Powerful AI-backed predictive segments, Likelihood to Uninstall (LTU) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), are here to help mobile app marketers target with precision, increase engagement, improve conversions and retain app users, bringing them the opportunity to speed up their digital growth.

Often times, even after putting in aggressive app marketing efforts mobile marketers fail to see the kind of conversions they expect. The number of app installs are high and the number of loyal users are low. Reasons are numerous but most of the time it happens due to mistargeting.

The overall targeting process can be easily divided into two parts: segmentation and engagement. Often, marketers focus all their efforts in user engagement and let segmentation take a back seat.  This results in mistargeting as marketers target all app users without thoroughly understanding their lifecycle status and preferences. Therefore, a huge chunk of your app marketing efforts go in vain without providing enough conversions and contributing to your uninstall rate.

According to a study cited by eMarketer, only 30% of Android apps and 25% of iOS users opened the app a day after installing it. After 30 days, the number drops to 3.3% and 3.2%.

The reason is simple: Your app competes against thousands of other similar apps in the app store and dozens on your user’s mobile device.

And above all, each user expects a good in-app experience.



Just imagine, what are the odds of your app being one of the chosen ones. If you want to change this picture for your business, you need to mould your strategy, ensuring equal focus to both sides of user targeting. Focusing on building powerful micro segments to eliminate mistargeting is what will help you reach your conversion targets.

Imagine how it would be if you could exactly predict which of your mobile app users will convert and which ones will uninstall and then plan an engagement strategy accordingly? Won’t it be more efficient as you can be more focused and can cut down on tons of unnecessary effort? Not to forget the possibility of maximizing your ROI on mobile app marketing.

Well, that’s what Insider’s predictive segmentation engine for the mobile app is here for.

We understand that whatever you do, your mobile app experiences are only as powerful as your segments.

These were the reasons that inspired us to enhance the predictive segmentation capabilities backed by Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Insider is now combining predictive segments with real-time customer intelligence to help you create truly micro segments to hyper-personalize experiences for each app user.

Just imagine the impact delightful experiences, higher conversions, loyal customers and increased digital growth.

Meet the new predictive segments for the mobile app in our predictive segmentation engine backed by Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies:


Likelihood to Uninstall (LTU) Predictive Segment

Using Insider’s predictive segmentation engine you can target a segment of mobile app users who are most likely to uninstall. You can plan an effective engagement and retention strategy based on the profile of each user in a cost-effective way. For example, you can target customers who are more likely to uninstall in advertising channels such as Facebook and Google, or with mobile app push notifications including personalized offers to bring them back to your app.


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Predictive Segment

Insider’s predictive segmentation engine helps you distinguish VIP users from high-value and standard users. This gives you the opportunity to convert standard users into VIP or loyal customers. You can also use this segment to create lookalike audiences for Facebook and Google Ads to acquire similar high-value users.

Let’s look at some use cases from different industries.




Show exclusive offers to engage and delight high Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) users and build a personalized app experience.

Segment: VIP Customers



Retain users who are more likely to uninstall with enticing incentives.

Segment: High Likelihood to Purchase




Upsell subscription packages to improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of app users with social proof messages, showcasing experiences of other users with your brand. Highlight how many users recently upgraded from their free subscription package to the Pro package.

Segment: Low LTV Customers

It’s time to put the traditional methods of segmentation behind. Putting these powerful predictive mobile app segments into use will quickly move you away from mistargeting, increase your ROI, improve conversions and help you deliver truly relevant and mindful app experiences that will build loyalty.

If you would like to see more use cases for different industries come with us.

You can also request a demo or drop us a quick line at info@useinsider.com. Also, take a peek at our mobile in-app features to find out more about how you can target, engage, convert and retain mobile app users.