New Balance uplifts conversion rate by 556%

Using Insider made it so simple to implement site promotions. As soon as we had an idea, we could act quickly without burdening our IT department.


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About New Balance

New Balance has been making high-performance athletic shoes since 1906. Seamlessly merging cutting-edge performance technology with iconic style, New Balance products are known the world over for their quality and comfort. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and working with distributors across the globe, the company aims to constantly challenge industry conventions, creating the perfect blend of function and fashion.
Harnessing the Power of Holidays

Holidays provide an excellent opportunity for online retailers to increase sales using attention-grabbing promotions. New Balance wanted to leverage the excitement around Halloween to boost its online sales.

New Balance decided to offer all site visitors a 20% discount during the Halloween period. They wanted to quickly and easily set up a promotional campaign across the site to ensure that all visitors were aware of the offer. That’s where Insider came in!

Using Overlays and Banners to Promote Offers

First, they added a banner that ran across the top of all pages on the site, advertising the promotion as well as providing a coupon code that visitors could use at checkout. For extra visibility, they also implemented an overlay that was triggered once a visitor had visited two pages, which displayed the same information.


The eye-catching banners were a huge success! The Halloween overlay resulted in a 255% uplift in the conversion rate compared to the average for the previous six months, and the top head banner saw an incredible 556% conversion rate uplift compared to that same period.

“We were blown away by the success of our campaign! Using Insider made it so simple to implement the site promotion. As soon as we had the idea, we were able to act quickly without burdening our IT department. We love how much freedom Insider gives teams to test ideas and get things running with ease. The impact of the promotion was huge, and we’re looking forward to working with Insider more to optimize the performance of our site.”

Arkadiusz Kotula

eCommerce Manager

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