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Newsweek sees a 40% uplift in engagement

Newsweek needed a way to break through the noise and get customers to stay on their site longer. Learn how Insider became one of their top five traffic acquisition platforms that nearly doubled their engagement and reduced their bounce rate by 23%.

Push breaking news

Deliver timely, relevant content to keep your audience informed and engaged with Insider’s web and app push API. Send them breaking news, trending stories, and much more with individualized push notifications even when they’re not on your site.

Tailor your newsfeed to

Keep users entertained and informed with content that matters most to them. With Insider's AI-powered interest segments, you can target content to tech lovers, political buffs, sports fans, and any other niche interest that excites your audience.

Grow your subscriber list
with relevant, 1:1 offers

Nurture content consumers with subscription offers they can't resist. Individualize each one's experience based on their engagement level, past behavior, discount affinity, and how much they've consumed on your website or app during a specific timeframe.

Create discoverable content with InStory

Personalize trending content, editor’s picks, breaking news, and much more for each content consumer on desktop and mobile web. Publish bite-sized immersive experiences in minutes using eye-catching social media-inspired templates.

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Smart content

Keep visitors on your website longer with personalized AI-powered content recommendations. Get them to consume more than what they came for by highlighting relevant content and watch your bounce rate drop and your engagement soar.