The omnichannel CX solution making marketing manageable: Meet Insider’s Architect

Katie Morley

Sep 22, 2023

The omnichannel CX solution making marketing manageable: Meet Insider’s Architect Featured Image
Katie Morley

Sep 22, 2023

Omnichannel marketing is the reason you’re so familiar with global brands like Samsung, Adidas, and Allianz. These brands have become household names because they’re everywhere—and they’re everywhere because of their omnichannel marketing strategies.

Omnichannel marketing isn’t just about reaching your audience across multiple channels; it’s about providing a seamless, consistent, and unified customer journey across all customer touchpoints throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It’s about leveraging customer data on behaviors and preferences to ensure every campaign you run boosts revenue, increases ROI, and builds brand loyalty.

However, creating consistent, personalized customer journeys at scale isn’t simple. You need an omnichannel customer journey tool. Enter, Architect.

In this article, we’ll look closer at how Architect is revolutionizing how brands connect and engage with customers to drive impressive results.

Table of Contents
  1. Multichannel, cross-channel, and omnichannel marketing: Understanding the basics

  2. Why is omnichannel marketing such a buzzword right now?

  3. Leveraging omnichannel marketing to achieve growth

  4. How Architect transforms your marketing efforts

  5. A closer look: Architect’s channel breadth

  6. A closer look: Architect’s AI capabilities

  7. How MAC Cosmetics achieved 17.2X ROI using Insider’s omnichannel journey orchestration

  8. Drive customer loyalty and ROI with Insider’s omnichannel marketing solution

Multichannel, cross-channel, and omnichannel marketing: Understanding the basics

Simply put, multichannel, cross-channel, and omnichannel marketing each represent varying levels of interaction and integration between marketing channels. 

Here’s a closer look at each one’s distinct marketing approach:

1. Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing involves establishing a presence on multiple independent platforms, such as social media, email, web, and mobile. The primary goal is to increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience. However, the challenge becomes maintaining consistent messaging and a unified brand experience for customers.

2. Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing takes this a step further by integrating the customer experience across different channels. It focuses on creating a seamless transition for customers as they move from one channel to another. This strategy aims to provide a coherent message and user experience, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

3. Omnichannel marketing

Finally, omnichannel marketing is the most advanced and customer-centric approach. It delivers a consistent, personalized customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. The key distinction is that omnichannel marketing is backed by a customer data platform (CDP), which provides a 360-degree view of customers. This enables marketers to focus on customer behavior rather than channel choices, enabling businesses to anticipate and fulfill customer needs seamlessly.

Build and manage omnichannel strategies to reach customers from one platform with Insider’s Architect

Why is omnichannel marketing such a buzzword right now?

Before we get started, let’s be clear: omnichannel marketing isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a strategy that will transform your marketing efforts. And it’s backed by stats. 

Clearly, an omnichannel marketing strategy will impact your bottom line. But it’s not just about increasing AOV and ROI. With a solution like Architect, omnichannel marketing also offers marketers a chance to elevate their customer experiences and build deep relationships in a way that other marketing strategies just can’t replicate. It’s about making complex strategies easier for marketers without compromising on quality data or tools.

Here are six reasons why omnichannel marketing isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a must for marketers. Because, when done well, it helps you deliver:

1. Enhanced customer experiences: It offers a seamless and personalized journey across various touchpoints, catering to the convenience-driven modern consumer.

2. Holistic customer insights: Driven by a CDP, businesses can unify data from multiple channels and sources, enabling informed decisions and targeted messaging for higher conversions.

3. A consistent brand identity: Omnichannel ensures uniform brand values and messaging to foster recognition, trust, and loyalty.

4. A competitive edge: Brands that master omnichannel marketing gain a competitive advantage by offering a comprehensive and reliable customer experience (we’ve just seen the stats to prove it).

6. Stronger customer loyalty: By delivering consistent and relevant interactions, omnichannel nurtures loyalty, driving growth through referrals and positive reviews.

Explore a library of 100+ pre-built journey templates inspired by successful strategies that you can leverage across any industry, channel, and goal. These templates offer a solid foundation for your campaigns while allowing customization to align with your unique brand identity and objectives. Customize these templates for your omnichannel marketing strategy in Architect and build effective, seamless customer journeys in minutes that you know will work.

Insider’s Architect powers omnichannel customer journeys across 12+ channels

Leveraging omnichannel marketing to achieve growth

Effective, growth-oriented marketing relies on an omnichannel strategy powered by a deep understanding of your customers. Imagine having all your scattered data seamlessly unified into a single dashboard—that’s exactly what Insider’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) does.

Insider’s CDP holds the data to build successful omnichannel customer journeys for world-leading brands around the world. The platform combines data from 12+ channels plus APIs to create 360-degree profiles of every customer so that Architect’s omnichannel marketing journeys are powered by personalized, tailored messaging. We’re not just talking about demographics; we’re talking about preferences, history, and behaviors.

Your customers deserve relevant, tailored messaging on every channel, and you deserve a seamless CX solution. Architect does both, effectively guiding users through different touchpoints. By tailoring each journey to the data gathered by the CDP, marketers can strategically choose the most effective messages, touchpoints, and channels for each scenario to drive growth. 

How Architect transforms your marketing efforts

Architect powers businesses to navigate the complexities of omnichannel marketing with ease and efficiency. In fact, it offers the fastest time to value on the market. 

So, what exactly can Architect do for you? Let’s explore:

Automate personalized journeys

Architect uses AI algorithms to analyze customer behavior and interactions, enabling you to deliver tailor-made messages and experiences that capture attention and drive engagement.

Automated personalized omnichannel journeys

Strategic journey templates

Explore a library of 100+ pre-built journey templates inspired by successful strategies that you can leverage across any industry, channel, and goal. These templates offer a solid foundation for your campaigns while allowing customization to align with your unique brand identity and objectives. Customize these templates for your omnichannel marketing strategy in Architect and build effective, seamless customer journeys in minutes that you know will work.

Data-driven decision-making

Architect empowers you to make informed decisions through real-time data for customer journey analytics. This data-driven approach allows you to monitor the performance of your journeys, optimize elements for maximum impact, and pivot strategies with a moment’s notice.

Collaborative work environment

Marketers, designers, and developers can seamlessly collaborate and streamline workflows. Architect operates on one dashboard with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that your whole team can use and access. Ensure every aspect of the journey aligns with your brand’s vision without needing code or IT involvement. 

Predictive insights

Architect’s industry-leading AI capabilities study historical data to anticipate and predict customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to stay one step ahead and deliver the right message at the right time.


“Enhanced our customer’s shopping experience across the journey with Architect. [It] worked extremely well in helping us engage our shoppers on different channels across the customer journey. As an eCommerce company, it’s challenging to treat each client according to their preferences, as every user on our website has different demands and interests. However, the Architect’s AI capability worked end-to-end with our team and enabled us to do that.”

A closer look: Architect’s channel breadth

Customers engage with multiple channels before making a purchase, jumping between platfo rms and reviews. This makes wide channel breadth a priority for any omnichannel marketing platform, and Insider supports 12+ channels plus hundreds of API integrations. 

With Insider, you can connect channels such as email, app, web, ads, push notifications, offline channels, API calls (like WhatsApp Business, Line, Zendesk, etc.), call centers, and SMS—and unify all that data within a single platform. Imagine the time saved when you can build customer journeys across channels in one platform.

Why is channel breadth essential? Firstly, it caters to varying customer preferences. With customers gravitating towards different communication modes, a broad channel approach ensures marketers can connect through avenues where customers feel most comfortable, resulting in deeper engagement. Reaching customers with consistent messaging across multiple channels facilitates a holistic customer journey. Recognizing the non-linear paths customers take, a diverse channel presence ensures consistent and seamless experiences as they navigate their various touchpoints. 

And don’t forget, channel fatigue is very much alive and well. Channel fatigue is when customers become disengaged or unresponsive due to excessive exposure to marketing messages through a single communication channel. 

When a brand relies heavily on a single channel to communicate with its audience, repeated messaging can lead to weariness and reduced interest. With an omnichannel experience, marketers can avoid putting all their communication efforts into one basket and create a more balanced, engaging, and effective customer journey. 

Insider supports 12+ channels plus APIs to help brands prevent channel fatigue

How Slazenger gained 49X ROI in just 8 weeks thanks to Insider’s omnichannel marketing solution

Slazenger was searching for an effective omnichannel customer experience solution to enhance engagement and amplify ROI from its martech stack. The eCommerce team’s main goal was to personalize customer experiences with precise user segments and contextually relevant messaging.

The global sports retailer engaged shoppers with messages about the products they had already shown interest in via timely price drop notifications and abandoned cart reminders. These AI-based messages delivered via Architect helped Slazenger achieve 49X ROI in two months.

Discover Slazenger’s full story

Insider Slazenger cart abandonment journey

A closer look: Architect’s AI capabilities

With a suite of AI-driven features, Architect equips marketing teams with the tools they need to navigate the ups and downs of modern customer journeys. 

By automating intricate tasks, predicting customer behaviors, and optimizing content delivery, Architect frees marketers from manual processes, allowing them to redirect their efforts toward strategic planning, creativity, and holistic campaign management. 

Let’s delve into a selection of Architect’s AI features that are reshaping how brands worldwide connect with their audience.

Five AI-powered features to elevate your omnichannel marketing efforts

At Insider, we work hard to make marketers’ lives easier. That’s why we’ve built a range of AI-powered features within Architect to help marketing teams be more effective, efficient, and productive, including (but absolutely not limited to!): 

  1. Predictive segmentation: Use advanced AI algorithms to intelligently group users based on behavior and preferences. By analyzing past interactions, our predictive segmentation identifies the most promising segments, allowing marketers to deliver highly targeted and relevant messages to each group.
  2. Send time optimization: Use data-driven insights to determine the best message delivery time. Insider analyzes each user’s historical engagement patterns and considers factors like time zones to ensure that messages reach recipients when they’re most likely to engage.
  3. A/B split winner auto-selection: Streamline A/B testing process by automatically selecting the winning variant based on predefined success metrics. The feature eliminates manual decision-making, saving time and ensuring that campaigns are optimized for the best-performing content or strategy.
  4. Next best channel: Leverage data insights and AI to recommend the most effective communication channel for engaging individual users. By evaluating each user’s preferences and behaviors, this feature guides marketers in choosing the channel that aligns with a user’s likelihood to engage, thus maximizing the impact of each message.
  5. Content generation: Use AI to create personalized and engaging content at scale. This feature automates the creation of various content elements, such as subject lines, email body text, and push notification messages, alleviating the manual content creation process.


Awesome 30% CR boost using Insider’s omnichannel marketing automation platform, Architect. We wanted to build cross-channel journeys which are consistent in the experience we offer our users. Insider has made this possible, and how easily too! We really enjoy using the platform to visualize and create both complex and simple cross-channel journeys, complete with detailed personalized elements and data-backed choices made possible by the platform.”

– Marketing Consultant, read more G2 reviews from happy customers

How MAC Cosmetics achieved 17.2X ROI using Insider’s omnichannel journey orchestration

MAC Cosmetics was looking to recover abandoned carts and boost purchases. The team turned to Insider’s Architect for omnichannel engagement. 

Through Insider’s unified customer database, which consolidated user behavior data from MAC’s range of channels, the beauty giant tailored individual customer journeys to optimize impact and efficiency. This approach allowed MAC to re-engage potential cart abandoners effectively, driving sales by presenting personalized product recommendations and contributing to 17X ROI.

Discover MAC Cosmetic’s full story

MAC Cosmetics reduces cart abandonment and hits 17X ROI with Insider’s AI-based algorithms

Drive customer loyalty and ROI with Insider’s omnichannel marketing solution

Omnichannel marketing isn’t just an advantage, it’s essential for sustained growth. The ability to seamlessly connect channels, understand customers deeply, maintain consistent brand experiences, and gain a competitive edge is all possible with Architect. 

Architect empowers businesses to orchestrate these complex strategies effortlessly, leveraging AI-powered insights to personalize interactions, predict customer needs, and optimize campaigns. Book a demo today to find out how Insider can help you build impactful customer journeys across your customers’ favorite channels. 

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