SMS marketing to drive growth and customer lifetime value

Whether you’re switching providers or looking to send your first SMS, Insider’s SMS marketing platform will help you deliver the most growth from this channel.

Integrate SMS marketing into your omnichannel customer journeys to boost conversion rates by more than 60%.

Trusted by marketing teams at 1,200+ brands, from high-growth start-ups to enterprise players

Connect and convert with SMS marketing for every occasion

Promotional SMS

Personalized, dynamic content

Effectively reach your target audience and boost engagement. Drive sales, deliver exclusive offers, and maximize your marketing efforts with relevant, timely SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS

Reach customers within seconds

One efficient, streamlined solution to send mass personalized messages at once and convert your every day browser. Save time and ensure your message reaches every recipient effectively.

Transactional SMS

Build brand credibility

Deliver real-time updates, notifications, and essential information directly to your users, for seamless, reliable communication with their favorite brand.

Empower seamless cross-channel experiences with integrated SMS event data

Insider’s journey orchestrator, Architect, seamlessly integrates SMS as one of 12+ marketing channels. This unified approach ensures a consistent, cohesive experience for your users, inspiring them to actively engage with your brand across multiple touchpoints. Combine event data from SMS marketing to elevate customer experiences and drive conversions by over 60%.

AI-powered campaign automation and predictive segmentation

Leave a memorable impression on your audience with relevant, timely messages and personalized product recommendations that are finely tuned to individual preferences, behaviors, and needs. By leveraging predictive segmentation and campaign automation, you can precisely target the right users with personalized messages, ensuring each interaction is relevant and timely.

Personalization at scale

Create the perfect customer journey, every single time with AI-powered scalable personalization. With features including time optimization – schedule messages based on timezone and likelihood of interaction and dynamic content based on users’ most recent purchases, and interactions, you know that every SMS message your customers receive will be relevant and timely, all thanks to Insider’s industry-leading AI and machine learning capabilities.

Advanced Capabilities

Risk mitigation

Insider provides strategic governance to assist you in creating a fail-proof SMS setup and safeguarding against data loss.

SMS hygiene

We’ve integrated with leading providers to guarantee, high message deliverability within seconds.

Pre-approved templates

We’ve taken the stress out of creating the perfect message with 60+ pre-approved message templates for every objective, industry and occasion.

Cost efficiency

Reduce cost for bulk SMS with free short-URLs, and no-cost unsubscription links.

NA-KD achieves 25% uplift in customer lifetime value and 72X ROI with unified SMS messaging

“We delivered a tailored and frictionless CX, showcasing relevant products and content, on SMS and scaled it to other channels seamlessly.”

Head of CRM, NA-KD

Save valuable time with pre-built opt-in templates

Simplify the opt-in process and accelerate your marketing initiatives with gamified opt-in templates to increase  your subscriber base 7X faster.

Loved by brands, trusted by analysts ❤️

Insider named #1 Mobile Marketing Software

We’ve topped the charts as the #1 Leader in the Mobile Marketing grid on G2, outplaying other vendors with the highest user satisfaction score. 100% of users rated us above 4-stars, with 85% of our users giving us a 5-star rating.

How Slazenger recovered lost revenue with individualized cart abandonment SMS messages

Frequently asked questions

SMS marketing is a form of mobile marketing that involves sending promotional messages, updates, or alerts to a targeted audience via text messages on their mobile phones.

For SMS marketing, you need to have a database of opt-in subscribers, select a reliable SMS marketing platform or software, create engaging and concise messages, and adhere to local regulations and guidelines for sending commercial text messages.

Yes, SMS marketing can be highly effective. It offers high open rates, quick delivery, and a direct communication channel with customers, making it an efficient way to reach and engage a targeted audience.

SMS marketing software is a platform like Insider, designed to facilitate the creation, management, and automation of SMS marketing campaigns. It allows businesses to send bulk SMS, segment their audience, schedule messages, and track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The types of SMS marketing include:

  • Promotional SMS: Sending offers, discounts, and promotions to encourage sales.
  • Transactional SMS: Sending order updates, confirmations, and transaction-related information.

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