2X Conversion Rates

Insider’s likelihood to purchase algorithm gives you two times better conversion rates while running ads or personalization campaigns.

Optimize Acquisition Costs

Use Insider’s purchase predictions to reduce & optimize customer acquisition costs by targetting high purchase probability users.

Target Any Channels

Use the likelihood to purchase across channels- Google ads, Facebook ads, Email, Web Channels, Custom Channels, and more.

Extended Features

Add LTP to Other Segments

Combine likelihood to purchase segment with other predictive and standard segments to create additional impact for your campaigns

Purchase History

Use past purchase behavior data including AOV, time spend, purchase count, last purchase date, etc for creating purchase segments

Predicted Behavior

Predict every other aspect of user behavior including churn, lifetime value, LTV, and more along with the purchase behavior..

Interest Clusters

Use our ready to use interest clusters like gamers, tech lovers, home appliance shoppers, etc to run hyper-targeted ads

Purchase Journeys

Make use of our powerful customer journey builder- Architect to create high purchase likelihood journeys across channels

Channel Reachability

Understand which channels you can reach your customers on and plan your messaging strategy accordingly

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