Dynamic emails

Onsite personalization

Product discovery

Price & inventory alerts

Increase customer engagement with gamified templates

Deliver games that are personalized based on user behavior. Get full access to our extensive collection of top-performing templates. Our drag-and-drop makes customization a snap.

Dynamic emails

Reginite customer engagement based on your customers’ real-time actions. Our simple, yet powerful journey building tool, Architect. Our Next Best Channel feature intuitively recommends the customers’ most-used platform—proven to drive more conversions.

A truly one-to-one online shopping experience

Make your website feel like it’s made for each shopper. Deliver hyper-personalized content including colors, images, copy, offers, discounts, menus, and more—all tailored to each customer’s tastes and interests.

Personalized stories that look and feel like social media apps

The highly familiar look and feel is perfectly intuitive to most online shoppers. Eliminates friction, streamlines the shopping experience, and provides the fastest path to purchase. The InStory dashboard provides at a glance campaign performance insight.

Price & inventory alerts

Convert more browsers and second-thought shoppers into buyers with helpful, personalized reminders. Let shoppers know when the items they want are back in stock.