Get insights into your conversion potential

Our prediction engine analyzes your entire customer base and shows you the incremental effect of AI and revenue upside of targeting likely to buy users.

No data science degree required

Crunching data to get actionable insights robs precious time from launching vital growth strategies. Let Insider do the heavy lifting. Get insights you can immediately put into practice at a fraction of the cost without relying on data scientists.

Track customers across the buyer's lifecycle

See where each customer is in the buyer's lifecycle and use those insights to serve up relevant offers and messages for wherever they are in their journey.

Extended features

AI algorithm performance tracking

Our predictive algorithms uncover patterns and predict what each user will do next. Which algorithm is performing the best? Find out in our predictive dashboard.

Keep smart tabs on ROI

Want to know how your individualization efforts are going? Get full visibility into campaign performance in real time with our ROI tracker.

Spend your ad budget smarter

Stop wasting your resources targeting people who won’t buy from you. Spend your budget smarter and get more value with AI. .

Interest cluster analytics

Use interest clusters to send custom messages to users about the products, services, and topics they care about.

Spot high-performing campaigns

Get a clear view of how your individualized marketing campaigns are performing with a single insights-driven dashboard.

Reporting made easy

Share reports with your teams and partners with ease. Get the light-fast insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Insider powers 800+ top brands, drive growth across the funnel.

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