Chow Sang Sang Achieves 23.5% Uplift in Conversion Rate Using Onsite and Email Smart Recommendations

About Chow Sang Sang

Chow Sang Sang has 80+ years of legacy in crafting exquisite jewelry that captures the heart. Inspired by its philosophy of “Sustained Vitality, Ever Rejuvenated” and driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection, the brand has become an icon of design, craftsmanship, quality, and professional service.

Founded in: 1934

Numbers of stores:: 50+ stores across Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan | 155+ stores across 60 cities in mainland China

Operates in: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and China

Number of employees: 10,000+

Improving onsite recommendation experiences with advanced algorithms for improved engagement

Chow Sang Sang’s existing recommendation algorithms were primitive and less flexible with real-time user behavior. They were looking for a tool that would help optimize onsite recommendations through dynamic algorithms for improved user experience and which would also help improve metric performance.

The team at Insider recommended the use of Smart Recommender along with A/B testing. CSS employed these smart recommendations across pages and A/B tested these for maximum engagement.

Homepage: User-based recommendations
Product Page: Mixed recommendations- most popular items + Viewed together products
Cart Page: Highest discount + top selling products Gold
Category Page: Highest discount + user-based + gold filtering

Chow Sang Sang observed a 10.5% uplift in conversion rate from the smart recommendations campaigns.

Improving the email experience with automated and powerful smart recommendations

Chow Sang Sang realized that their existing recommendation solutions linking the website and email were primitive and required products to be manually added to the email. They wanted a platform that allowed for greater flexibility and personalized email recommendations.

The account managers at Insider suggested using crowd-sourced recommendations to create a flexible email recommendation solution. Using this strategy, Chow Sang Sang could source recommendations based on the interests displayed by their customers and select all these products to be promoted in the email with just one click.

Chow Sang Sang achieved a conversion rate uplift of more than 23.5% and a 59% uplift in average session duration from these email recommendation campaigns.

Looking Ahead

Chow Sang Sang will continue optimizing their onsite experience using Insider’s smart recommendations for improved conversion. In addition, the brand will also consider Insider’s Conversion Suite to optimize key conversion metrics and experiences across channels.

Chow Sang Sang is focusing on an omnichannel strategy and will look to expand to SMS, email, WhatsApp, and mobile apps to deliver seamless cross-channel experiences using Insider’s Architect. Together, Insider and Chow Sang Sang will start with the migration of Smart Recommender across newsletter and Architect, while also utilizing the 200+ CRM attributes in segmentation for accurate predictive strategies.

"We were struggling with our recommendations strategy as the recommendation tool we were using before Insider was less flexible and primitive with basic recommendation ability. With Insider’s smart recommender, we were able to leverage AI-powered contextualized recommendations to improve engagement on our product pages. Not only that, we also generated a 10.5% uplift in conversion rates from the smart recommendations campaigns.”

Chi Fai Leung

Head of eCommerce

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