5 marketing strategies for financial services providers to enhance CX

Katie Morley

May 2, 2024

 5 marketing strategies for financial services providers to enhance CX Featured Image
Katie Morley

May 2, 2024

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the customer experience in financial services. Previously, a good customer experience meant a warm greeting when customers entered a bank or a helpful meeting with a representative.  But today, the customer experience has gone online.

Research from IBM shows that most financial processes—like applying for a loan, executing investments, and buying or renewing insurance—happen online rather than in person or on the phone. Plus, research from McKinsey shows that greater digital usage is associated with greater customer satisfaction among banking customers.

However, customers don’t just expect financial institutions to offer digital options. They expect those online interactions to be personalized. In fact, 78% of customers expect personalized support from their bank. Yet, only 44% of banking consumers say their bank provides that personalization.

To stay competitive, financial services providers need to step into the modern age by developing consistent, personalized marketing strategies that resonate with customers. This involves implementing contemporary solutions and software like Insider to execute both effectively and efficiently.

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Table of Contents
  1. Finding the right platform to support your digital transformation

  2. Stepping into the modern age: 5 solutions for your digital transformation

  3. How Allianz unified customer data to achieve an 80% opt-in rate and ROI within days

  4. Marketing strategies for financial services are evolving—your software should too

Build data-driven customer experiences with Insider

Finding the right platform to support your digital transformation

Delivering personalized marketing for financial services with outdated systems or a hodgepodge of disconnected tools is almost impossible. To get it right, organizations need a single, powerful platform that offers:


Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to cross-channel marketing and omnichannel journeys. Customers don’t want an experience that feels templated or irrelevant. They want interactions and marketing messages that feel tailored to them.

As an omnichannel marketing platform, Insider allows for personalized journey orchestration so you can deliver targeted experiences to your customers based on individual preferences, behavior, and demographics. 

Data integration

Data silos are a big roadblock in getting omnichannel marketing automation right. Your platform should integrate seamlessly with the other data tools you’re already using so you can unify your customer data and your other customer journey analytics.

Insider pulls all of your data into one place so you get an accurate, 360-degree customer view and deliver relevant, contextual, and timely experiences at every step of the customer journey. 

Compliance and security

Of course, in an industry that deals with personal information and sensitive transactions, you can’t afford to take any risks. Insider aligns with the highest industry data, privacy, and security standards.

Within the platform, you’ll find granular access rights, IP restrictions, comprehensive activity monitoring, data segregation, and plenty of other proactive security measures that allow you to deliver data-driven experiences without concern.


As your organization grows, so should your ability to offer even richer personalized experiences. Your personalization engines and omnichannel marketing platforms should fuel your growth—not hinder it. 

Insider grows alongside your business and also keeps pace with current marketing capabilities and trends (like AI, for example). The right software will present opportunities, not obstacles.

Insider enables financial services brands to build personalized marketing content on every channel at  scale

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Stepping into the modern age: 5 solutions for your digital transformation

Undertaking a dgital transformation can feel daunting, but finding the right partners and solutions will help you meet your customer expectations and deliver seamless experience without complexity and confusion. 

As you evaluate your marketing solutions for financial services options, here are five capabilities you should be able to do: 

1. Create tailored experiences with the onsite and app personalization suite

Personalized customer experiences drive higher engagement and loyalty, as well as increase upselling. Insider’s onsite and app personalization suite uses customer data and AI to build uniquely tailored experiences for each of your customers.

Use customer location, search history, or other behavior and interests across devices to deliver relevant and timely content. For example, display life insurance options to customers who fall into specific age categories or who have recently taken out a mortgage. Use our A/B testing tools to learn more about what’s working and what needs improvement. 

Relevance and convenience are crucial for winning customer loyalty. Use Insider to show your customers that you truly understand them, can predict what they like, and offer products that suit their needs. 

“Beyond enabling us with the right marketing automation tools, Insider was proactive in strategizing and executing onsite campaigns to achieve set KPIs. With Insider, we were able to roll out onsite banners and personalized experiences at a faster pace, delivering quicker time to value.”

— Chief Digital and Transformation Officer at Etiqua

2. Boost revenue with up-sells and cross-sells

Customers who use your app are already engaged with your business and products, but relevant recommendations can engage them even further. 

According to McKinsey research, customers expect brands to give them relevant product or service recommendations. And companies that excel at this sort of personalization generate 40% more revenue from those activities than average players.

Insider’s 20+ AI-powered recommendation algorithms showcase products and services your customers are likely to be interested in directly within your app so you can maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities to increase product discovery and boost your bottom line. 

3. Engage customers with immersive app push notifications

Push notifications are powerful for engaging customers or drawing them back, and they have a much higher click-through rate than emails

Make the most of these pings and pushes by using Insider to deliver rich app push notifications for both Android and iOS. Use pre-built carousels, sliders, and discovery push templates to make your content even more engaging. Add even more personalization to your customer journeys by triggering notifications in real time based on drop-off moments and lifecycle events. 

“New customers would frequently download our app and then uninstall it within 30 days. Thankfully, Insider’s huge variety of in-app experiences and App Push notifications has enabled us to build a strategy to engage our downloads and build relationships with them by providing experiences that they actually want to engage with.”

— Digital Product Manager at Canadian Consumer Bank

4. Meet your customers where they are with the WhatsApp Business API

Think WhatsApp marketing is a passing fad? Think again. As the number one messaging app in the world, customers increasingly want to use WhatsApp to engage in personal, two-way conversations with businesses.

Allowing for more formats and content types than SMS marketing, WhatsApp is an ideal channel for connecting with loyal customers and meeting the ever-increasing demand for self-service. With Insider, you can initiate structured and unstructured chats on WhatsApp and offer end-to-end experiences, including insurance inquiries and credit card applications.

“Insider leads the way in non-traditional channel marketing. We’ve seen a huge increase in product applications and engagement since leveraging WhatsApp as part of our marketing efforts. Insider enables us to stay relevant and increase loyalty amongst a growing number of digital disruptors.”

— Marketing Director at European Bank

5. Build customer journeys in seconds with Sirius AI

AI is a big topic of conversation these days, and for good reason: It helps organizations work better, faster, and smarter. As the world’s most comprehensive AI solution for customer experience, Insider’s patent-pending Sirius AI™ has been carefully designed to transform how financial services marketers create customer journeys.

With its powerful combination of language models and machine learning—including predictive, conversational, and generative AI—Sirius AI™ is redefining marketing automation and making financial marketers more productive by:

  • Eliminating manual work: Take the tediousness out of customer segmentation and discover profitable, ready-to-use audience segments 30X faster with AI-powered prompts.
  • Orchestrating customer journeys in seconds: Increase marketing productivity with auto-generated customer journeys based on inputs like use case, preferred outcome, and audience.
  • Generating copy for any channel, goal, and business objective: Save time while Sirius AI™ builds content for cross-channel campaigns in seconds. You can also design human-like Generative AI bots to respond to customer conversations on autopilot and tune them to minimize security risks.

In short, Sirius AI™ puts the “automation” in marketing automation for financial services. Use it to cut campaign times and build the most effective customer journeys in seconds. 

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How Allianz unified customer data to achieve an 80% opt-in rate and ROI within days

Global financial services provider, Allianz was looking to deliver outstanding experiences across its digital channels. Data and privacy regulations had previously prevented Allianz from gaining a holistic view of its customers to build stronger customer experiences. However, Insider’s platform enabled Allianz to collect and store data safely and without risk. 

Insider also unified the data into one dashboard, so marketers had access to a 360-degree view of customers across all touchpoints, making it easier to create data-driven decisions and improve key results.

By connecting data across channels, Insider enabled Allianz to build AI-powered segments and deliver customer experiences tailored to each user. Allianz used this data to power an App Push campaign, which achieved an 80% opt-in rate and huge increase in CLTV

Insider provides financial services brands with unified customer data

“What impressed us most is Insider’s AI-powered segmentation capabilities. The platform learns from customer behavior and identifies which products and services would interest each customer most. This powerful intelligence helps us maximize our engagement ratios and deliver relevant, timely experiences.”

— Marketing and Service Design Group Head at Allianz

Read Allianz’ full story

Marketing strategies for financial services are evolving—your software should too

Personalization is no longer about customer delight—it’s about customer demand. Your consumers expect tailored experiences, and they’re willing to go elsewhere to get them.

Financial services providers who don’t keep pace with advancing expectations and technology risk being left behind by their competitors and their customers. But with the right strategies and the right partner in Insider, you’re poised to not only meet, but exceed your customers’ evolving expectations.

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