9 Best Dynamic Yield competitors and alternatives (by use case)

Katie Morley

Dec 12, 2023

9 Best Dynamic Yield competitors and alternatives (by use case) Featured Image
Katie Morley

Dec 12, 2023

Dynamic Yield is a personalization platform owned by Mastercard (and formerly by McDonald’s). It’s well known for its solid website personalization capabilities, product recommendations, and A/B testing features. 

However, many teams start looking for a Dynamic Yield alternative when they want to:

  • Use a platform with an easier setup and more ready-to-use templates, so marketers can launch personalization campaigns without coding and achieve faster time-to-value. 
  • Scale their personalization efforts to touchpoints that Dynamic Yield doesn’t support, like push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, site search, chatbots, and more.
  • Consolidate their marketing stack and channels into a single platform. This is a big advantage over using Dynamic Yield with three or four other point solutions, which leads to data silos and workflow complications due to the overload of martech solutions and stakeholders.

In this article, we’ve compiled the nine best Dynamic Yield competitors and alternatives for different use cases, including:

  • Insider
  • Emarsys
  • Bloomreach
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Oracle Marketing
  • Optimizely
  • AB Tasty
  • Monetate

The first six are cross-channel personalization and engagement solutions. This means they can let you reach your customers on a variety of touchpoints (like email, SMS, web push, and more), scale your personalization efforts across all channels, consolidate your marketing stack, and maximize your budget. 

The final three are mostly experimentation and web personalization solutions. They offer very similar capabilities to Dynamic Yield, while also having the same limitations. They can be a good choice if you’re just looking to replace Dynamic Yield’s core features without necessarily exploring new use cases.

Insider can help you create, personalize, and automate marketing campaigns across your website, mobile app, email, SMS, WhatsApp, push notifications, and other channels. Visit our website or schedule a demo with our team to learn more.

Table of Contents
  1. Insider

  2. Emarsys

  3. Bloomreach

  4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  5. Adobe Experience Cloud

  6. Oracle Marketing

  7. Optimizely

  8. AB Tasty

  9. Monetate

  10. Create, automate, and personalize cross-channel customer experiences with Insider

1. Insider

Insider brings together the most extensive set of personalization capabilities for websites and mobile apps, as well as for channels like email, SMS, web push, and WhatsApp.

Over 1200 mid-market and enterprise brands like Adidas, GAP, Coca-Cola, Philips, and CNN, use Insider’s toolkit to:

  • Improve their website and mobile app conversions, revenue, and acquisition costs with advanced personalization.
  • Scale their personalized messaging, content, and product recommendations to channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, and others.
  • Unify their marketing stack and work more efficiently by building and deploying cross-channel campaigns from one place (as opposed to using three or four separate tools).
  • Create personalized and contextual experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle using an intuitive journey builder.
  • And much more!

When it comes to personalization, Insider has been ranked as the best personalization engine and personalization software by G2. 

You can see how users rate Insider compared to Dynamic Yield by clicking here

Thanks to its versatility, Insider is also ranked at the top of various other categories, including:

In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the biggest benefits of working with Insider for your personalization, automation, and customer engagement needs.

Start personalizing as quickly as possible

One of the biggest issues with personalization and cross-channel marketing solutions is the time it takes to set them up and see value from them. It often takes months to get through the technical implementation, the learning curve, and figuring out the right features for certain use cases.

Insider makes this process as smooth as possible. That’s why our platform is consistently ranked as the best solution in terms of ease of setup, ease of use, time to value, and quality of support.

This starts with providing support via experienced in-house teams instead of outsourcing support services to third-party systems integrators or agencies like many enterprise marketing platforms. Our experts provide a high level of support during implementation for clients’ IT and marketing teams by:

  • Helping them implement Insider at no extra setup cost.
  • Migrating automated flows and customer journeys from other platforms into Insider for them.
  • Analyzing their analytics data to give them suggestions for improving their marketing and personalization strategies.

In addition, we also offer flexible implementation options to speed up the setup process. For example, if you have an eCommerce business, you can:

  • Use Insider’s website tag to crawl through your site and automatically create a product catalog. This is a great option if you want to get started fast, with minimal effort.
  • Upload your product catalogs as CSV and XML files or even feed the data through an API. This option that gives you granular control over every piece of data in your catalog.

Lastly, we’ve also built a versatile template store, which massively reduces our clients’ time to value. You can find templates for all sorts of channels and use cases, like generating more leads via gamification, recovering abandoned carts via cross-channel campaigns, or celebrating customer milestones. 

Each template is easily customizable via a drag-and-drop editor. There’s no need to edit HTML (or code anything at all) — just find the template you need and easily tailor it with your brand logo, colors, copy, and more.

You also have a WYSIWYG editor that lets you easily adjust personalization campaigns and preview how they will look on your site. Again, this doesn’t require any coding knowledge, so marketers can launch campaigns without needing constant assistance from technical teams.

Insider's personalized templates for marketing campaigns

Thanks to our focus on support quality, implementation speed, and ease of use, many Insider customers see a fast return on their investment:

Scale personalization across your website, mobile app, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels

Unlike DynamicYield, Insider isn’t limited to on-site, mobile app, and email personalization. Our platform brings together 12+ channels under one umbrella, so you can create truly personalized experiences end-to-end.

Insider native channel supports 12 channels

And since Insider is a flexible platform, you can start with just one of these channels and gradually expand to others over time. This provides a few massive benefits, especially for established brands that already use two or three channels to reach customers:

  • Simplicity via consolidation. Managing three or more marketing platforms with separate credentials, UIs, quirks, and learning curves can get very complex and time-consuming. Insider enables you to consolidate your stack into a single platform, streamline operations, and reduce the complexity to a minimum.
  • Martech spend optimization. Martech bloat leads to spending way too much money on marketing solutions, as well as way too much time and effort on integrating and managing them. By using Insider to run all customer acquisition and optimization campaigns, you can streamline your martech suite by making it cheaper and easier to run.
  • Maximization of marketing efforts and budget. This is a direct consequence of the previous two benefits. The more consolidated your stack, the more time, money, and energy you’ll have to focus on what really matters: understanding your customers, finding ways to generate more engagement, and improving key metrics, like conversions, revenue, and acquisition costs.

Like Dynamic Yield, Insider gives you highly advanced website and mobile app personalization features. These let you tailor all content, messaging, and product recommendations to each website visitor and mobile app user.

You can easily build personalization campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor and various strategies. For instance, you can choose between product recommendation algorithms, like most popular items, top sellers, viewed together, purchased together, and so on, and tweak them based on your preferences.

Insider personalization strategy setup

You can also choose a user-based personalization strategy that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically serve relevant recommendations to each user. For a deeper dive into these capabilities, check out our guide to the top personalization engines.

As we said, can also scale your personalization efforts across all channels, including:

  • Email and SMS. For example, you can deliver personalized product recommendations on both channels. You can also set up more complex campaigns that start on email and move on to SMS, depending on each user’s preferences and previous interactions.
Insider email personalization product recommendations
  • Push notifications. Insider lets you use a wide range of web and mobile app push notifications, including carousels, recurring pushes, cart reminders, and so on. Again, these can be personalized based on the products, categories, and attributes each customer has shown interest in.
  • WhatsApp. With Insider, you can use WhatsApp to send promo messages, price drop alerts, event reminders, and cart recovery prompts. And since our company is a Meta-verified Business Solution Provider, you can even design an end-to-end shopping experience in WhatsApp (a feature called WhatsApp’s conversational commerce).
  • Online ads (across social media apps like TikTok and Instagram and search engines like Google), Facebook Messenger, LINE, chatbots, and more.

Put simply, Insider gives you the tools to personalize each touchpoint in your customers’ experience during their entire lifecycle with your brand.

Go beyond standard website personalization with site search and mobile stories

Besides tailoring content, messaging, and product recommendations, Insider helps you boost engagement, product discovery, and conversions with two distinct products: EUREKA and InStory

EUREKA is our AI-powered site search tool. It automatically shows relevant results to each customer using your site’s search functionality based on their past actions, purchase histories, and predicted user behaviors. It also helps searchers find what they need faster with advanced filters and search previews.

This is a great way to decrease bounce rates, increase conversions, and boost average order value (AOV), especially for retailers with broad and complex product catalogs.

InStory lets you add engaging, Instagram-like stories to your site. Users can click on these stories to expand them and get more information about products or content that they find interesting.

Our AI algorithms can automatically personalize each story in real time to the user who clicks on it. Dover Saddlery was able to generate $1.7 million in incremental revenue by using this tactic.

Overall, EUREKA and InStory make Insider one of the most robust and versatile personalization solutions. Almost no other vendor on the market offers this combination of AI-powered product recommendations, advanced website personalization, site search, and engaging stories.

Build and automate personalized cross-channel journeys (with the help of AI)

Besides enabling you to reach customers on a variety of channels from one place, Insider also empowers you to bring all these channels together into a cohesive user experience using Architect.

Architect is a versatile and user-friendly customer journey builder and marketing automation tool. You can use it to create all sorts of automated flows and campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop editor, as shown below.

As you can see, each journey can be triggered in a variety of ways, including events, attribute changes, price drops, and much more. It’s also really simple to choose how each journey unfolds, including when each step gets triggered, which channels are used, conditions that should be checked before moving on, and more.

For a real-life example of Architect’s power, check out our case study with Clarins. They used Insider’s data aggregation, personalization, and journey orchestration capabilities to achieve a 45% increase in lead capture, a 4% increase in conversion rates, and a 30x ROI in just 12 weeks.

You can also use a plethora of AI-powered capabilities to make journey optimization and campaign creation much easier and more efficient. For example:

  • Send-Time Optimization (STO). This feature analyzes customers’ behavioral patterns and automatically sends messages at the times they’re most likely to respond.
  • Next-Best Channel Predictions. Similar to STO, this feature also takes into account previous customer behaviors to predict which channels they’re most likely to engage on.
  • A/B Test Winner Auto-Selection. Insider comes with A/B testing for comparing subject lines, images, channels, and even entire flows. With Winner Auto-Selection, our platform automatically detects and directs users to the winning path, so you don’t have to manually review and adjust each test.
  • AI-based journey creation. Instead of manually building each journey, you can simply tell Insider the end goal (e.g., driving purchases or generating email leads), and our generative AI will create the journey for you. You can also use this capability to complete journeys after a certain point.
  • Message copy and image creation. Insider can create engaging subject lines, body copy, and images in seconds based just on a simple text prompt with your end goal.

Bonus: Connect to all relevant data sources and aggregate your customer data

Accurate customer data is the foundation of successful personalization. That’s why Insider can share data with hundreds of popular tools (via our Integration Hub) and platforms used by marketing and technical teams. These include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot.
  • Email marketing tools, like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Constant Contact.
  • Analytics and attribution platforms, like Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Google Analytics.
  • Customer data platforms (CDPs), like Segment, mParticle, and Tealium.
  • Marketing automation tools, like Pardot, Keap, and Marketo.
  • eCommerce platforms, like Shopify and BigCommerce.
  • And many other SaaS tools.
Insider integrations hub ads and analytics software

Insider also gives you the ability to aggregate your data in our CDP. That way, you can overcome data silos and have all customer information readily available in one place, which is a crucial CDP use case for marketing teams.

Our CDP can aggregate information from any online or offline source — including CRMs, APIs, analytics tools, data warehouses, and other solution providers.

It also creates 360-degree profiles of all customers, like the one shown below. These profiles contain crucial information about each customer, including their names, emails, demographic info, phone numbers, interactions with your brand on specific channels, on-site and in-app behaviors, and predictive characteristics, like their likelihood to purchase or churn.

360-degree understanding of unique customer behavior and build unified profiles

Our CDP comes at no extra cost when using Insider’s personalization capabilities. There’s no need to pay additional fees for consolidating your customer data with our solution. 

Regardless of whether your data is unified in Insider or in another platform, you can always use our solution’s powerful audience segmentation capabilities

From standard characteristics (e.g., locations and devices) and predefined audiences (e.g., leads and cart abandoners) to AI-powered predictive audiences (e.g., customers with a high discount affinity or likelihood of churning), Insider gives you everything you need to create highly-targeted segments for each campaign.

Insider predictive audiences

You can also save time and effort by telling our platform what segment you want to target and letting our generative AI build it for you.

For more details on how Insider can help you maximize your marketing spend, personalize all customer touchpoints, and automate cross-channel campaigns, book a live demo with our team.

2. Emarsys

Emarsys is an omnichannel customer experience platform owned by SAP. It supports channels like email, SMS, web, mobile, digital ads, and more. It comes with typical capabilities for a cross-channel marketing solution, including a personalization engine, an integrated data layer (i.e., a CDP), and a journey builder. Emarsys also supports use cases for niche channels like direct mail and mobile wallet passes.

Learn more: A detailed review of the 9 best Emarsys alternatives

3. Bloomreach

Bloomreach is an AI-powered eCommerce personalization platform. It’s very versatile, and its tools are spread across three different products:

  • Engagement, which includes direct competitors to Dynamic Yield, like web and mobile app personalization, A/B testing, and online ads optimization. This product also covers email and SMS marketing, as well as omnichannel orchestration.
  • Discovery, which includes tools for merchandising, personalized site search results, product recommendations, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.
  • Content, which helps brands build and manage websites and landing pages.

Learn more: 11 Top Bloomreach competitors & alternatives by category

4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a collection of tools for various use cases, like personalization, data aggregation, automation, email and mobile marketing, analytics, and more. As an enterprise-grade platform, Marketing Cloud is very flexible and integrates with the rest of Salesforce’s offerings. However, the different tools in the platform are mostly acquired (instead of built natively), and support is typically provided via third-party system integrators (instead of by internal Salesforce teams).

Learn more: 5 Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud alternatives 

5. Adobe Experience Cloud

Like Marketing Cloud, Adobe’s Experience Cloud is a large suite of digital marketing tools for delivering personalized customer experiences at scale. Some of the most popular tools in this stack are:

  • Adobe Target, which is a personalization engine and A/B testing software. It can be considered the most direct competitor to Dynamic Yield out of all Adobe products.
  • Marketo Engage, which helps with B2B and B2C marketing automation.
  • Adobe Campaign, which gives brands a single place to manage and automate marketing campaigns.

6. Oracle Marketing

Oracle Marketing homepage

While not explicitly called a “cloud”, Oracle Marketing is very similar to the previous two entries as it’s a comprehensive marketing and customer engagement platform for different use cases. These include personalization, automation, data aggregation, content management, and more. Similar to the other marketing cloud providers, Oracle got many of their marketing solutions via acquisitions, like Eloqua in 2012, Infinity in 2017, and CrowTwist in 2019. 

7. Optimizely

Optimizely homepage

Optimizely is a digital experience platform. It offers three distinct products:

  • Experiment, which includes tools for feature and web testing, personalization, and experiment collaboration.
  • Monetize, which helps deliver relevant shopping experiences via product recommendations and product information management.
  • Orchestrate, which includes a CMS and content marketing platform for marketing teams that want to collaborate on content assets and campaigns.

While it’s more versatile in aspects like content management, Optimizely is limited in a similar way to Dynamic Yield as it doesn’t have native tools for personalization across email, push notifications, SMS, or other messaging channels.

8. AB Tasty

AB Tasty homepage

AB Tasty is an experience optimization platform. As its name suggests, the platform’s main focus is on testing and experimentation. However, it also includes tools for advanced personalization, AI-powered product recommendations, and site search results. Lastly, AB Tasty is exclusively focused on website experimentation and personalization, so you can’t use it for messaging channels or cross-channel orchestration.

9. Monetate

Monetate homepage

Monetate is a personalization platform with similar capabilities to Dynamic Yield. It has three products.

  • Personalization, which includes automated personalization, segmentation and targeting, and audience discovery.
  • Experimentation, which includes A/B testing, dynamic testing, and feature experimentation.
  • Discovery, which includes product recommendations, personalized search, and social proof.

Create, automate, and personalize cross-channel customer experiences with Insider

Insider is the ideal Dynamic Yield alternative for midsize and enterprise companies looking to:

  • Reach customers on a plethora of channels, including on-site, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, and more.
  • Get the same advanced website and mobile app personalization that Dynamic Yield offers, as well as the ability to scale personalization across all touchpoints.
  • Partner with an experienced global customer support team that can help maximize their marketing efforts and drastically shorten their time-to-value.
  • Build, automate, and analyze campaigns across all channels from a single place.
  • Access a vast library of proven templates for any channel or use case — from generating email, SMS, or WhatsApp subscribers with the help of gamification to automating cross-channel cart abandonment journeys or cross-sell campaigns.
  • Use the full marketing potential of machine learning and AI to reveal customers’ preferences, work more efficiently, and ensure every message is always sent to the right audiences, on the right channels, at the right times.

Click here to book a demo with our team and learn how Insider can help you reach your business goals

Katie is an award-winning content marketer with over eight years of experience in content strategy, development, and copywriting. As Global Content Director at Insider, she currently oversees content strategy across 26 regions. Fun fact: Katie read 64 books last year (for which she owes a long commute and two week-long holidays where she spent approximately six hours a day with her nose in a book).