How Vodafone increased conversion rates by 159% in three months with Insider’s onsite personalization capabilities

Find out how Insider helped Vodafone deliver highly personalized and AI-driven messaed to improve conversion rates by up to 159%


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About Vodafone

Founded in 1991 in the UK, Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in Europe. The company has over 320 million mobile customers, 30 million broadband customers, 22 million TV customers, and connects more than 150 million IoT devices in 21 markets globally. Vodafone has 104,000 employees and contractors in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The company’s mission is to use technology to improve people’s lives and enable an inclusive, sustainable digital society. Vodafone has been an Insider partner for over three years.

159% increase in conversion rate thanks to Insider’s onsite cart reminders

The challenge

Vodafone has always tried to create unique, relevant experiences built around each customer’s needs and interests in real-time. Having already experienced success with personalization, the company wanted to see if it could reduce its cart abandonment rate.

The solution

Insider recommended using onsite cart reminders to remain top of mind for users on the verge of making a purchase. This was followed up with Push Notification reminders to users sent via social media, SMS, and email about the products still sitting in their cart. 

The use of cart reminders increased Vodafone’s conversion rate by 159% in one quarter alone. Coming on the back of existing conversion rate increases of 52% since starting to work with Insider, Vodafone significantly improved its average revenue per user.

Increasing product discovery through InStory and AI-powered Smart Recommender

The challenge

Vodafone wanted to empower its marketing team to create and scale personalized online experiences across multiple channels, making it easier for users to discover the right products for them and increase lead generation and revenue.

The solution

Insider recommended using its AI-powered cross-channel personalization tool Smart Recommender, which allowed Vodafone’s marketing team to optimize product recommendations based on product specifications and user behavior. 

Vodafone also leveraged the power of InStory, a solution for building thumbnail-to-full-screen experiences to help marketers get more eyes on products through a fun, immersive, and snackable format. This resulted in a significant increase in lead generation and helped Vodafone achieve an impressive 6X ROI over three years.

Looking ahead

Vodafone is looking forward to adding additional channels to its customer journeys to further boost engagement and communication with its customers where they already are. They’re particularly interested in exploring how they can use AI-powered predictive segments to tailor journeys based on predicted intent in real-time and learning more about Insider’s industry-leading WhatsApp Commerce solution.

“I would definitely recommend Insider to any technology company or brands looking for a 360-degree customer view and an enterprise-level technology partner that will allow them to speak to the individual at scale. Insider also delivers the fastest time to value in the market.”

Ugur Sennaroglu

General Manager of Marketplace Management, Vodafone

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