Meet Architect: Insider’s AI-backed customer journey builder

Srikant Kotapalli

Oct 14, 2018

Building the perfect house isn’t easy. The foundation needs to be laid strong; the walls need to be firm but cozy. Built by a collective, a house needs to embrace its inhabitants, it needs to connect every aspect of their lives in a unique way. But more than a space that hosts bodies and belongings, a house is also a home.

Tailoring user journeys take just as much care and effort as building the perfect house. Like inhabitants enveloped in a cozy home, customers also want to feel appreciated, their wants and needs met at every stage of their digital navigation. Their experience must be seamless and the expect communication from brands to happen, at the channels of their choosing, and at their right time.

Imagine that today, people navigate an average of six touchpoints before making a purchase, which, on one hand, gives marketers a plurality of options to reach out to their customers. On the other, brands must be extra careful and mindful not to over-communicate in the wrong channels. In a multi and cross-channel landscape, customer journeys can easily turn into a maze of mistargeted and impersonal communication.

Traditionally, digital marketing has been understood as reaching out to the right user with the right message at the right time. Now, everything is changing, and marketers must engage with the right user, with the right message, at the right time and on the right channel. That’s why our team joined forces to create Architect, a state-of-the-art AI-backed customer journey builder.

Table of Contents
  1. Building the perfect journey for marketers and users

  2. Persuading users to complete their itineraries for Travel

  3. Bringing back cart abandoners in eCommerce

Building the perfect journey for marketers and users

We designed Architect — customer journey automation — based on a collective of needs: those of the users, those of the marketers and those of the brands. We looked up to our partners and heard their feedbacks with care; we aligned our in-house data experts to understand the singular needs of the eighteen regions we’re currently settled.

Architect speaks to a global market, it stands for personalized, contextual and in-time communication, all of that while helping marketers achieve their most challenging KPIs. With it, building the perfect journey has become a reality and the approach is rather easy to understand. Every journey has four main components

The Trigger: Making the user part of a journey.

Architect decides when a user should be part of a journey according to their behavior, like viewing a certain product, abandoning a shopping cart, purchasing a product, and more.

The Channel: Communicating with the user

Deciding which channel to use to communicate with your users is critical to the success of your journey. Architect provides an ever growing list of channels that include Web push, Email and Ads for now.

The Flow: Keeping the user within the customer journey automation

Architect waits for either for a certain predefined time or for the user to take a specific action that is custom to each journey. Based on the outcome of this action it decides to either keep or remove a user from the journey. The action could be viewing an email or opening a push notification, for example.

The Exit: Finishing a journey

When does the user finally finish a journey? When they have either reached the goal of the customer journey automation, for example buying a product or when you have communicated enough but don’t see a chance to recover their attention any longer.

Since a picture (sometimes) is worth a thousand words, let’s see how these stages unfold in different contexts and for different industries.

Persuading users to complete their itineraries for Travel with customer journey automation

Bringing back cart abandoners in eCommerce with customer journey automation

Making every moment count for marketers and users

Architect is here to make every single online moment count. Delivering smooth and seamless messages at the right time and with the right content gives the journey a hyper-personalized appeal and approach. Architect helps marketers and brands identify the moments that outline the customer experience and leverage them to create powerful personalized messages that nurture long-lasting relationships.

Architect for marketers

Putting together all the needs from users, marketers, and brands, we designed Architect to carefully address all the challenges faced by all stakeholders. For marketers, there is zero additional integration, if they already utilize our Growth Management Platform (GMP) and our Web Push, they’re good to go, simple as that!

Because Architect relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, marketers can trigger journeys on every imaginable user behavior, like product viewing, shopping cart abandonment, incomplete itineraries, and many others. What’s more, users can be targeted through predictive segments such as Likelihood to Purchase, Discount Affinity and ten more segmentation categories.

To spare marketers from extra efforts and time-wasting, Architect also allows them to create journeys in minutes with pre-built templates for the most commonly navigated journeys.

Architect for users

Think mindfulness. Think communicating, not spamming. Think longer lifetime value. Think memorable experiences.

Like a house that’s also a home, Architect helps users become more and more comfortable and familiar with the brands of their choosing, enabling communication through their favorite channels. With better personalized messaging, users feel appreciated, welcomed and, therefore, prone to making purchases that are metric-changers.

With 12+ years of experience in consulting, building, and marketing technology products for clients across industries, Srikant is a product leader, storyteller, data fanatic, and UX/usability enthusiast. He often appears as a speaker on panels about personalization and optimization and has a passion for building simple solutions to complex problems, and is currently pursuing that at Insider.