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How Vogacloset achieved 30X ROI with Insider’s unified customer profiles and personalized WhatsApp messaging

Unified customer data




data integration

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Journey orchestration









With Insider, everything has lived up to our expectations—from segmentation and analytics to communication channels such as WhatsApp and email. It quickly became clear just how effective Insider is; we’ve achieved 30X ROI by using Insider’s data to personalize our messaging.”

Customer Relationship Manager

Executive summary

Vogacloset was looking for a partner to help it reach more prospective customers and build stronger loyalty with returning ones. The leading fashion retailer wanted to reach users with relevant, personalized messages but needed to unify its customer data and find an omnichannel marketing platform to ensure the process was efficient and could scale.

Insider’s customer success team worked with Vogacloset to identify the best products and features for the brand’s goals. With Insider’s CDP and omnichannel customer journey tool, Architect, Vogacloset was able to launch campaigns with the quickest time to value and achieve 30X ROI.


Founded in 2013, Vogacloset has quickly become one of Europe’s leading fashion eCommerce sites, offering an extensive range of clothing, accessories, and beauty products. The brand’s mission is to provide seamless shopping experiences across its website and communication channels, and its partnership with Insider has been critical in achieving this.

Unifying data to launch campaigns in the quickest time on the market

The challenge

Vogacloset faced the complex challenge of consolidating data from various touchpoints and channels into one unified source. Understanding customer behavior and predicting intent was essential for Vogacloset to build seamless customer experiences, but this was impossible with data held across multiple platforms. 

It needed a tool that could seamlessly merge and track customer data across multiple platforms, without taking months of valuable time and resources from Vogacloset’s marketing and IT departments.

The solution

Insider’s customer data platform facilitated the smooth integration of data and provided a holistic view of user behaviors and preferences within its dashboard. The customer success team at Insider collaborated closely with Vogacloset to eliminate blockers and ensure migration was as seamless as possible. 

Thanks to Insider, Vogacloset overcame itsdata fragmentation problem to gain access to a 360-degree views of customers from Insider’s unified dashboard. The complex migration took just eight weeks—the quickest time to value of any other vendor.

The process of choosing the right marketing platform for us took over two months, so when we chose Insider, we wanted to get to work quickly. Luckily, Insider’s integration process was completed in less than eight weeks, and we went live incredibly quickly. The Insider team now feels like an extension of our team. The process is so collaborative, and Insider supports us every step of the way.”

Customer Relationship Manager

The results

8 weeks

Full migration and campaign
launch within 8 weeks

Increasing customer engagement with omnichannel journey orchestration and personalized messaging

The challenge

Vogacloset’s overall goal was to boost user engagement and loyalty, which demanded improvements in key metrics like opt-ins, opens, and conversions. Achieving this required a holistic understanding of customer journeys and interactions. Vogacloset wanted to use its newly unified data to power and launch consistent, highly personalized campaigns that seamlessly spanned multiple channels and touchpoints.

It’s amazing we can build, analyze, and test customer journeys from one platform, and we don’t need IT support to do this! One of the most valuable additions we’ve found since using Insider has been WhatsApp. WhatsApp has played a valuable role in promoting our products and increasing conversion rates.”

Customer Relationship Manager

The solution

Insider suggested leveraging Architect, its AI-powered omnichannel customer journey builder. The tool allowed Vogacloset to design intricate and dynamic customer journeys that adapted in real-time, ensuring users received tailored content across every interaction. 

Insider’s AI-driven predictions analyzed historical and real-time data, so Vogacloset could anticipate customer preferences and behaviors. This predictive capability enabled the brand to craft journeys that were personalized and strategically timed to capture users’ attention with the right message at the right time.

Architect supports 12+ channels and hundreds of APIs. With Insider, Vogacloset was able to launch campaigns on WhatsApp, leveraging the modern channel to increase product discovery with personalized product recommendations and price-drop alerts. Data showed WhatsApp contributed most to Vogacloset’s 30X ROI as the channel with the highest conversions.

The results




in CVR via WhatsApp


“Overall, Insider helps us connect with our users on a personal level across different channels. The key difference now is that our journeys are not just random, generic messaging. They’re informed by data and tailored to each user, which has had a huge impact on our bottom line with 30X ROI.”

Customer Relationship Manager

Looking ahead

Vogacloset’s emphasis remains on personalization, particularly within the onsite experience. Insider’s industry-leading features, such as Search Recommender and Product Optimizer will be the next stage of personalization. The fashion brand wants to power these tools with customer data to provide easy product discovery and remove friction on the Vogacloset website.

Favorite feature


Vogacloset's favorite feature is WhatsApp, as the channel's personal and dynamic nature has significantly boosted engagement and conversions. By delivering messages directly to users' devices and offering a friendlier interaction, WhatsApp has proven itself as a powerful tool for promoting Vogacloset’s products and building customer relationships.

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