The importance of an integrated tech stack for an unforgettable customer experience

Edwin Halim

Jun 14, 2021

The importance of an integrated tech stack for an unforgettable customer experience Featured Image
Edwin Halim

Jun 14, 2021

Marketers today don’t have it easy. With personalized customer journeys to optimize, ROI targets to hit, and countless other goals, a copious number of tech products all promise to provide the solution to one of these problems or another. 

The right tools are paramount if we are to get the most out of them, but how do we know what the “right tools” are? 

It can be hard to say, but one thing is for sure, reaching these disparate goals means that we need to strike a balance between all of our requirements harmoniously. In other words, the solutions need to be easy to implement and work together well. You don’t want to waste time with messy tech issues.

This is why an integrated tech stack can be so helpful. It can provide a range of solutions that seamlessly work together to help hit multiple business objectives. 

In May 2021, leaders from 3 companies—Insider, Mixpanel & Appsflyer—came together for a candid chat on this topic. They discussed how integrated tech creates not only increased efficiency but also a sense of comfort for any marketer looking to optimize their customer experience. 

Image showing integrated tech stack.

Their discussion also touched on the value data-derived insights can provide to create unforgettable customer experiences, and how aggregating your data can help you achieve this. 

Integrated tech solutions like the ones provided by Insider, Mixpanel, and Appsflyer can help aggregate and analyze data, providing rich insights into customer behavior. On top of that, these solutions are designed to ensure these insights can be quickly implemented to create personalized & unique experiences for your customers – something that can make or break a business. 

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Edwin is oversees Insider's customer success team in Indonesia and the Philippines. He has 6+ years of experience in digital marketing, with a special focus on multichannel CRM strategy, growth hacking, and A/B testing. Before Insider, Edwin was a technology consultant at Accenture and co-founded his own Digital Agency.