From engagement to revenue: 7 remarketing use cases with Architect

Katie Morley

Jul 12, 2023

From engagement to revenue: 7 remarketing use cases with Architect Featured Image
Katie Morley

Jul 12, 2023

Discover how Insider’s Architect can drive engagement and boost conversions for your remarketing campaign.

You don’t need us to tell you that capturing the attention of potential customers is more challenging now than ever before. You’re likely experiencing this yourself already.

With countless distractions and choices, innovative marketing strategies are necessary for businesses wanting to engage their target audience effectively. And this is where remarketing comes into play–a dynamic marketing approach that allows businesses to re-connect with individuals who indicated interest and guide them through a personalized journey across various channels and touchpoints.

By strategically targeting these individuals with tailored messages and offers, companies can stay top-of-mind, nurture relationships, and ultimately drive conversions.

Remarketing’s goal is simple yet powerful: bring potential customers back into the sales funnel, rekindle their interest, and guide them towards purchasing (or any kind of goal). 

Table of Contents
  1. Where does Insider’s Architect solution fit into this?

  2. US airline uses personalized geofencing and Facebook Ads for location-specific remarketing

  3. Finance company increases app downloads with remarketing efforts

  4. Pizza restaurant increases in-store sales with location remarketing

  5. Gym increases class membership with Facebook Ad remarketing

  6. Retail brand increases online purchasing with Google Ad coupons

  7. eCommerce store prompts past visitors to revisit its website

  8. Booking agent increases ROAS with post-purchase Google Ads

  9. Reach customers who care about your business

  10. Frequently Asked Questions About Remarketing

Where does Insider’s Architect solution fit into this?

By leveraging the power of AI, Insider’s cross-channel journey builder, Architect, helps businesses understand user behavior, preferences, and intent, allowing for the creation of highly targeted remarketing campaigns. Through its intuitive interface, businesses can easily set up audience segments, define triggers and events, and design personalized messages that resonate with their target audience on their preferred channels.

In short, Architect — Insider’s customer journey automation is a tool that helps brands identify where customers are in their journey and how best to retarget them. 

In this blog, we will explore a variety of remarketing use cases across different industries, showcasing how creating tailored experiences for your audience is the key to boosting conversions.

 Let’s get into it. 

1. US airline uses personalized geofencing and Facebook Ads for location-specific remarketing

An airline wanted to engage potential customers interested in specific travel destinations. It aimed to increase conversions by delivering personalized offers and relevant information based on location and browsing behavior.

The airline chose to implement two strategies for its remarketing technique:

First, it used geofencing through Architect — Insider’s customer journey builder to identify the best available routes according to each customer’s specific location. For example, if a user was in New York City, the company would display discounted tickets and promotional offers for flights or packages to popular destinations from the nearest airports.

It then used Architect’s Facebook Ads tool to leverage the location data and specifically reach users who had previously shown interest in the airline’s promoted destinations. With Insider’s Architect, the company could retarget website visitors who had interacted with specific destination pages by showing ads on Facebook. These ads could be personalized based on the user’s browsing behavior, showcasing relevant messages and offers related to their previous interest.

The results?

By targeting users who had already shown interest in the promoted destinations, the travel company could nurture their intent and guide them toward booking, increasing conversions by 52%.

“The biggest part of our marketing spend has always been digital ads. While they were a major driver that helped us increase website traffic, conversion was always a challenge. By leveraging Insider’s predictive segments for Facebook Ad campaigns, we achieved an uplift of 381% in conversion rate for the same budget spend. And, by replicating the same model, we could also acquire new customers. The results have absolutely stunned us!”

Ahmet | Business development manager | Read more G2 reviews from happy customers

 An image for a travel brand Facebook Ad suggesting flights from New York to Las Vegas

2. Finance company increases app downloads with remarketing efforts

A finance corporation wanted to increase app downloads, particularly amongst users under the age of 30. Having recently launched an awareness campaign across multiple channels to generate initial interest, it used Architect — Insider’s customer journey builder to track actions such as website page views, clicks, and other interactions to identify who to retarget.

The corporation then used Architect — Insider’s customer journey automation to build personalized messages and offers, highlighting the unique features, benefits, and value propositions of the app to entice them to take action. With tailored messaging and retargeting via Google Search, the app encouraged the segment to proceed to the next stage—downloading the app.

The results?

The initial awareness launch, followed by the remarketing efforts, enabled the finance brand to expand its user base and increase app downloads by 119%.

a google search ad that says ‘Install’ with a ‘Download our app’ CTA

3. Pizza restaurant increases in-store sales with location remarketing

A pizza restaurant wanted to increase in-store sales by implementing location-based retargeting strategies—specifically targeting customers within a two-mile radius of the restaurant’s location. It also wanted to promote the takeaway option to allow room for walk-in customers.

After identifying previous customers within a two-mile zone, the restaurant created a remarketing campaign on Google Search, to target users who are searching for pizza options as food delivery. The campaign emphasized the convenience of nearby customers to eat restaurant-quality food from the comfort of their homes without the delivery fee and also by providing an additional discount. By being at the top of the search results, customers were encouraged to complete the order with the offered discount. 

The results?

By leveraging location-based retargeting on the world’s most popular messaging app, the pizza restaurant increased conversions by 26% and saw a 17% increase in AOV, where customers had replaced delivery fees with their favorite side orders.


“Conversion rate improved by 15% with Insider’s omnichannel marketing automation tool, Architect. With the objective of maximum engagement, we were searching for a comprehensive platform that would suit our needs to a tee. We decided to use Insider’s WhatsApp templates and Architect tool. The CTA and conversational templates enabled us to deliver a more engaging and interactive onsite experience to our target audience.”

Google Search ad for Pizza Delivery

4. Gym increases class membership with Facebook Ad remarketing

A European gym brand recently introduced classes as an option for members. To increase attendance, it wanted to launch a 30% discount re-targeting strategy to those who had canceled their membership in the last 12 months but were still showing interest, including opening emails, clicking on ads, or visiting the website. 

The gym integrated its data with Insider’s Architect — Insider’s customer journey automation to create an AI-based segment on who to target with its latest campaign. It wanted to roll the discount out without impacting its profit margin.

The Facebook Ad campaign used Architect — Insider’s customer journey builder to identify former members, with engaging ad creatives to emphasize the exclusive rejoining discount while highlighting the new class availability. 

Thanks to Insider’s advanced customer data platform, the gym could customize the ad messaging to resonate with former members. It acknowledged their previous membership and welcomed them back to the gym with a lower price and more benefits. 

The results?
The gym successfully re-engaged former members by fostering a sense of loyalty and emphasizing the gym’s community. By providing an exclusive discount and showcasing the gym’s improvements with new classes, the campaign click-through rate reached 42%.

Facebook Ad for a gym with a 30% rejoining discount

5. Retail brand increases online purchasing with Google Ad coupons

A retail brand wanted to encourage customers with long offline purchase histories to make their next purchase online by offering a coupon to increase online sales and engagement. 

First, the company analyzed customer data to identify individuals with a history of purchasing predominantly in-store. It then used Architect — Insider’s customer journey builder to segment this audience and retarget them on Google Ads, offering an exclusive coupon code when Googling related search terms. On the coupon landing page, the brand emphasized convenience, wider product selection, ease of browsing, and secure online payment options.

The results?

By providing exclusive benefits and offering a seamless, relevant online shopping experience, the retail company increased online sales by 24%, while enhancing customer engagement, and enriching its customer data. 


“Insider helped us optimize our Advertising costs. Architect helped us segment our target audience more accurately by targeting only those with the highest possibility to convert. We were able to focus our ad budgets for Facebook and Google more effectively…and significantly improve our returns from ads.

Emre,  Mid-market Manager |  Read more G2 Reviews from happy customers

Google Ad offering 15% off first online purchase

6. eCommerce store prompts past visitors to revisit its website

An eCommerce homeware store wanted to encourage users who had recently performed searches on its website or app without purchasing to revisit and explore new products. 

It used Architect — Insider’s customer journey automation to capture user search behavior on its website and app—including keywords used, search filters applied, and define the searches within the last month. 

The homeware store used this data to launch a dynamic multi-channel remarketing campaign specifically targeting these users who hadn’t visited the product pages recently. It created personalized Google Display carousel ads to showcase products related to their search queries and pique their interest–highlighting discounts, offers, or unique selling points to entice them to revisit the product pages.

The results?

 By delivering personalized ads, time-limited offers, and cross-channel remarketing efforts, the eCommerce store re-engaged customers it knew were interested in its products, increasing conversions by 33%.

Google Display carousel Ad from a homeware store showcasing products

7. Booking agent increases ROAS with post-purchase Google Ads

A popular European booking agent used Insider’s CDP to capture and store customer data–including destination and booking details, to fuel personalized post-purchase remarketing campaigns.

With Architect’s latest Facebook and Google Ads capabilities, it built a dynamic remarketing ad campaign, showcasing tours and special events related to the customer’s booked destination. 

As customers searched Google or used Facebook, they were shown personalized ads for tours and special events in Amsterdam. Not only do tailored ads increase ROAS, but they also foster a positive brand connection—customers appreciate the personalized suggestions and are more likely to return for future bookings.

The results?

The strategic use of personalized ads and cross-channel remarketing ensured that customers felt valued and were provided with relevant recommendations to enhance their travel experience. Through this targeted approach, the online booking agency optimized its remarketing efforts, increasing engagement and driving a 15X increase in ROAS. 

A Google ad displaying a boat tour of Amsterdam

Reach customers who care about your business

Architect — Insider’s customer journey builder creates complex customer journeys from a single platform. By incorporating personalized product recommendations and tailored remarketing ads on the platforms your customers use most, you’ll generate increased interest and significantly boost conversion rates.

Ready to join thousands of global brands using AI-backed tech to remarket their products and services? Explore our platform for yourself or find out how Insider can help your business by booking a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Remarketing

What is remarketing?

Remarketing refers to re-engaging audiences who have already interacted with your brand but haven’t completed the desired action to encourage them to complete the desired action, such as purchase. Marketers can retarget users who have already shown interest in your product or service across ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Why is remarketing important?

Since remarketing is basically re-engagement that capitalizes on the user’s familiarity with the brand’s product or service, users are more likely to engage with remarketing ads as they recognize the brand. Remarketing capitalizes on this, reinforcing brand awareness, building trust, and guiding users further down the conversion funnel.

How effective is remarketing?

Remarketing is an effective strategy in digital marketing as these campaigns (ads aligned with users’ past interactions) enhance relevancy and boost engagement rates. With advanced remarketing platforms, brands can strategically adjust ad frequency and messaging to prevent ad fatigue, ensuring a positive user experience.

How remarketing works?

Third-party cookies have been the traditional means of tracking. However, with the downfall of cookies, platforms have leveraged advanced tracking technologies based on attributes like device, IP address, or user behavior that don’t rely on cookies to retarget customers seamlessly. This ensures privacy compliance and maintains the efficacy of remarketing efforts.

How do you create a remarketing strategy?

You can set up remarketing campaigns on channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You start by defining your target audience and setting a duration the campaign will be live for. Then, you create the ad campaigns, which you will launch across the different Google and Facebook platforms. Once the campaigns are live, you monitor them and perform CTR optimizations to ensure you drive your audience towards conversion. 

Katie is an award-winning content marketer with over eight years of experience in content strategy, development, and copywriting. As Global Content Director at Insider, she currently oversees content strategy across 26 regions. Fun fact: Katie read 64 books last year (for which she owes a long commute and two week-long holidays where she spent approximately six hours a day with her nose in a book).