Mother’s Day marketing to drive more sales and revenue in 2022

Christopher Lowe

Jan 25, 2022

People come and go, but the mothers in our lives? They are the constant, the women we can rely on with full confidence that they have our backs. It’s only fitting that there’s a special day to celebrate them, to shower them with love, affection, and gifts. So without further ado, here are our top Mother’s Day marketing tips for driving more sales, revenue, and loyalty. 

Mother’s Day is an exciting day, not only for mothers but for marketers, too. As awareness and marketing for Mother’s Day grow year on year, statistics show that customer spending on Mother’s Day has also increased steadily. The National Retail Federation (NRF) found that, in 2021, the expected Mother’s Day spending was a record $28.1 billion. In 2022, we can expect that number to grow.

With thousands of brands vying for customers’ attention, to make sales, you need the very best marketing strategies to help you stand out from the competition. Read on to discover opportunities and challenges surrounding this celebration, and how to be ready for it all.

Table of Contents
  1. What are people buying for their mothers?

  2. Where are people shopping?

  3. How to reach Mother’s Day shoppers: strategies and tips for marketers

  4. So, what are you doing for this Mother’s Day?

What are people buying for their mothers?

More than ever, people are going all out for their mothers. According to the NRF, big ticket items like jewelry and electronics were the primary contributors to the estimated increase in Mother’s Day spending in 2021. However, evergreen gifting options like greeting cards, flowers, and gift cards still retain their positions among the most bought items on this day.

Another interesting finding by the NRF was the increase in the percentage of people wanting to spend on a special outing with their mothers. 2021 came with its promise of vaccines as economies around the world were working hard to bounce back after the shock of 2020. Encouraged by this, there has been an increase in people choosing to go out, although not as much as before the pandemic began.

Another fact marketers can’t ignore – people buy gifts not only for their biological mothers, but for other women who care for them, including grandmothers, aunts, sisters, wives, or even best friends. This makes it important to ensure that products you highlight for sale around this time are not only for mothers in the typical sense, but also for all other people who may fulfill the role.

Where are people shopping?

It’s almost impossible to write about something these days without bringing up the pandemic! The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, including shopping: the where, the what, the how, and even the why. Not surprisingly, Mother’s Day shoppers are more likely to shop online, especially buying digital gift cards, which are the most convenient purchases to be made. 

With worries about the new Omicron variant on the minds of customers, offline shopping will remain less preferred. This is made easier by the fact that brick and mortar stores are expanding their presence into the online world in a bid to retain customers and keep the business going. Today, customers are spoilt for choice in the digital medium, and seeking the best offers and venues which offer the most desirable shopping experience.

To deliver exceptional customer experiences in 2022, the driving force will be hyper-personalization and targeting, smart recommendations using AI, and advanced segmentation.

Insider is a robust platform, ranked the best in mobile marketing, personalization, customer journey analytics, and other critical customer experience areas, which enables marketers to execute ideas and campaigns that make a difference and achieve what they’re meant to. Continue reading to learn how Insider can help you captivate shoppers and win Mother’s Day marketing in 2022!

How to reach Mother’s Day shoppers: strategies and tips for marketers

Mother’s Day, unlike other holidays, doesn’t warrant purchases ahead of the date. In fact, a study shows that Mother’s Day purchases tend to be unplanned and occur one to three weeks before Mother’s Day. This makes a strong case for omni-channel interactions that keep the customer engaged with the brand, no matter where they are, convincing them to make a purchase. It also highlights the importance of personalization to drive purchases as customers are more likely to buy from brands that understand who they are and what they are looking for.

Here are some proven strategies to help you improve conversions and rake in revenue:

1. Move beyond subject line personalization

Emails with personalized subject lines are not enough anymore. Sure, they might get your emails opened, but they won’t do anything to improve your clicks and conversion rates. To achieve sales, useAI and advanced segmentation to send emails that encourage customers to click and buy from.

Insider’s predictive AI offers insights that show what each customer has browsed, engaged with, and bought from you, which emails they’ve opened, clicked on, and responded to, and what their lifetime consumption with your brand has been. Combining this information with intelligent recommendations, you can craft highly personalized emails that show customers exactly what they’re looking for.

2. Offer a fun and enjoyable shopping experience

The truth is, all marketing efforts need to culminate in improved revenue and conversions. However, the journey to achieve that can be made truly enjoyable for customers, improving their shopping experience and increasing their loyalty towards your brand.

For example, gamifying various elements of the shopping experience enhances how a customer engages with your brand, improving their likelihood of purchasing from you, while also opening doors to gathering more customer information. Gamified templates can be used to incentivize customers to take a certain action towards a specified goal.

Insider’s gamified overlays will give your shoppers a reason to stay and shop. Want to know more about how gamification can help you? Here’s how Puma boosted their conversion rates using gamification.

3. Convey urgency and build trust

Remember how Mother’s Day purchases are typically unplanned and last minute? There’s also an emotional factor when choosing the right gift for a mother. This means you have to work hard to convince a customer that you’re the right brand to buy from, while also telling them that they have to buy before it’s too late.

Insider makes that hard work a piece of cake through its social proof feature, which helps convince shoppers that other people have bought the product they’re viewing, and can get them to checkout faster if they think the product they’re considering may run out of stock. Answer, the award-winning online fashion retailer, witnessed double digit conversion rate uplift using social proof. Find out more about it here.

4. Inspire shoppers to buy more

If you’re shopping with no specific goal or budget in mind, you’d usually shop for only the things you wanted and probably leave the site. However, if you’re shown a progress bar which displays a coupon unlock or other reward after hitting a certain purchase amount, you’ll be more likely to shop towards achieving that target to get your rewards. 

Using a progress bar and giving shoppers a spending goal increases their average order value, which was the case with Philips, who achieved a phenomenal 35% increase in AOV using progress bars on their website.

5. Stay on the journey with them

When purchasing online, it’s rare that someone buys what they were looking for at the first go. Usually, customers visit a website, find the price offered, or perhaps delivery time taken, and then visit another website to find a better deal or faster delivery, or even just an improved customer experience. The reasons are plenty, but the fact remains that customers usually go through many small journeys for each purchase they make online.

These journeys are spread across different devices and channels.  It’s a complex situation that marketers deal with every day. But there are tools to help you handle cross-channel marketing with ease, allowing you to achieve your marketing targets while delivering exceptional customer experiences. Architect, Insider’s powerful AI-backed cross-channel customer journey builder, creates and builds journeys for each customer on your website, using advanced segmentation and the best of predictive analytics. The result? Enhanced customer experiences, improved brand awareness and loyalty, and uplift in marketing goals. This is how Yves Rocher achieved success with Architect. 

6. Personalize Their Shopping Experiences

Mother’s Day shopping aims to touch a mother or a mother figure’s life in a special way. Personalizing your items to fit in gift buyers’ preferences can be a great way of boosting your sales. 

For example, rather than stock up premade digital gift cards, offer customizable options where the buyer can make the changes they desire to make it send the perfect message to their mother figure. The best approach is to create your card online using tools with customizable templates that are easy to manipulate, even with the slightest technical knowledge.

Apart from customizable templates, you can also create a dynamic QR code. This allows you to add a secret video message or send the recipient to a special website, enhancing the personal touch of your Mother’s Day gift.

So, what are you doing for this Mother’s Day?

The strategies and tips mentioned above can help make your Mother’s Day marketing easier and more focused. Insider’s experts are available to help you devise the most effective strategies to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Reach out to our team to find out more about how we can help you win Mother’s Day.

Christopher has a long history of driving value and creating personalized, omnichannel journeys that enhance customer experience. He's passionate about learning and development and has a keen interest in developing economies, especially ones with a lot of room for digital growth.