[Webinar] Build once, experiment endlessly with Content Optimizer: A new approach to mobile app optimization

Nicolas Algoedt

Nov 1, 2018

No matter which marketing expert or which blog you follow, everywhere you’ll hear about the necessity to constantly optimize and personalize mobile app as per user preferences. It’s a mandate! Along this, the importance of experimentation while optimizing your mobile app is also to be taken into account.

Mobile app optimization helps you adapt your mobile app according to trends, uncover your application’s strong and weak points and, of course, optimize your conversion rates.

Many ecommerce industry leaders follow this practice and update their mobile apps frequently. Be it tweaking product page layouts or just small text changes. The focus remains on personalization to provide the enhanced user experience. After all, that’s what accounts for better conversion rates.

Sounds easy, right?

But one thing that goes missing in this scenario is the repetitive deployment and development efforts along with the resources that are required. If you make any (content/element) change in your mobile app, you have to deploy your app on the app stores all over again.

Now imagine the impact you would make on your conversion rates, cost and time if you could break this vicious circle of development and deployment.

At Insider, we work hard to help marketers overcome such challenges. And to facilitate the process of mobile app optimization and experimentation, we have launched our new product – Content Optimizer for the mobile apps.

To explain in-depth about what Content Optimizer does and how you can leverage it to boost mobile app conversion, Piotr Dziekanski, Product Manager at Insider shares his insights in our on-demand webinar. Watch the webinar now!

Nicolas is VP of Marketing EMEA at Insider. Passionate about new technologies and e-commerce, Nicolas has held various position at leading e-commerce and tech companies including Groupon, Microsoft and Bwin.