Meet Sirius AI™, the world’s most comprehensive Generative AI solution for Customer Experience

What is Sirius AI™?

Introducing Sirius AI™, Insider’s patent-pending AI solution that combines the power of large language models and machine learning—including predictive, conversational, and Generative AI — to help marketers at every stage of customer journey creation.

Sirius AI™ helps marketers build relevant, timely, trustworthy customer experiences on autopilot. From segmentation discovery to journey creation, content generation to automating two-way unstructured conversations, Sirius AI™ makes delivering revenue-boosting customer journeys possible in minutes – not business days, saving hours of manual effort and guesswork, enabling entire teams to become more productive, independent, efficient, and fast.

Here’s what Sirius AI™ does for marketers: 

  • Segment discovery: Discover profitable, ready-to-use audience segments 65% faster with prompts.
  • Journey creation: Increase marketing productivity with auto-generated customer journeys based on inputs like use case, outcome, and audience.
  • Content generation: Save time while Sirius AI™ builds content for cross-channel campaigns in seconds.
  • Continuous optimization: Let Sirius AI™ put journeys in self-optimization mode to always choose the winning path based on pre-defined goals.
  • Enable two-way conversations: Engage customers in unstructured conversations safely, to revolutionize experiences in channels like WhatsApp 

How is Sirius AI™ different from other AI-led marketing tools?

In the current economy and business landscape, marketing leaders are pressured to increase their team’s productivity and efficiency, reduce unnecessary overhead costs, and simplify the tech stack while driving more growth and revenue. For many marketers, marketing feels unmanageable. 

And most AI solutions in the market today only address a single part of the puzzle, forcing marketers to invest in different solutions, leading to higher degrees of complexity, depencies, and discrepencies. Marketers need a single consolidated solution to help address their biggest frustrations, and remove obstacles to achieving next-level growth.

Sirius AI™ marries the power of extensive language models and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to drive productivity and profitability much faster than other players. 

Sirius AI™ provides safe, reliable, and relevant customer experiences—on autopilot and at scale. These experiences are optimized for results that tie to business and marketing goals, such as higher purchase rates, conversions, AOV, product discovery, and more. 

Imagine a world where every experience and conversation with a customer is tailor-made to deliver what they need, how they need it, and when they need it.

Create segments 30X faster with AI

Sirius AI™ helps brands build profitable audience segments for cross-channel customer experiences 30X faster. Segments are auto-generated with Generative AI based on the prompt given by the marketer. 

Marketers can input their use case and expected outcome to create profitable segments in seconds. The use cases can range from cross-selling, replenishment reminders, converting first-time buyers into repeat customers, or driving product discovery, while expected outcomes could include driving repeat purchases, generating higher CLTV, increasing AOV, and more. 

A simple prompt like “Show me an audience to maximize conversions and increase AOV” would produce a pre-populated segment based on complex rules and variables such as CLTV, likelihood to purchase, purchased products with higher AOV, and more. The outcome is a ready-to-use segment that can be saved and passed on to the journey orchestration step or used elsewhere.

Also, brands can leverage predictive segmentation to target users based on their likelihood of completing an action. These predictive segments are trained with millions of data points, ensuring accuracy. Ready-to-use predictive segments include: likelihood to engage, customer lifetime value, and likelihood to purchase.

Create cross-channel customer journeys at the click of a button

Sirius AI™ removes complexity, alleviating marketers of repetitive and manual work. Instead, journeys are auto-generated, powered by unified data, machine learning, and generative AI. These journeys are accurate and efficient while ensuring the delivery of the right message to the right user at the right time. Additionally, Sirius AI™ adds value to manual journey orchestrations by adding inputs like automatic starter elements and auto-complete journeys based on prompts to ensure the highest efficiency.

For example, a marketer wants to promote a new product launch to VIP customers to ensure maximum product discovery and conversion. With Sirius AI™, all they need to do is draft a quick prompt, such as “Design a cross-channel journey for VIP customers for a launch to result in the highest product discovery and conversion”. 

Sirius AI™ then looks at customer data and preferences to design a ready-to-use journey with the right starter element, wait time, and channel mix to help meet their objective. 

Sirius AI™ guarantees your cross-channel journey orchestration is:

  • Safe: Built using AI models fine-tuned by billions of real customer experiences, with security guard rails designed for enterprises
  • Efficient: Auto-generated journeys are optimized for higher results, removing guesswork and the chance of errors or delays
  • Consistent: Auto-generated journeys ensure that your messaging remains consistent across all channels. This consistency helps in building strong customer relationships and trust.
  • Time-saving: AI-powered automation allows marketers to focus their time and energy on more strategic work, rather than on manual orchestration.
  • Hyper-personalized: Auto-generated journeys incorporate data-driven personalization, tailoring every interaction to each customer’s preference and behavior, driving more growth and revenue

Generate compelling content that inspires action automatically 

Say goodbye to writer’s block and time-consuming, manual writing. Instead, with Sirius AI™, marketers can create click-worthy email subject lines and engaging campaign content for campaigns, with a simple prompt like “generate a message to re-engage VIP users with an urgent tone”. These messages are automatically customized to the channel and required outcome.

Prompts can include information about use cases, CTAs, the use of emojis, and more. Crucially, marketers can also give instructions on tone of voice, and ensure that messages are within brand guidelines. Marketers can enter a prompt like “Craft a WhatsApp message for holiday promotions to create urgency” to receive an output that includes promotions with discounts valid for the next 24 hours with a provision to add dynamic content to make it even more personalized. 

Sirius AI™ also includes a content scoring capability for handcrafted messages, helping marketers understand the performance of their campaigns before launching. Marketers can also leverage alternatives that Sirius AI™ suggests to improve the message quality.

Sirius AI™ continuously learns how your unique customer cohort engages and takes action to produce content that significantly boosts engagement and conversions over time. 

Experience accelerated results with AI-led optimization on autopilot 

Marketers spend over 40% of their time optimizing existing marketing campaigns and initiatives, removing their capacity to launch new initiatives or focus on more strategic work. This includes performing ​​extensive tests and experiments on their:

  • Channel mix
  • Subject lines or campaign titles
  • Call to action (CTAs)
  • Send times
  • Automated journeys

Insider’s AI-led A/B testing and winner auto-selection leverages machine learning algorithms to determine and automatically direct customers to the winning path variation over a specified time duration. Your winner auto-selection is dependent on two key variables that you define:

  1. Winning metric: The metric optimized for your goal. Conversion rate, average order value, or revenue, for example.
  2. Calculation duration: The time this metric is calculated before the winning path is selected, for example, thirty days. 

With this feature, you no longer have to manually track the A/B split test results and manually edit your journey. Sirius AI™ does that for you. The A/B test report provides a complete view of the performance of each path—based on the pre-defined metric—with the auto-selected winning path clearly highlighted. The performance of the other paths gives you clarity on the chosen metric before A/B Split Winner Auto-Selection is enabled.

Trustworthy two-way, unstructured conversations between brands and consumers

Sirius AI™ closes the engagement loop with auto-generated conversations on WhatsApp and other channels like web and app. Powered by Open AI, Sirius AI™ bots can assume any persona based on a prompt that includes your branding guidelines to facilitate human-like conversations and align a brand’s tone of voice. Sirius AI™ eliminates security risks by empowering you to tune the AI engine with knowledge limits to help the bot avoid questions on certain off-limits topics. 

Automated two-way conversations lead to a 100% response rate for customer-generated conversations. These conversations can even be followed up with a commerce flow, allowing consumers to complete a purchase without any redirects and with the fewest clicks possible – consumers don’t even need to leave the app. 

Let’s say you want to set up a self-driven conversation for your fashion brand. All you need to do is provide a prompt, such as “Act as the user’s personal stylist and provide suggestions and styling recommendations. Make sure that you sound fun, engaging, and helpful. Most customers are looking for something trendy and fashion-forward so your voice should sound confident. Do not take up questions outside of fashion and the knowledge base.” 

This prompt helps Sirius AI™ take up the role of their personal stylist and is available 24/7/365 to engage your audience and answer questions to ensure their customer experience is delightful, helpful, engaging – and most importantly, safe. 

With Sirius AI™, your bots become 10X more effective at intent recognition and entity classification, ensuring they can deliver highly contextual responses to whatever a customer is looking for without probing for more information or getting stuck in an unhelpful loop.

Empower purchase confidence with AI-led 1:1 product recommendations

Personalized recommendations play a critical role in eCommerce. 79% of online shoppers spend more than 50% of their time researching before purchasing. Users are constantly looking for better ways to discover products that fit their needs, and AI-powered recommendations are the best way to improve product discovery and core metrics.

With cross-channel product recommendations, you can target audiences with multiple use cases, such as upsell, cross-sell, cart abandonment, loyalty programs, inactive customers, and more. 

Improve product discovery and accuracy with AI-powered search experiences

Sirius AI™ powers Insider’s site search capabilities, enabling brands to curate intelligent, relevant, and faster search experiences by showing personalized recommendations powered by AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

The AI-powered search and merchandising platform helps brands reduce bounce rates and increase clickthrough rates, conversions, average order value, and revenue by tailoring products presented to shoppers based on their behaviors, predicted behavior, and more.  

With advanced NLP processors, Insider’s search engine can understand the intent and context behind each search query to deliver the right search results to guide shoppers to the products they’re looking for. The search engine is even trained to understand and interpret long-tail search queries and typos. They also capture the intent of synonyms and can translate these to match your product catalog, for example, “running shoes” to “running sneakers”, or “face cream” to “moisturizer” automatically.

Other Sirius AI™ capabilities include:

  • Image Auto-Generator: Reduce design dependency and create relevant visuals for campaigns with prompts. For example, marketers can use the prompt: “Need an image for new sneaker launch” to access relevant copyright-free images of sneakers that can be inserted into their campaigns.
  • Content Scoring: Sirius AI™ automatically scores messages based on relevance and past performance stats, including alternate content recommendations. A low score means the copy might not be up to the mark and requires revision.
  • AI-led Localization: Content translation for localization to generate multi-language messages in seconds for your global audience. Marketers can select the message that needs to be translated along with the language to generate a localized version of the message automatically.
  • Send Time Optimization: Always reach the target audience at their preferred time to maximize engagement and open rates. Sirius AI™ knows the best time to reach a particular user for optimum engagement.
  • Next-Best-Channel: Automatically choose the best channel to reach a specific set of audiences to hit a certain journey goal without guessing the best channel for the campaign.

Sirius AI™ makes marketing zen

Sirius AI™ meticulously works alongside your marketing team to automate every aspect of campaign creation, launch, and optimization to ensure that your goals are met faster and easier, removing obstacles and complexity. 

Marketing teams that use Sirius AI™ become 60% more productive to focus on things that truly matter to business growth.

Sirius AI™ is more than just automation. Its built-in IQ powers strategic automation at every step, optimizing your campaigns to achieve higher results based on your requirements. The most unique difference between Sirius AI™ and other players in the market is its ability to drive two-way unstructured conversations safely and effectively.

Sirius AI™ will empower marketers by freeing their time, efforts, and energies from low-impact, manual execution and supercharging their productivity. By putting customer experience creation on autopilot at every level, marketers will be able to focus their attention on building a love-brand, and delighting customers with relevant messages, useful recommendations, and safe use of their data through personalized experiences. Unlike other Generative AI solutions, Sirius AI™ offers automation, machine learning, and large language models at every level of customer experience creation, making it the world’s most robust and comprehensive Generative AI solution for Customer Experience. 

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