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Virgin Brand

airBaltic achieves 5.8% conversion rate uplift with personalization

The airline’s challenge was delivering a brand experience that consistently surprises and delights each traveler. Learn how airBaltic got to their desired destination faster with Insider.

Onboard new customers with personalized experiences

For your monthly subscription business to grow, you need to acquire new customers. But most first-time visitors are anonymous, so it's easy to lose their interest in irrelevant and generic content. Insider allows you to customize websites based on the limited information you have to create the right first impression.

Engage and convert subscribers with gamification

Convincing visitors into loyal subscribers can be expensive. Maximize your marketing budget with gamification and inspire visitors to willingly share their information with you.

Create irresistible experiences with empowered customer agents

Creating a responsive feedback mechanism on your site based on where your visitors get stuck can increase your NPS score and subscriber loyalty. If a visitor gets stuck on any page for 90 seconds or longer, you can prevent them from bouncing with personalized forms synced to your CRM. Enable your customer service agents to provide instant support and value.

Convert prepaid users to postpaid to increase CLTV

Are you struggling with increasing customer lifetime value? For operators with mostly prepaid subscribers, one strategy is to move prepaid subscribers to postpaid services because they tend to have higher customer lifetime value and lower churn rates. Target prepaid subscribers with personalized messaging across channels and convince and convert them to make the shift.

Increase your average revenue per user

Identify and anticipate customer needs in real-time. Create individually tailored messages and offers aligned with your business goals, and serve them throughout the customer journey to increase ARPU. Insider's seamless third-party integrations stitch together CRM and outbound data so that you can keep track of each user's data limits. Send personalized messages to users when they cross a pre-set threshold and get them to upgrade their plans.