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Our Success Stories

Delivering a tailored shopping experience to each visitor that fosters customer loyalty and return visits

“Insider has enabled us to implement ideas quickly and effectively which is essential to our promise of delivering an interactive and responsive brand experience. Also, in the past 10 months that we have worked with Insider, we have always been able to reach out to them and communicate to resolve any issues that we come across. Insider is a continuously evolving all-in-one marketing platform that allows us to access the latest technology – a great tool for anyone looking to create impactful customer experiences!”

Almir Smajlović , eCommerce Manager

17% Increase in test drive applications on the mobile web

“Insider’s technology help us communicate with our visitors more effectively in every sense, from increasing test drive applications to building brand loyalty. By simply inserting a sticky test drive button at the bottom of each car model detail page on our mobile website, we were able to increase applications by 17%. With Insider, we can turn our ideas into action quickly and start observing and optimizing their performance immediately.”

Baris Erdim, Marketing Director

30.5% CTR Increase on the mobile web by delivering a unique category view

“Insider’s technology empowered us to deliver unique experiences to both buyers and sellers based on their thorough visitor profiles. Keeping both sides satisfied has been very crucial to our overall customer-brand relationship. In this sense, I’m 100% satisfied with the impact Insider is making on our ultimate business goals.”

Doan Siscus, Chief of Operation and Data Science

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