Deliver experiences that inspire trust and drive lifetime value

Leverage compliant, unified customer data and AI to accelerate digital transformation. Craft relevant and timely messages across any channel or device to meet the needs, wants, and preferences of your customers.

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Unify customer data to deliver maximum marketing impact

Integrate Insider with third-party tools and in-house systems to unlock insights, make data actionable, and build seamless cross-channel customer experiences. Predict customer interests, discover upsell opportunities, and unify customer profiles — all from one compliant, secure platform.

Build customer-centric digital banking experiences

Make each digital banking experience convenient, efficient, and friction-free across every device. Craft gamified Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, build intuitive application forms, and personalize experiences across web, app, and more to drive engagement and boost customer confidence.

Gather zero and first-party data with interactive experiences​

Use engaging, interactive experiences to collect data on your customers’ biggest beauty concerns, skincare routine, or formula preferences.

Leverage gamified surveys, interactive AMP-powered email experiences, and real-time surveys to collect first-party data to help you quickly guide customers to the right products for them.

“What impressed us most is Insider’s AI-powered segmentation capabilities. The platform learns from customer behavior and identifies which products and services interest each customer most. This powerful intelligence helps us maximize engagement and deliver relevant, timely experiences.”

Marketing Group Head

Garanti BBVA increases CVR by up to 502% with advanced personalization

“We’ve been able to create and engage our user control groups with high accuracy, improved engagement metrics, and conversion rates across our financial offerings. We’ve also run A/B tests to deliver better customer experiences and ensure strong business results to give us more flexibility and precision.”

Digital Marketing Manager at Garanti BBVA

Boost form completion with re-engagement messages

Boost form submission rates and minimize bounce rates with AI-backed exit-intent messages, re-engage those who have switched tabs with custom tab messages and emojis, or send timely reminders via mobile channels to increase lead collection.

Increase upsell and cross-sell with uniquely tailored messaging

Don’t miss a single opportunity to Know Your Customer better by collecting and consolidating customer data across touchpoints. Leverage AMP forms in email, SMS, and two-way WhatsApp conversations to continuously collect information and deliver more relevant experiences and recommendations.

Compliant, conversational banking experiences with WhatsApp Business API

Meet the increasing demand for self-service through the world’s most popular messaging app. Initiate structured and unstructured conversations on WhatsApp for a variety of use cases, including applications, credit card upgrades, insurance enquiries, and more.

  • Self-serve flows for service requests

  • Conversational interest calculators

  • Conversational recommendations to drive upsells

Secure, compliant solutions for 1,200+ global brands

As a 100% GDPR-compliant company, data privacy and security lie at the core of Insider’s technology and culture.

Product security features

Granular access rights, IP restrictions, SSL/TLS encryption, activity monitoring, DDoS mitigation, and access logs, to fortify architecture and safeguard user interactions.

Data confidentiality and job controls

Strict internal access and job controls, including background checks and confidentiality agreements, prevent unauthorized access.

Availability controls

AWS-powered disaster recovery and availability with daily, weekly, and monthly backups. Along with an incident response team to ensure data integrity and business continuity.

Segregation controls

Data segregation with unique code snippets for each customer account. Multi-domain features and user roles provide customization options for 100% compliance.

API security and authentication

Insider's services default to SSL, and highly sensitive services are served over HTTPS for secured authentication processes.

Physical security

Insider's services and data are hosted in AWS facilities with stringent physical security measures, including biometric identity verification, network access control, and the separation of testing environments.

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Frequently asked questions

Use a financial marketing automation software to leverage a multi-channel approach, combining digital platforms, content marketing, and targeted advertising to reach your audience effectively. Leverage its data analytics to understand customer behavior and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Use marketing automation tools to streamline customer communication, personalize content, and nurture leads. Automate repetitive tasks, such as email campaigns and lead scoring, to enhance efficiency and focus on building relationships.

Marketing automation in financial services enhances customer engagement, automates routine processes, and ensures timely and personalized communication. It improves lead management, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction.

Personalization in finance marketing involves tailoring communication and services based on individual customer data and preferences. It ensures a more relevant and engaging experience, fostering trust and loyalty.