Engagement strategies your customers will love

A generic email isn’t enough anymore. Your customers deserve more, and they expect it too. Elevate your customer experiences with omnichannel engagement strategies that keep them coming back for more.


Dynamic emails

Onsite personalization

Product discovery

Price & inventory alerts

“We’ve witnessed a remarkable shift in customer satisfaction and loyalty since partnering with Insider.”


Between Insider’s personalized campaigns and introducing SMS, we’ve connected with more customers than ever before, exceeded their expectations and driven incredible results. We couldn’t have done it without the Insider platform or team.

VP of Ecommerce

Increase customer engagement with gamified templates

Deliver games that are personalized based on user behavior. Get full access to our extensive collection of top-performing templates. Our drag-and-drop makes customization a snap.

Reignite customer loyalty with dynamic messaging

Tap into your customers’ behaviors with AI-powered dynamic messaging. Tap into real-time behavior insights, attribute-driven personalization, timers, coupons, and interactive AMP emails. Elevate personalized engagement and renew customer loyalty with only the most relevant messages.

Deliver unique one-to-one shopping experiences

Make your website feel like it’s made for each shopper. Deliver hyper-personalized content including colors, images, copy, offers, discounts, menus, and more—all tailored to each customer’s tastes and interests.

Personalized product discovery based on customer behaviors

Customers expect more than irrelevant recommendations and hard-to-find products.  Insider offers personalized recommendations to remove friction and transfer the seamless customer experience onto your website. Build familiar full-screen social media stories on your website showing the latest products, and create search results and product recommendations informed by past purchases, browsing patterns, and behaviors. Your customers deserve tailored, relevant interactions every single time. 

Provide high-value notifications with price and inventory alerts

Personalized, relevant notifications are the key to maintaining subscriptions and increasing conversions. Convert more browsers and reengage second-thought shoppers by triggering personalized price drops alerts and back-in-stock notifications. Insider’s omnichannel customer journey builder, Architect, connects 12+ channels and including email, SMS and WhatsApp and hundreds of APIs. So your customers will never miss a message.

“Architect has been a game-changer for our customer engagement strategy.”


 Not only is it one of the most extensive tools on the market, but it’s also so simple to use. It used to take us days to launch campaigns, now it takes minutes. Everything is in one place, and we can reach and track customers on every channel. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s completely transformed our impact as a marketing team.

Director of Customer Experience

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Insider is #1 leader for sixth year in a row

Insider is once again ranked the #1 Leader in G2 Winter ‘23 reports across 6 categories, including Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Personalization Engines, Personalization Software, Mobile Marketing, Customer Journey Analytics, and E-commerce Personalization. 

G2 Mobile Marketing 2023 Fall Report

Customer engagement FAQs

A customer engagement platform is a comprehensive software solution that enables businesses to interact, communicate, and build relationships with customers across multiple channels. It tracks customer interactions, gathers data, and enhances overall customer experience.

Increasing customer engagement involves personalizing interactions based on preferences and behavior and using cross-channel strategies to create consistent, relevant journeys that customers respond to.

To engage customers effectively, businesses should reach customers on a wide range of channels to meet them where they already are. Marketers can also use interactive content and encourage user-generated content and feedback, conduct surveys and polls, and host events or webinars to foster interaction and a sense of community.

Your customer engagement strategy should include analyzing customer data, implementing omnichannel communication, creating a seamless customer journey, incorporating gamification, and building a strong brand identity that resonates with the target audience.

Customer engagement is important because it fosters brand loyalty, drives customer retention and increased spending, and can provide valuable feedback and insights for continuous improvement in the business.

In retail, your strategy to improve customer engagement could include personalized product recommendations, seamless online and offline shopping experiences, loyalty programs, social media and email marketing, and creating interactive in-store experiences or virtual shopping options.

Customer engagement marketing focuses on building meaningful relationships through tailored marketing campaigns, inviting participation, and fostering two-way communication.

To maintain customer engagement, businesses should regularly update customers with relevant content, use email marketing and SMS, provide exceptional customer support, offer loyalty rewards and perks, and host contests or interactive events. Fostering strong customer engagement requires a consistent and genuine effort to create a positive and memorable customer experience.