Success Story

How Samsung used Insider’s end-to-end marketing platform to increase conversions by 275% in 20 days

Web Push
Web Suite

275% CVR

increase for campaign launch


higher conversions using
Web Push notifications


of total Galaxy Notes
sales in 20-day period






Cart recovery


Push Notifications



Smart Recommender
Personalization (Overlays)

Insider helped us deliver highly-tailored experiences across our digital channels to achieve significantly higher conversion rates.”

Chief Marketing Officer

Executive summary

Even the world’s most successful brands need to stay competitive, so it was vital for Samsung to stand out in its crowded market when launching the latest Galaxy Note. The team knew this meant providing a dynamic, personalized omnichannel experience for customers that would drive anticipation and excitement for the product. Samsung worked closely with Insider’s local support team to deliver highly responsive, personalized messaging across Mobile and Web, resulting in a huge 275% conversion rate.

About Samsung

Samsung is a global appliance and consumer electronics corporation headquartered in South Korea. Founded in 1969, the company has been the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones since 2011. With around 290,000 employees worldwide, the company now has assembly plants and sales networks in 74 countries.


24% increase in CVR with cart recovery Web Push notifications

The challenge

During the launch of its latest Galaxy Note, Samsung wanted to convert buzz into conversions. It was essential for Samsung to make customers aware of the launch, drive them to its website, and then convert that traffic. 

The solution

The Insider team recommended using a data-driven omnichannel messaging strategy to target those interested in competitor devices and lead them to a specific Galaxy Note landing page. Samsung leveraged Insider’s omnichannel customer journey builder, Architect, to reach customers on every device across 12+ channels. For those who then displayed an interest or added the Galaxy Note to cart, Samsung used timely, relevant Web Push Notifications to encourage customers to return to the site, or retrieve their abandoned cart.

The results


increase in CTR


increase in CVR


overall contribution to CVR


Increasing mobile conversions by 10% with personalized search experiences

The challenge

During the launch of its Galaxy Note device, Samsung noticed a sharp drop-off in conversions on their product and category pages. With so many products available, the team needed to help users find what they’re looking for in the shortest time possible to decrease bounce rates and increase conversions.

The solution

Insider’s Web Overlays and Category Optimizer helped Samsung

The results


increase in CVR for Galaxy Note
via Category Optimizer


of sales generated
via Web Overlays


Contributed to 275%
overall CVR


“The Insider team worked closely with us to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy for the launch of our Galaxy Note device. With all strategies combined, we were able to increase conversions by 275% in just 20 days.”

Chief Marketing Officer

Looking ahead

Samsung is now looking to expand its personalization features to incorporate Insider’s site search tool, Eureka. Eureka uses customer data to proactively recommend products based on customers’ browsing history, preferences, or market trends. The global brand wants to use Eureka to reduce the customers’ path to purchase and increase discovery across its vast range of products

Favorite feature

Web Overlays

Samsung’s favorite feature is Web Overlays, as the trigger contributed to 9% of Galaxy Note sales. By personalizing the experience to those who had shown an active interest in the product, the retailer not only increased its sales but also boosted customer loyalty with value-driven ads that reflected the wants and needs of each visitor.

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