Boost product discovery with AI-powered search recommendations

It’s never been easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for, in the shortest time. Insider’s AI-powered site search and merchandising tool, Eureka, redefines online experiences by recommending relevant products based on past and predicted user behavior.

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Turn browsers into buyers with Eureka

Did you know that poor product discovery contributes to 80% of ecommerce bounce rates?

Eureka proactively recommends products based on customers’ browsing history, preferences, or market trends. It powers the search functionality of websites to find what people are looking for in the shortest possible time, showing your customers you know them better than anyone.


decrease in bounce rate


higher conversions


increase in AOV

Personalized search results for every shopper

Reorder search listings instantly using NLP algorithms and dynamic product scoring to show the most relevant products aligned with individual preferences, including favorite brands, sizes, colors, and more. Watch your conversion rates soar with seamless buying experiences and the quickest time to value for customers.

Improve search precision with advanced faceting filters

Speed up product discovery and search precision by helping shoppers discover what they’re looking for faster. Configure advanced faceting filters that help users refine search results based on defined product attributes such as price, category, brand, and rating

Effortless product discovery, every single time

Search relevance

Understand the intent and context behind each search query with Eureka’s NLP. Guide users toward the search results that match their intent no matter how longtail their search query might be.

Typo tolerance

“Galazy phones” or “galaxy phones? Typos are common in search queries. Eureka understands shoppers’ search intent and shows the best matching search results regardless of typos.

Synonym proof

Expand keyword meanings and show exact results based on intent, whether your user searches for “trainers,” “running shoes”, or “lightweight red trainers”.

We love the feature of predicting search terms and displaying search results that are unique to each user based on their affinity. It is one of the coolest features we have on our website, which really helps us stand apart from our competition.

Ecommerce executive

Display product previews for immersive shopping experiences

Improve the online shopping experience with instant previews as shoppers start to type. Quickly grasp customer intent and improve searches with intelligent query auto-completion and relevant search displays.

Customize the search results by defining rules to rearrange products

Tailor the search experience of your shoppers by manually rejigging the search results for specific keywords. Define rules to boost, bury, hide, or pin products based on product attributes and instantly drive higher conversions.

Choose between our no-code visual editor or API integration

What’s right for your site? An instant search view or customization? It’s your choice! Pick an instant search view from our pre-built templates or design your own by easily connecting to our API. Customize further using HTML, CSS, and JS within our panel.

Replicate search experiences across desktop, mobile, and app

Eureka extends its effortless browsing and searching experience to your mobile, web, and app platforms as well. Employ our API to seamlessly integrate all functionalities into your mobile app to set expectations and build consistent cross-channel customer journeys.

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Frequently asked questions

Site search is crucial in eCommerce as it helps users quickly find specific products among a vast inventory, enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates. Effective site search leads to higher customer satisfaction and improved sales by reducing navigation time and helping customers to find the items they’re looking for.

Product discovery refers to the process of helping customers explore and find relevant products they might not have specifically searched for. It involves using a solution like Insider’s Eureka to present personalized recommendations, trending items, or related products to enhance the shopping experience and drive additional sales.

Product discovery can be accomplished with cross-channel marketing platforms such as Insider for collaborative filtering, analyzing user behavior, and utilizing machine learning algorithms to suggest complementary or popular items based on a customer’s browsing and purchasing history, even when they’re not on-site.

Personalized search results are vital because they cater to individual preferences and past interactions, leading to more relevant and engaging shopping experiences. By presenting items aligned with a user’s interests, personalized results increase the likelihood of purchase.

To optimize the search bar, ensure it’s prominently placed, easily accessible on all pages, and equipped with an autocomplete feature to suggest relevant queries. Implement advanced filters, synonyms, and typo tolerance to enhance accuracy and make sure to regularly analyze search analytics to identify user patterns and continually refine the search experience.

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