Reactivate churned customers

Churn prevention is possible. Customers churn when they fail to recognize the value of your product or struggle using it. Prevent churn by tracking and identifying the source. Next, reach out in personalized way.

With Insider, reducing customer churn is easy. You can segment customers by their lifecycle stage and send them 1:1 messages to win them back before they're gone forever.

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Predict and reduce churn

See a decrease in activity? It’s a warning sign. See where the biggest drop-offs are happening and create proactive campaigns that target inactive users.

With Insider, you can send personalized messages wherever customers are reachable — email, web or app push, SMS, WhatsApp, and more to reduce customer churn.

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How would you prevent customer churn?

Track and segment users who are about-to-churn with RFM segments. 

Recency, Frequency, Monetary value (RFM) defines inactive users as those who were active in the past but have reduced their browsing and transaction frequency recently.

Once identified, reach out to these at-risk customers. Our drag-and-drop templates make creating win-back campaigns a breeze. 

With Insider, you can move fast. And, don’t have to be a development pro, master marketer, or design expert to drive a  successful churn prevention campaign.  

About to churn customers: The customers who had a decline in the recency last period

Reactivate customers with automated feedback flows

There are many reasons why customers cancel their account, downgrade their plan, stop visiting your website, or buy less. But a poor customer experience leads the pack. To prevent churn and win-back brand abandoners, you’ll need to give customers an easy way to share their feedback.

Customers feel valued when you ask their opinions and use them to improve. Made a change? Rekindle the relationship by sharing what you've done to improve their experience.

Less means more with capping

Too many messages can irritate customers and turn them off. Bombarding customers with messages can cause them to stop engaging with your brand.

Insider’s entry capping feature assesses each customer’s activity and limits the communications they receive. Set an entry cap on all your journeys, such as “the user can enter journeys once a day.” As soon as they cross the threshold, they won’t get any more messages. 

Give them what they want before it's too late

If users don’t find the products they're looking for, they're more likely to churn. Recommend products based on their browsing behavior and get them back to the website by showing you them you still get what they need.

Show customers what makes you different

Customers may think you specialize in one product or category, leading to inactivity and disinterest. Let them know what you offer. Show them related products and categories in multiple channels and increase their engagement and conversion potential.

  • DeFacto

    DeFacto analyzed new user behavior in the first 30 days after app download. They found that uninstall rates were the highest in this period. New users who downloaded the app received a welcome push notification on Day 1 and a follow-up push notification on Day 3 with a discount coupon encouraging them to launch the app and complete the key action.

  • Melvita

    Marketing’s ultimate goal is to boost revenue growth. The key business metrics that Melvita was looking at driving were conversion rate, click-through rates, average order value, and retention. Using Insider, Melvita was able to fulfill its goals in a cost-efficient way.

  • HipVan

    HipVan realized that re-engaging customers was vital to improving retention rates. They wanted to re-engage first-time visitors who had not shared their contact details. The challenge was creating an efficient cross-channel strategy that was personalized and wouldn't come off as spammy.

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