Lenovo drives 12% uplift in online sales

Gamification and innovative campaigns were what we wanted to run, engage, and incentivize our users. Spin-the-wheel drove conversion rates by more than 33%.


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About Lenovo

Lenovo Group Limited, often shortened to Lenovo, is a multinational personal technology company, incorporated more than three decades ago with a team of 11 engineers in China. Today, it is a diverse group of forward thinkers and innovators, with a presence in over 180 countries. Lenovo designs, develops, manufactures, and sells personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, supercomputers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart TVs. It has a proven history of success with $ 43B in revenue, hundreds of millions of customers, and four devices sold per second. The company is dedicated to what it calls Intelligent Transformation – transforming its customers’ experiences with technology. 
Leveraging on-site data to craft personalized user experiences

By deploying Insider’s Growth Management Platform, Lenovo was able to tap into its on-site data to enrich customer experience journeys. Using this vital data, the company crafted personalized experiences for individual users.

The result speaks for itself. The company posted an over 12% increase in its online sales. This boost in sales also happened due to Insider’s strong field knowledge and expertise in eCommerce, as well as the end-to-end support from its account management process.

Spinning the Wheel for higher conversions

Running gamification and innovative campaigns was a priority concept for Lenovo, in order to engage and incentivize users. Insider’s gamification tool, Wheel of Fortune, fit the bill perfectly. The WoF helps convert new web visitors into leads that marketers can nurture into customers in the long run.

By deploying the Wheel, Lenovo clocked in a conversion rate growth of more than 33%. The company plans to use this successful feature even further by expanding its usage.

Personalized push notifications to cut cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a huge problem in the personal technology sector, with industry-wide abandonment rates going as high as 90%. However, Insider solved this problem for Lenovo.

Using a wide range of re-engagement tools, the company targeted specific user segments with automated Web Push notifications. This allowed them to engage with potential cart abandoners, send personalized notifications, and get them to return to shop.

 Net result: cart abandonment rates reduced by more than 10%.

Beating bounce rates with Product Discovery

A challenge that Lenovo faced was ensuring that user attention spans stayed intact during session durations. Insider’s Product Discovery made this task a breeze, by ensuring that users did not get distracted or bounce off to another website.

Insider’s recommendation engine, and the flexibility it provided in adjusting the different products it showed, proved to be a big plus point for Lenovo.

“The eCommerce space has seen strong growth, and we intend to keep this up further. With growing demands, we required a platform that is both agile and flexible, could keep up with this fast-paced industry, and provide a multitude of digital capabilities to execute innovative campaigns. That’s when we discovered Insider. Their AI-powered platform was a great match for our services. Getting started with Insider was seamless, as we had the team guiding us step-by-step: from technical implementation to product usage. The Insider team consistently comes up with new campaign ideas to ensure that we achieve our KPIs and objectives.

The technology space is extremely competitive, and that means being able to keep up with the latest trends and deliver the best to our customers. Insider and their incredible Partner Success team made it easy for us to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. The team understands our core business. We are very pleased to partner with Insider and excited about future collaborations.”

Reno Chow

Head of eCommerce, Lenovo Singapore, and Malaysia

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