Insider named among top providers for Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Forrester recently released The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) for Q2 2021, and Insider has been named among the top 5 marketing platforms. Insider stands out from nascent CCCM solutions and pureplay providers with its scalable platform, hyper-localized strategy, and extensive set of digital channels.

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  1. The average customer journey spans 6+ channels—where will they be next?

  2. The significance of The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management

  3. What sets Insider apart?

Insider outperformed other players with its extensive set of digital channels following an independent third-party evaluation of 11 channels, including WhatsApp, Line, RCS, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Mobile, and App

In its research report of cross-channel campaign management vendors, for Q2 2021, Forrester has identified the top 10 providers in the category, based on a 36-point evaluation of CCCM capabilities—and Insider stands out from the overarching status quo of the tired marketing solutions with its AI-powered platform.

Being listed among the top 5 marketing platforms in The Forrester Wave for CCCM is a firm step towards our ambitious goals. We’ve already put bold plans into motion to top the chart by outplaying traditional software providers by next year. This year, we’ve strongly outperformed nascent CCCM solutions and pureplay providers. What sets us apart are the capabilities of our extensive set of digital channels. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, RCS, SMS, mobile—we’ll keep building future-proof technologies to become the #1 choice for all marketers, helping them grow the world’s top enterprise brands,” said Hande Cilingir, Co-founder and CEO of Insider.

The average customer journey spans 6+ channels—where will they be next?

Today, customers engage digitally with brands across 6+ channels on average, and their journeys are rarely uni-directional. Marketers, therefore, need to be ready and poised to engage customers on their preferred channels, when they are most active.

In addition to the familiar digital channels like web push, mobile web, mobile app, email, and in-app engagement channels, customers today seek more personalized experiences with the brands they love. Insider’s cross-channel marketing platform caters to emerging digital channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, RCS, SMS, WeChat, and more.

This provides marketers with greater flexibility and control over the engagement they’re able to deliver across channels. Insider’s AI-based algorithms also help predict the next best channel—providing greater accuracy in orchestrating one-to-one customer journeys on customers’ preferred channels.

The significance of The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management

The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q2 2021 is an in-depth report that analyzes and researches the competencies that enable CCCM providers to meet the specific needs of marketers by:

  • Delivering mobile-first and individualized experiences
  • Investing resources in supporting the local ecosystem
  • Delivering beyond campaign management with data and analytical capabilities

In the APAC region, B2C marketers have unique requirements from CCCM vendors, and Insider is uniquely positioned to meet these needs. Backed by a robust AI-powered engine, Insider enhances cross-channel customer experiences through smart recommendations, individualization, and  journey orchestration.

In its report, Forrester has matched these marketer requirements with vendor offerings to identify the top CCCM providers in the region. Marketers leading the growth for top global brands are particular about deep localization and sophisticated engagement across channels. Global customer sentiments lean more toward sophisticated digital experiences, and brands are realizing the value in using customer data for accurate targeting and local expertise from CCCM vendors.

What sets Insider apart?

Insider is uniquely positioned to cater to these marketer-specific needs with its extensive set of digital channels, AI-backed predictive intent—that identifies the next best channels where customers will be active, and engages them through individualized cross-channel journeys. Insider also brings hyper-localized support and has the fastest time-to-market among the top global marketing platforms.

Mobile-first, messaging-first 

Insider bridges the gap between traditional marketing cloud offerings and the need for intelligent cross-channel engagement tools. Consumers are increasingly adopting a mobile-first brand discovery approach and expect a messaging-first engagement from brands, especially in the APAC market. Owing to the mobile-first nature of the market and deeper penetration of mobile internet, marketers want smarter solutions that can effectively engage customers across the channels they prefer.

Insider’s mobile capabilities include top-of-the-line engagement tools for the mobile web and mobile app, fueled by powerful segmentation features and AI-powered smart recommendations to help marketers deliver individualized messaging and product recommendations with the most optimized ROI. Some of the industry first solutions include InStory (a story-based product discovery for the mobile web), mobile app messaging, RCS, and messaging app solutions, such as WhatsApp Business API, Line, and WeChat, which further facilitate the messaging-first requirements from marketers.

Truly cross-channel backed by AI journey orchestration

Insider’s custom journey orchestration tool—Architect—helps marketers create and deliver unique and individualized customer journeys backed by behavioral data and predictive segments. Insider’s AI algorithms power Architect to predict the next best channel where customers will be active, and marketers can orchestrate individualized one-to-one customer journeys on customers’ preferred channels when they are most active.

Marks & Spencer (M&S), a British value for money retailer, improved its Cart Recovery Rate by 15.1% by using Architect— Insider’s journey orchestration tool to engage customers on web push and Email. This enabled M&S to achieve a conversion rate of +15% where the industry average is only 3.33%.

100+ ready-to-use, proven templates for all your use cases

The broad range of templates on our platform are inspired from real-life use cases and learning gained over the years from extensive research across 25 countries and 15+ industry verticals.

  • Want to bring back users to complete their purchase? 
  • Looking to improve the product discovery process or to promote top trending products? 
  • Want to notify users when an item is back in stock or inform them when the price drops/likely to increase? 

Insider has solutions for all these scenarios (and much more) readily available and easily customizable for faster deployment.

Learn how Lenovo decreased its cart abandonment rate by 10% and improved online sales with a 33% conversion rate uplift using gamified templates.

Hyper-localized support across 25 countries

Insider’s global presence brings a lot of real-time learning and domain expertise. The local growth consultants support marketers in their own language and time zone, providing regional and industry-specific guidance to boost growth.

Insider’s boots-on-the-ground approach to providing localized support enables regional marketers greater room for localization, UX optimization, and campaign management for better results, faster.

The technology space is extremely competitive, and that means being able to keep up with the latest trends and deliver the best to our customers. Insider and their incredible Partner Success team made it easy for us to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. The team understands our core business. We are very pleased to partner with Insider and excited about future collaborations.

  • Reno Chow, Head of eCommerce, Lenovo, Singapore and Malaysia

ROI-focused execution

Insider’s Cross-Channel Customer Experience platform brings a ton of tools and features to help marketers drive engagement and key metrics across the funnel. At the core of all this lies the technology that’s built to drive the most ROI from each engagement and campaign.

Yves Rocher, the global beauty and cosmetics brand, achieved more than 7X ROI in 5 months with Insider. The brand also recorded a 18.36% uplift in conversion rate along with a 39% uplift in return on ad spend (ROAS).

We’ve managed to achieve a complete overhaul of our on-site engagement strategy, and our personalization methods are more fluid now than ever before. Insider’s platform is complete with all the tools we would require to harness all of our user data, and their AI-powered user segmentation makes it possible to engage each user with contextual recommendations. We’re steadily exploring various products and finding ways to use them in our strategy.

  • Krzysztof Bylinowski, Digital Manager at Yves Rocher

Insider’s position on The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management represents the futuristic and flexible approach the platform offers over data-siloed and rigid marketing platforms that are mostly optimized for a unilateral marketing strategy

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