategy in no time.

Put your product discovery on autopilot

Personalized experiences drive exceptional customer experiences, but they're almost impossible to implement at scale. InStory makes it effortless through built-in customer segmentation. Our AI-driven personalization engine enhances behavioral, predictive, and persona-based segmentation for higher engagement, conversions, and sales.

Deliver personalized recommendations through bite-sized stories

Each user is unique. Bring a personal touch to your digital experiences with AI-powered recommendations. Customize product and content recommendations at scale with deep machine learning to better understand your customers and offer them more relevant and valuable discovery experiences.

Metric-driven product storytelling

Your audience is global, and your SMS campaigns should be too. Schedule and trigger messages based on each user’s timezone and increase engagement and conversions with location-specific updates and offers—all at scale.

  • Views

    Total number of times a story viewed by users

  • Average Story Duration

    Average duration of a story viewed by users (sum of duration/view)

  • Click Throughs

    Number of times users interact with a story, and how

  • Tap Forwards

    Number of times users switch to the next story

  • Tap Backs

    Number of times users switch to the previous story

  • Exits

    Total number of clicks on the exit button

Share your InStory space, easy passive income

Partner up and make passive income with InStory’s powerful brand collaborations. Drive revenue and highlight sponsored brands in prominent stories. A high-impact product discovery solution for new brands that need to generate awareness, brands that want to move inventory, and brands looking for additional revenue streams.

DIY Story editor

Your story done your way for your customers
With InStory’s self-service editor you don’t need to be a designer or a developer to launch personalized hyper-consumable stories. The DIY nature makes A/B testing designs, copy, and other variables a breeze. Whether you have a free afternoon or just a free minute, the fully customizable templates will help you create the story you—and your customers—want.

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