Insider launches merchandising in Eureka to help marketers customize search results and category pages for online shoppers

NEW YORK, NY (April 15, 2024) – Insider, the leading AI-native platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, today announced the latest product release in Eureka, the AI-native instant site search solution that helps brands deliver personalized search experiences for online shoppers, featuring advanced merchandising capabilities. 

These latest developments will enable ecommerce, marketing, and merchandising professionals to transform the search experience by customizing the search results for any search query by defining rules to order and sort products. Insider has also launched category merchandising, which allows marketers and merchandisers to optimize shoppers’ browsing experience by reorganizing entire category pages to boost conversions.  

What is Eureka?

Eureka is Insider’s AI-native product discovery solution that helps brands curate intelligent, relevant, personalized, and fast search experiences. Built on Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Eureka helps brands reduce bounce rates and boost product discovery by showing shoppers relevant products based on their interests, affinities, past and predicted behaviors to increase clickthrough rates, conversion rates, and Average Order Value (AOV). 

Search results generated by Eureka, take into consideration individual shopper’s unique interests, preferences, and affinities like favorite brands, patterns, styles, colors, and other distinguishable features and attributes. Insider’s advanced AI-native algorithms are trained to capture the shopper’s past behavior to build a profile and analyze the predicted behavior to recommend the most relevant products that nudge shoppers towards a purchase. Eureka helps shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for in the fewest clicks and least time, to boost conversions and AOV. 

Insider launches merchandising in Eureka

With merchandising, marketers can now combine the power of AI with their knowledge and market know-how to manually customize the search results to highlight both the best-matched search results based on in intent of the shopper and particular products that ecommerce or marketing professionals want to specifically promote. 


Searchandising (search merchandising) allows ecommerce or marketing professionals to control the search results of specific keywords by customizing and organizing search results in a way that fits a set of criteria or rules. Eureka’s visual editor enables easy and flexible rearrangement of products for these search queries with a drag-and-drop interface and instant previews available. Marketers can select individual products they wish to prioritize or deprioritize and boost, bury, pin, or hide products—without complex coding and dependence on developers.

Insider's Searchandising (search merchandising) allows ecommerce or marketing professionals

Brands can also leverage searchandising to define rules based on product attributes to boost or bury products from their original search display position if they satisfy the criteria. Attribute action-based merchandising enables the reorganization of products based on product attributes like brand, category, color, size, product rating, price, discount percentage, and more. Once the rules are defined and products are reordered, marketers can customize the search results by moving individual products by dragging and dropping them in their desired positions. 

Marketers can also initiate the same rules for search queries that are synonyms. Once the marketer defines the rules for a particular keyword, they can add another or a set of keywords and combine them with the previously defined rule to ensure the same search results are shown for each search. For example, the customized search results can be the same for keywords like sweatshirt, sweater, and jackets if the marketer groups together the defined merchandising rule. 

Category Merchandising

Eureka’s merchandising extends beyond the search experience, offering category merchandising to boost product discovery further. With category merchandising, marketers can optimize individual shoppers’ browsing experience by re-ordering an entire category page to suit their business goals. 

By defining rules to boost or bury products based on product attributes to reflect the business’s merchandising strategy, marketers can further amend the position and ranking of individual products by moving them to a desired position, pinning them, or hiding them.

Key use cases for marketers

  1. Marketers can make well-informed decisions based on the available product inventory and manage their stock better by promoting excess stock products or deprioritizing and burying products that are low-in-stock or out of stock to ensure no customer dissatisfaction. 
  2. Marketers can easily adapt to seasonal changes faster by promoting products for shorter periods and then quickly disabling the defined rules. 
  3. Marketers can promote the newest and move them to the top of the category pages to ensure they start selling. 
  4. Marketers can promote certain product brands to increase sales. Likewise, they can promote the most popular and in-demand brands to increase their revenues quickly. 
  5. Marketers can prioritize products nearing the end of their lifecycle, offering them at discounted prices to clear stock, quickly catch shoppers’ attention, and increase conversions.

What you can achieve with Eureka?

Eureka’s integration with a brand’s website is seamless with the intuitive visual editor, offering an instant search view with ready-made templates. Brands can also design their search menus by easily connecting to Insider’s API.

The flexibility that Eureka’s merchandising solution offers to control the overall shopping experience will be invaluable for marketers looking to make their products more visible and increase sales, conversions, and revenue. By combining Eureka’s AI knowledge with merchandising, marketers and merchandisers gain even greater control over those results. Personalization meets optimization—resulting in faster revenue growth and more delightful customer experiences. 

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