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Highlight trending products, recently viewed items, location-based bestsellers, purchased together and set custom recommendations strategies with Insider’s Smart Recommender. Make personalized cross-channel recommendations and extend your reach further with our APIs.

Create Personalized Recommendations Across Channels

Bring smart search to your site

The average customer will attempt three to five searches before abandoning your site. Show them exactly what they’re looking for with AI-powered search engine that gets smarter with every keystroke into your site’s search bar.

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Drive discovery and engagement

Bring the joy of discovery to your desktop and mobile sites. Create immersive, individualized experiences with InStory. Show each visitor relevant trending products, new arrivals, categories, breaking news, special offers, and so much more in bite-sized social media-like stories.

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Search results tailored to each visitor

A customer is a sneakerhead. But they're only loyal to one brand. Insider's AI segmentation engine knows what they’re seeking when they type "sneaker" into your site's search bar. What’s more, relevant affinity-based recommendations automatically populate for a spot-on user experience.

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Save time with auto product feeds

Focus on the important stuff. Insider’s recommendation engine curates a product feed from your website, without time-consuming manual CSV/XML uploads.

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