Journey orchestration across 12+ channels to deliver seamless customer experiences

Meet Architect, Insider’s customer journey orchestration tool empowering brands to build consistent, timely, and relevant one-to-one experiences across every customer touchpoint. From journey mapping to automating communications and connecting channels, you can do it all with Architect, a unified canvas-based platform—built by marketers, for marketers.

Trusted by marketing teams at 1,200+ brands, from high-growth start-ups to enterprise players

Seamlessly orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys from a single platform

Whether your customers are browsing online, chatting on WhatsApp, scrolling Instagram, or checking their emails, Insider’s AI-powered journey orchestration solution helps you reach them wherever they are—at the right time with the right message on the right channel. All from a single, consolidated platform with the highest user satisfaction score.

A single canvas for omnichannel journeys.
Infinite experiences.


Build personalized customer journeys across SMS, Email, WhatsApp, TikTok, and more

Insider offers unmatched native channel support across 12+ channels, ensuring you reach your customers where they already are. With Architect, you can craft perfect journeys to capture every use case. Wave goodbye to disconnected experiences and start delivering AI-powered journeys in just a few quick clicks with messages your customers can’t help but love.


Onboard new
customers 👋

Make customers feel immediately loved with personalized welcome messages and exclusive deals.


Upsell products and services  🛒

Increase average order value by suggesting relevant products and services to add to their cart.


Boost customer lifetime value among VIPs 😍

Encourage VIP users to return and shop by sending timely product reminders based on purchase history and customer type.

Supercharge productivity with intuitive, simple journey orchestration

Our customer journey builder makes delighting your customers easy. Choose from 70+ marketer-approved customer journey templates based on use case, business goal, industry, and channel to build engaging customer journeys in a few quick clicks. The best part? You can A/B test each message to optimize your customer journey strategy and drive more revenue.

Leverage AI to create a maximum, lasting impact

Insider empowers you to scale without losing the human touch. Leverage Insider’s powerful AI capabilities—such as Next Best Channel, Send Time Optimization, and Auto Winners—to build tailored messaging based on behavioral data and predictive intelligence. Make every message count.

Initiate one-to-one interactions with your entire customer base

Build dynamic, engaging content by leveraging attributes such as first name, last-viewed product, location, and other attributes from your CRM. Enhance your customer experience by sending personalized coupons and products, incorporating dynamic images alongside the text to catch their eye.

Access real-time insights to optimize and improve journeys

Measure the performance of your journey across every message and customer touchpoint with Insider’s advanced customer journey analytics. Use these real-time insights to understand your customers better, empowering you to optimize future journeys to make them more profitable.

Put journey orchestration on autopilot with Sirius AI™

Sirius AI™ removes weeks of manual effort and eliminates guesswork at every level of customer journey orchestration. With Sirius AI™, marketers can build targeted segments in a fraction of the time, orchestrate connected customer journeys in seconds, and generate copy automatically. Achieve 60% higher productivity and efficiency while driving more growth and revenue.

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Insider named Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Personalization Engines

Insider achieved the highest scores in all three personalization use cases: Marketing (3.99/5.0), Digital Commerce (4.11/5.0), and Services and Support (3.94/5.0) in the 2023 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Personalization Engines Report.

MAC Cosmetics achieves 17.2X ROI using Insider’s cross-channel journey orchestration

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Frequently asked questions

A customer journey is the complete process of a customer’s interactions with a company, from initial awareness to post-purchase support, encompassing all touchpoints. It’s crucial for businesses to understand and optimize this journey to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business success.

The customer journey is vital for digital marketing because it provides insights into customer behavior, preferences, pain points, and touchpoints. Understanding this journey helps optimize marketing strategies, personalize content, and deliver targeted messages, leading to improved customer engagement, conversions, and long-term relationships.

To create a customer journey, follow these steps:

  1. Research your target audience and their needs.
  2. Identify all touchpoints from awareness to post-purchase.
  3. Map out the stages and interactions.
  4. Analyze customer feedback and data.
  5. Optimize each stage to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience for customers.

To map the customer journey, gather data from various touchpoints like website analytics, customer surveys, and support interactions. Identify key stages (awareness, consideration, decision) and plot customer interactions. Use visuals or journey maps to illustrate the process. Continuously update and refine the map based on feedback and insights.

Customer journey orchestration is the process of designing, managing, and optimizing customer experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints throughout their interaction with a business. It involves leveraging data and automation to deliver personalized and relevant content, offers, and interactions at each stage of the customer journey. By integrating various marketing and customer service channels, businesses can ensure consistent messaging and create a seamless, cohesive, and engaging experience for their customers, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.