Engagement begins with understanding your customers

Great experiences happen when you know your customers — what makes them tick, their pain points, and deep-seated desires. Insider’s customer data platform (CDP) integrates with your tech stack to track every interaction, giving you the power to build comprehensive user profiles and segment customers into journeys that go far beyond basic personalization.

Unified Profiles
Unified Profiles

Build trust and stronger connections with a full view of what your users want, how they behave, and where they want to engage.

Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation

Split customers into groups based on who they are and how they act — from VIPs to discount seekers, build individually tailored journeys that speak to them.


Disconnected data? Create a singular, frictionless customer journey by integrating first and third party data into Insider’s customer data platform.

Centralized customer data management

Unify customer data across all digital touchpoints

Wave goodbye to disconnected events, data silos and out-of-context behaviors. Insider builds a complete customer profile by unifying all zero, first, and third-party data into one single interface.

Insider integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack to give you a 360-degree view of your customer, helping you derive valuable insights to grow your brand.

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Advanced customer segmentation

The power to make it personal

Insider’s highly-enriched customer profiles empower you to serve your audience with personalized content and cross-channel recommendations based on their behaviour, predicted likelihood to purchase, customer lifecycle stage, lifetime value, past purchase behavior, items added to the wishlist, and more.

Get granular with over 120 different attributes to deliver hyper-personalized messages that truly resonate—consistently and at scale.

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Integrate your existing tech stack

Connect the dots across your entire tech stack

Integrate your existing martech stack with ease and stitch together offline and online customer data from every tool to create a complete view of the customer experience—all in one place. Insider saves you time on complex integrations by offering out-of-the-box connectors you can have up and running in no time at all.

How does a CDP actually work?

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Use our interactive tool to discover which high-performing use cases you could put into action straightaway with Insider’s CDP integration with your existing tech stack.

Insider named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Data Platforms

The IDC MarketScape 2022 report recognizes Insider as a “robust yet intuitive platform that helps marketers achieve a 360-degree customer view and powers customer journey analytics, orchestration, and personalization.

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Why choose Insider for customer data management?


Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 are Google’s now deprecated tool for running A/B tests on the web. Google Optimize will be sunset on September 30th of this year (2023). Google Optimize helped brands run A/B tests, personalization campaigns and deploy simple banners on their website. 

‘Sunsetting’ is the term Google uses to describe a tool being discontinued. Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 will switch off on September 30 2023. Any live experiments or personalization campaigns will run until that date, but become inactive when the service goes offline. You will not be able to access, export or interact with your experiments beyond September 30 2023.

Insider is a leading platform that enables marketers to connect customer data, predict intent and enable delivery of personalized experiences across any channel. The Insider Experimentation Platform enables brands to run experiments backed by rich customer data and segments. Unlike Google Optimize, brands can scale their personalization efforts easily with powerful pre-built templates and recommendations.

Insider’s platform provides Google Optimize’s Experimentation features as one of its capabilities. Brands leverage Insider’s platform for collecting and segmenting customer data, running AI models for predicting intent and delivering personalized experiences across channels including Web, App, Email, SMS, WhatsApp and more.

We don’t like to brag, but Insider has been rated the #1 vendor, independently verified by G2 users. Loved, by analysts and users, Insider outranks vendors on Ease of Use, Quality of Support, Ease of Set-Up and Fastest Time-To-Value (so you achieve maximum ROI in the shortest time). 

Migrating from Google Optimize to Insider is as simple as adding a single line of code to your website. You can integrate Insider directly or leverage one of our pre-built integrations with Tag Managers – meaning zero down-time and IT reliance.

Trusted by 1,200+ brands.

More than 1200 leading enterprise brands and high-growth startups trust Insider to help them deliver delightful customer experiences.

Deep customer segmentation.

Insider empowers you to identify, define, and target your audience with 120+ attributes, including traits, behaviors, preferences, and more.

Centralized customer profile management.

Unify data from your website, apps, email, CRM, POS, contact centers more to build a consistent, 360-degree view of every single customer.

AI-based insights.

Insider’s built-in AI and machine learning instantly identifies what’s important, so you can make quicker, smarter marketing decisions.

100+ pre-built templates
for web and apps.

We don’t like to brag, but Insider has been rated the #1 vendor, independently verified by G2 users. Loved, by analysts and users, Insider outranks vendors on Ease of Use, Quality of Support, Ease of Set-Up and Fastest Time-To-Value (so you achieve maximum ROI in the shortest time). 

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