4 retail and ecommerce solutions to turn your team into a productivity powerhouse

Katie Morley

May 2, 2024

4 retail and ecommerce solutions to turn your team into a productivity powerhouse Featured Image
Katie Morley

May 2, 2024

We all know it: online personalization for retail shoppers is non-negotiable. And brands that fail to leverage the power of omnichannel marketing to create effective, personalized customer experiences risk falling behind their competitors. 

And it’s not just about increasing revenue. By leveraging powerful, innovative personalization solutions, retail brands can also supercharge the productivity of their marketing teams. The more effective your marketing platform, the more productive and profitable you will be. 

In this blog, we discuss the importance of implementing innovative personalization solutions in retail marketing before highlighting key productivity-boosting and must-have solutions success.



Table of Contents
  1. Embracing innovation in retail marketing

  2. 4 must-have ingredients of a martech solution

  3. How Insider boosts productivity for marketers

  4. Insider in action: How Philips achieved a 40% CVR increase with Insider’s Smart Recommender

  5. Are you ready to supercharge the productivity of your online retail marketing team?

Embracing innovation in retail marketing 

With thousands of brands offering millions of products, personalization is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have.’

To achieve the highest performance possible, drive revenue, and exceed targets, you need to recognize each visitor as unique and build a tailored experience to reflect their needs and preferences. Customers want the brands they connect with to deliver experiences that recognize and predict their preferences and needs.

The statistics back this up: 63% of customers say they won’t buy from brands with poor personalization, and 72% are willing to pay more for a personalized customer experience.  

With innovative martech platforms, brands can meet these consumer expectations and outperform the competition. But they have to get it right. That means increasing personalization by embracing omnichannel marketing, tapping into the latest AI tools, and building immersive customer journeys.

Insider is the number one cross-channel customer journey platform for personalized customer experiences. Insider empowers brands to innovate through unified customer data, journey orchestration, and world-leading AI solutions. 

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And don’t just take our word for it:

  • Avon increased its conversion rates by 78% with Insider’s AI-powered Smart Recommender solutions.
  • Adidas increased mobile conversions by 50% with Insider’s in-app category optimizer. 
  • Samsung increased conversions by 10% with Insider’s onsite category optimizer.

With 60% of marketers’ time spent on menial, low-impact tasks, it’s unsurprising that leading brands are leveraging the power of Insider’s productivity-boosting solutions. As an Insider partner, innovation, productivity, and profitability go hand in hand. 

4 must-have ingredients of a martech solution

So what makes a martech solution both innovative and good for productivity? Here are four key attributes to look for when selecting your martech partner:

  1. Data-driven strategies 

McKinsey reported how ecommerce brands need to leverage data and analytics to pinpoint opportunities throughout the customer journey. This means using customer data for segmented and targeted campaigns and analytics tools to measure and optimize performance. 

Personalization depends entirely on the ability to gather and access customer data effectively. When retailers unify customer data to gain a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each customer by combining behaviors, preferences, and journeys from all customer touchpoints into one platform, the brand can segment these customers and craft unique and more impactful experiences for each customer. 

The stronger the data, the more personalized and precise your messaging becomes, enabling you to build a better connection with your customers so they feel seen, heard, and valued.

“Insider enabled us to deliver highly personalized and AI-driven experiences on our website, which helped us improve our conversion rates by up to 78%.” 

– Head of Ecommerce at Avon

2. Omnichannel marketing capabilities from a single platform

    Brands know that today’s customer journeys aren’t linear. That’s why they use many different solutions to reach users.

    If your customer experiences aren’t built into a workflow, this results in silos between channels, where brands are creating inconsistent experiences across WhatsApp, email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing, and so on. 

    By contrast, omnichannel marketing creates consistent customer experiences across all online and offline customer touchpoints. Omnichannel marketing automation empowers you to deliver highly contextual and personalized content, messaging, and product recommendations at each stage of today’s complex customer journeys.

    This enables marketing teams to operate, monitor, and amend every customer journey channel within a single platform.

    Insider’s omnichannel marketing solution builds consistent journeys across multiple channels

    3. High-impact personalization features 

      If you can’t tailor your marketing efforts to individual customer preferences, your customers will move to a brand that can.

      Personalization is the ultimate end goal of today’s ecommerce and online retail marketing. Whether in terms of tailored discount offers, having the right products recommended to users as soon as they land on a website, or getting the right push notifications at the right time.

      When you get to know your customers, you can seamlessly tap into their wants and needs. By building a 360-degree view of customer behaviors and using a powerful omnichannel customer journey builder, brands around the world can deliver hyper-personalized experiences on every channel. 

      For example, Vogacloset achieved 30x ROI via personalized campaigns across WhatsApp, Email, and Push Notifications with Insider.

      Results like these have a massive impact on marketing team motivation, leading to positive reinforcement and increasing productivity even further.

      With Insider, everything has lived up to our expectations—from segmentation and analytics to communication channels such as WhatsApp and email. It quickly became clear just how effective Insider is; we’ve achieved 30X ROI by using Insider’s data to personalize our messaging.”

      – CRM Manager at Vogacloset

      4. Embracing AI

      AI has quickly become one of the most powerful tools in the world. From content generation to automation, AI solutions are only getting smarter—and for marketers, it’s time to embrace this.

      AI capabilities often vary from product to product. The key to optimizing your use of AI (and minimizing costs) is to find a platform that offers multiple AI-powered solutions for your needs. 

      AI-driven martech enables businesses to harness data insights, automate repetitive tasks, and personalize customer experiences at scale. This empowers marketers to make informed decisions, optimize campaigns, and enhance overall efficiency.

      Embracing AI in martech ensures a forward-looking approach, fostering innovation and agility in marketing strategies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

      With an extensive solution like Insider’s Sirius AI™, you can boost productivity by up to 60%. We dive into this further below, so keep reading.

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      How Insider boosts productivity for marketers

      Insider is the omnichannel customer journey platform powering personalized shopping experiences for retail brands worldwide.

      Trusted by over 1,200 global brands, including Samsung, Estee Lauder, Adidas, Slazenger, Puma, NA-KD, GAP, Lenovo, Adidas, MAC Cosmetics, Clarins, Marks & Spencer, Philips, Yves Rocher, and many more, Insider was built by marketers for marketers.

      Using Insider’s customer data platform, brands can unify their customer data to build a  360-degree view of every customer. Brands can then leverage data within Architect, Insider’s omnichannel customer journey builder, supporting 12+ channels and 100s of integrations. 

      Insider is built for efficiency, productivity, and innovation. 

      Here are three powerful solutions marketers should explore to reach customers with precise campaigns in record time. 

      1. Sirius AI™

      Sirius AI™ is Insider’s patent-pending AI solution and the world’s most comprehensive generative AI for customer experiences. It’s been designed to help marketers save time and transform how they create customer journeys. 

      Sirius AI™ combines language models and machine learning, including predictive, conversational, and generative AI, to help marketing teams:

      • Discover profitable, ready-to-use audience segments 30X faster with AI-powered prompts.
      • Auto-generate orchestrated customer journeys in seconds based on inputs like use case, preferred outcome, and audience.
      • Generate impactful copy for any channel, goal, and business objective—and design human-like generative AI bots to respond to customer conversations on autopilot.

      Powered by Insider’s unified CDP, Sirius AI™ ensures accurate predictions and recommendations for unique, personalized journey recommendations tailored to every customer.

      1. Architect

      Architect is Insider’s omnichannel customer journey builder supporting 12+ channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, App, Email, Onsite, and Call an API, which enables hundreds of integrations. 

      Architect combines unified customer data and AI to help marketers build relevant, contextual, and timely experiences across any channel and scale at every step of the customer journey.

      Sportswear brand Slazenger transformed its cross-channel customer experiences with Architect’s personalized journeys, boosting customer acquisition by 700% in just eight weeks.

      “Insider enabled us to build relevant and timely campaigns across nearly 30 different customer segments. We built personalized, multi-channel user experiences, which helped us gain a 700% increase in customer acquisition and 49X ROI within just two months thanks to Insider.”

      — Ecommerce Director at Slazenger

      3. Smart Recommender

        Smart Recommender is Insider’s AI-powered product recommendation solution that ensures website visitors find the right products in seconds.

        When users visit your site, Smart Recommender leverages advanced recommendation algorithms such as “Frequently purchased together,” “Shop similar items,” ‘Best sellers, and “Trending products” to help users discover relevant products right from their first visit. 

        Not only does this convenience make them more likely to buy from you instead of competitors, but The recommendations encourage them to add more to their basket with relevant products based on past behaviors, boosting AOV and CLTV.

        Improve site search with Insider’s Eureka to reduce product discovery time

        Discover more solutions and strategies from Insider in our ebook, “The ultimate digital growth guide for retail and ecommerce.”

        Insider in action: How Philips achieved a 40% CVR increase with Insider’s Smart Recommender

        Electronics retailer, Philips, wanted to find a way to get users to add more items to their carts. The company believed personalized user experience would be the key to creating more engaging and impactful customer purchase journeys.

        The brand deployed Insider’s AI-powered product discovery tool, Smart Recommender, alongside Insider’s Progress Bar feature to deliver contextual recommendations across desktop and mobile web that would encourage users to spend more. 

        Users who visited a product page were shown product recommendations based on their past behavioral data and preferences. Showing only the most relevant products encouraged customers to spend more time on the website. 

        As customers added relevant products to their baskets, the Progress Bar would increase until a threshold was met and the user received a discount. This boosted conversions by 40% and AOV by 35%. 

        Read more examples from the world’s best-loved retail brands in our ebook “The ultimate digital growth guide for retail and ecommerce

        Are you ready to supercharge the productivity of your online retail marketing team?

        Insider’s powerful omnichannel marketing platform and personalization capabilities make it the number one platform for retail brands to improve productivity and boost profitability.

        Discover more strategies, tips, and real-life success stories on leading brands on how Insider can help make your marketing team more innovative and productive in our ebook “The ultimate digital growth guide for retail and ecommerce.”

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