5 Omnichannel marketing examples and case studies (with results)

Katie Morley

Feb 12, 2024

5 Omnichannel marketing examples and case studies (with results) Featured Image
Katie Morley

Feb 12, 2024

As brands use more and more channels to reach their customers, it becomes that much more important to ensure a consistent experience across all those touchpoints.

However, the process of delivering that experience — often referred to as omnichannel marketing or omnichannel campaign management — can be very challenging. Without enough experience and the right technology solutions, many companies face problems like:

  • Data silos, which prevent them from getting a clear understanding of their customers’ journeys.
  • Fragmented marketing stacks, which make it incredibly difficult to build, manage, and analyze omnichannel campaigns.
  • Low customer engagement, which results from the previous two problems, as they prevent marketers from delivering consistent, personalized journeys across physical and digital channels.

In this guide, you’ll learn about brands that successfully overcome these issues in their omnichannel efforts. We’ll look at popular omnichannel marketing examples from brands like Amazon, Disney, and Starbucks, as well as five case studies that demonstrate its impact on conversions, revenue, and return on investment (ROI).

Table of Contents
  1. Omnichannel marketing: Definition, benefits, and popular examples

  2. 5 Omnichannel marketing examples (with real-life case studies)

  3. Take your omnichannel marketing to the next level with Insider

Omnichannel marketing: Definition, benefits, and popular examples

Omnichannel marketing is the process of bringing all marketing channels — like your website, mobile app, emails, push notifications, and social media ads — together by connecting them to a central platform. This lets you share data in real time, create consistent customer journeys across multiple channels, and manage campaigns from within one platform.

A true omnichannel approach requires coordinating your efforts across all channels to deliver a consistent brand experience. This is usually done with the help of a customer journey builder (like Insider’s Architect).

Omnichannel personalization diagram

This is in stark contrast to traditional multichannel marketing where single channels (e.g., email, on-site, and social media) work in isolation, resulting in a disjointed experience. 

When done right, omnichannel marketing results in:

  • Consistent customer experiences, as all marketing efforts and channels work in conjunction based on customer’s interests and preferences.
  • Higher conversion rates and revenue, as customers are seeing relevant content, messaging, and product recommendations across all interactions with the brand.
  • Better retention rates and customer loyalty, as customers are much more likely to stay long-term if they feel a brand knows them and won’t waste their time with irrelevant offers.

With benefits like that, it’s no wonder that the world’s largest companies invest so much in creating consistent buyer journeys across their websites, mobile apps, messaging channels, brick-and-mortar stores, and all other brand touchpoints.

Here are a few popular examples:

  • Starbucks: From thousands of physical locations to a well-known website, mobile app, and social media profiles, Starbucks is one of the kings of omnichannel marketing at scale. The brand also has a loyalty program via free rewards cards that can be reloaded via their website or mobile app, which incentivizes repeat purchases and can be very convenient for customers.
  • Sephora: Sephora is a multinational beauty powerhouse, which offers plenty of examples of great omnichannel marketing. Their great in-store experience is a given but their digital channels (especially their website and mobile app) take things to the next level by allowing customers to choose delivery and pickup options, track orders easily, find products they’re looking for, and more.
  • Amazon: Amazon has long been known for its exceptional online experience. Over the years, they’ve successfully blended their online and offline touchpoints into a cohesive journey. The company puts customers firmly in control of how their journey after their online checkout. For example, they can pick up packages at nearby locations (via Amazon Hub), use secure self-service stations (via Amazon Hub Locker), and much more.
  • Disney: The multinational entertainment company has mastered the art of omnichannel marketing to the smallest detail. When customers visit their famous resorts, all the data they’ve provided online — like the movies and shows they like, the rides they’d like to visit, where they’d like to eat, and so on — is used to deliver a seamless experience. It’s one of the most impressive examples of blending online and offline journeys, especially considering the scale Disney operates at.

5 Omnichannel marketing examples (with real-life case studies)

In the sections below, we’ll explore five real-life examples of omnichannel marketing. Before we dive in, note that all five brands used Insider — our omnichannel marketing platform — to deliver a seamless experience across two or more touchpoints, promote new products, reduce cart abandonments, bridge the gap between online and offline experiences, and more.

NA-KD: Increasing customer lifetime value by 25%

NA-KD is a fashion brand founded in 2015 that now boasts a presence in over 50 markets. Like many fast-growing brands, NA-KD’s tech stack wasn’t able to keep up with the increasing amounts of customer data and marketing channels.

Before working with Insider, the company’s digital marketing team was using a combination of point solutions and in-house technology. This left their customer data scattered across different systems and prevented them from getting a clear picture of their customers’ journeys.

That’s why they started by unifying their customer data with Insider’s enterprise customer data platform (CDP). Our CDP gave NA-KD’s team a single convenient place to store and analyze customer data, which paved the way for a deep understanding of their customers. 

And since our CDP is also tailored to eCommerce brands, it was able to create 360-degree profiles of all NA-KD customers filled with key insights into:

  • Purchase histories.
  • Attribute and discount affinity.
  • Customer lifetime value (CLTV).
  • Last browsed and abandoned products.
  • Likelihood to purchase or engage on a specific channel.
Customer view supporting omnichannel personalization

Armed with these insights, NA-KD’s team was able to completely transform their omnichannel marketing approach

They ditched their old coupon-based campaigns in favor of building completely personalized online shopping experiences (using our customer journey builder). Insider’s broad channel support enabled them to build and automate personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns across their website, mobile app, email, push notifications, and SMS.

Insider NA-KD cross channel journey

Thanks to this new omnichannel personalization approach, NA-KD was able to achieve a 25% increase in CLTV and a 72x ROI in 12 months.

Slazenger: Achieving a 49x ROI in just eight weeks

Slazenger is an established sports brand with over 150 years of experience in offering both amateur designs and professional-grade products. The company was looking to improve its marketing ROI by personalizing customer experiences across channels by targeting the right segments of users with contextual, relevant messaging. 

They knew Insider would be a great partner in this endeavor due to its advanced personalization capabilities, versatile marketing automation features, and on-hand technical support. 

Specifically, Slazenger wanted to use Architect (our journey orchestration platform) to engage shoppers with contextual messaging about products in which they’d already expressed interest. 

For example, they used Architect to bring back cart abandoners to their online store with relevant messages on the channels they prefer, including email, web push, and on-site. This helped them achieve a 3x ROI within 8 weeks and recover 40% of revenue in a single campaign.

Slazenger achieves 45x ROI with Insider’s customer journey software

They also use Insider for plenty of other omnichannel personalization use cases, like enticing potential shoppers with targeted price drop emails and web push notifications. Overall, Slazenger’s partnership with Insider enabled them to achieve:

  • A 49x ROI within eight weeks.
  • A 700% increase in customer acquisition.
  • A 12% increase in click-through rates (CTR) compared to their regular campaigns.

Vogacloset: Speeding up campaign launches and attaining a 30x ROI

Founded in 2013, Vogacloset has quickly become one of Europe’s leading fashion eCommerce sites, offering an extensive range of clothing, accessories, and beauty products.

Their team faced the complex challenge of consolidating data from various touchpoints and channels into one unified source. Understanding customer behavior and predicting intent was essential for Vogacloset to build seamless customer experiences, but this was impossible with data held across multiple platforms.

Similar to NA-KD, the first step towards successful omnichannel marketing for Vogacloset was data unification with Insider’s CDP

The customer success team at Insider collaborated closely with Vogacloset to eliminate blockers and ensure the migration was as seamless as possible. As a result, the data migration project was completed successfully in just eight weeks. 

Here’s what Vogacloset’s Customer Relationship Manager said about the process:

“The process of choosing the right marketing platform for us took over two months, so when we chose Insider, we wanted to get to work quickly. Luckily, Insider’s integration process was completed in less than eight weeks, and we went live incredibly quickly. The Insider team now feels like an extension of our team. The process is so collaborative, and Insider supports us every step of the way.”

Next, it was time to tackle Vogacloset’s main omnichannel goals — to improve key metrics like user experience, loyalty, opt-ins, opens, and overall conversions.

At that point, their team had a holistic view of the customer journeys and interactions thanks to Insider’s CDP. They were able to leverage that data by creating highly personalized campaigns that spanned multiple channels and touchpoints using Architect.

Vogacloset used data unification with Insider’s CDP

For example, Vogacloset was able to launch campaigns on WhatsApp, leveraging the modern channel to increase product discovery with personalized recommendations and price-drop alerts. 

Thanks to Architect’s powerful omnichannel personalization and automation, Vogacloset achieved a 30x ROI, with WhatsApp contributing as the channel with the highest ROI.

Matahari: Bridging the gap between digital and in-store customer experiences for a 356x ROI

Matahari is one of Indonesia’s largest and most recognizable retail brands. While they primarily rely on physical stores to generate revenue, they needed to bridge the gap between their online and offline channels for a consistent experience.

Specifically, their marketing team wanted to deliver more relevant experiences to customers. Although Matahari’s team was sending plenty of emails, they weren’t powered by the brand’s customer data, so they ended up being very generic and produced poor open rates.

That’s why our Insider team suggested an overhaul to the email marketing strategy. The foundation for this task was to unify Matahari’s online and offline customer data into Insider’s CDP, so it could be easily used to power personalized marketing campaigns. 

For example, this meant the company was able to segment its target audiences more precisely and send out personalized emails. This alone yielded a 328% increase in email open rates.

From here, they also started to optimize their mobile app strategy. 

They used Insider’s marketing automation capabilities and push notifications to deliver personalized experiences to their app users. This ultimately led to a massive 356x boost in revenue.  

Finally, Matahari’s team needed to optimize the process of building omnichannel experiences as it was very time-consuming. To do so, the brand introduced automated workflows (powered by Architect) for new members of its Membership program, ensuring a warm and engaging welcome. Our journey builder also integrated seamlessly with their various channels to send automated payment confirmations.

Insider's automated payment confirmations

Architect’s AI-powered capabilities helped Matahari’s team improve efficiency and drastically reduce the manual effort required to launch omnichannel campaigns.

Here’s what their Head of eCommerce Marketing had to say about working with Insider:

“Through a strategic partnership with Insider, Matahari went through a full digital transformation to enhance its online presence and customer engagement. By leveraging Insider’s suite of solutions, including Web Push, Mobile Web Suite, App Suite, Architect, and Email, Matahari addressed the challenges of bringing offline customers to the online platform and creating a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to improve key metrics, drive revenue growth, and increase customer satisfaction”

Chow Sang Sang: Getting a 23.5% Uplift in Conversion Rates with Onsite Personalization and Email Recommendations

Chow Sang Sang has 80+ years of legacy in crafting exquisite jewelry. Founded in 1934, today the company has over 1000 employees and 200 stores across mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. 

The brand wanted to improve its customers’ onsite and email experience by coordinating its efforts across both channels. Insider’s powerful website personalization capabilities and email marketing platform were a natural fit for this goal.  

First, Chow Sang Sang’s team wanted to optimize onsite recommendations through dynamic algorithms for improved user experience, conversions, and revenue.

Our team recommended the use of Insider’s AI-powered Smart Recommender A/B testing. Chow Sang Sang’s team employed these various smart recommendations across pages and A/B tested these for maximum engagement, including:

  • User-based recommendations on the homepage.
  • Highest discounted and top-selling product recommendations on cart pages.
  • Mixed recommendations (most popular and viewed together) on product pages.
  • And more.

These new recommendation campaigns allowed Chow Sang Sang to achieve a 10.5% conversion rate uplift.

Insider Chow Sang Sang product recommendations

Second, the brand needed to create a consistent omnichannel experience, across their website and email campaigns. This was an issue, as their current product recommendation engine linking the website and email was primitive and required products to be manually added to each email.

Insider’s account managers suggested using crowd-sourced recommendations to create a flexible email recommendation solution. 

Using this strategy, Chow Sang Sang could source recommendations based on the interests displayed by their customers and select all these products to be promoted in the email with just one click. The company achieved a conversion rate uplift of more than 23.5% and a 59% uplift in average session duration from new email campaigns.

Chow Sang Sang uses source recommendations of Insider

Take your omnichannel marketing to the next level with Insider

Insider is a powerful omnichannel customer engagement platform that can help you build and automate personalized campaigns across touchpoints — from websites and mobile apps to channels like email, push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

Our solution has been ranked at the top of different categories by customers and industry experts, including omnichannel marketing platforms by IDC.

Omnichannel marketing platforms by IDC

As an enterprise-grade marketing platform, Insider can:

  • Aggregate your customer data from all online and offline sources — including CRMs, analytics tools, customer service software, social media platforms, eCommerce platforms like (Shopify and BigCommerce), and more — into a central database, so you can avoid data silos. 
  • Create detailed 360-degree profiles of your customers and reveal their behaviors, interests, and preferred touchpoints.
  • Segment your customer base and predict future behaviors, like how much they’re projected to spend and how likely they are to buy or engage with your brand on a specific channel.
  • Create end-to-end personalized customer experiences across all channels and at scale, so you can improve key metrics like revenue, customer retention, 
  • Use the full power of AI and machine learning to automate many tasks around omnichannel campaign creation and management, such as choosing the right channels and moments to engage customers, generating copy and images, and more.

Finally, our easy channel integrations, experienced customer support team, and versatile templates will help you implement your omnichannel marketing strategy as quickly as possible.

Schedule a demo with our team to learn how Insider can benefit your business specifically.

Katie is an award-winning content marketer with over eight years of experience in content strategy, development, and copywriting. As Global Content Director at Insider, she currently oversees content strategy across 26 regions. Fun fact: Katie read 64 books last year (for which she owes a long commute and two week-long holidays where she spent approximately six hours a day with her nose in a book).