Customers today are more aware of what they want, when they want and how they want businesses to deliver product experiences. They expect businesses to know them, understand them, and deliver an individualized experience across the lifecycle. 

Hence, marketers and product owners thrive to work together towards achieving the same goals, send the same personalized messages based on their customer’s actions and behavioral data. However, data in different teams and departments are siloed because of multiple tools used by each team. 

This is why we are teaming up with Mixpanel to break down these data silos. Using the combined power of advanced customer analytics and AI-powered customer engagement and personalization engine, you can deliver delightful experiences with real-time individualized messages across the channels that are powered by customer behavioral insights. 

Why Insider + Mixpanel Integration?

Mixpanel is a leader in product analytics for mobile and web, that helps you understand your customers, how they interact with your app and grow your business faster by providing deep insights. 

Insider is an AI-powered customer engagement and personalization platform that helps you translate these data insights into “Aha!” moments for your customers.

With this integration, we’re bringing to you the best of analytics, engagement, and personalization. And since the nature of this integration is bidirectional, you can send user events back to mixpanel to update your cohorts and reflect on the conditions seamlessly.

Let’s See What You Can Achieve With this Integration

The integration of Mixpanel with Insider opens up a vast range of opportunities to build meaningful relationships, create loyal customers, and boost your revenue. With this power, you can respond to your customer behaviors and actions in real-time and move them across the channels through the most critical paths — such as onboarding, purchase flows, re-engagement, or retention. 

1. Improve Retention by Reducing Your New User Drop-offs 

With Mixpanel, you can create actionable cohorts by leveraging the product usage data such as active users, total time spent on your app, time spent on each page of your app, usage frequency, churn rate, and retention rate. These cohorts can then be sent to Insider and used to identify where your users drop off and engage them  with individualized and engaging experiences across all your marketing channels with globally leading mobile engagement, website personalization, and cross-channel coordination & engagement technology.

Let’s say your new user drop-offs are extremely high for your e-commerce app. Now you as a data-driven mobile app marketer are tasked to rectify and responsible for fixing this. How would you go about it?

The faster your customer experiences their first “Aha!” moment, the higher the chances of retaining them. 

To begin with, you can leverage Mixpanel’s comprehensive data analysis and insights that tell you everything about your users. Among a lot of other things, Mixpanel helps you understand the “aha” moment of your loyal users that keeps them engaged on your app. This gives you a list of events that are correlated with low user drop-offs. 

Now let’s assume that your user has launched the app and successfully logged in. The next possible action for your users is to add a product to the cart. For your app, this could be video watched, first-order, etc. depending on the industry you belong to. 

Your role as a retention marketer would be to understand your user’s behavior and tap into actions that trigger your users to come back to the app. Identifying your App’s “Aha!” moment is your primary onboarding goal. If you find a clear causation for low user drop-offs with a specific set of actions your users performed during the onboarding, that’s your “Aha!” moment. 

Now let’s look at what your users do after downloading your app and how many users actually achieve your onboarding goal. This will help you identify how many users drop off after each event. 

Break it down further into your core cohorts and you’ll generally see a pattern such as age group, gender, city, and other demographics, etc. Now factor these attributes and build concentrated cohorts. 

Now send these cohorts to Insider seamlessly. Since these cohorts are dynamic you can use them as custom segments for recurring campaigns. Once you send these cohorts, you can leverage Insider’s AI-powered customer engagement platform to trigger automated onboarding journeys to send the right message to the right user at the right time and nudge them gradually towards their first “aha!” moment. 

It can often be a challenge to keep customers engaged over the course of a long purchase cycle, so acknowledging the different customer journeys individuals take becomes a vital part of seeing a sale through to the end. There’s nothing more frustrating for a shopper than having a brand repeatedly market to them with irrelevant messaging on unwelcome channels.

Before making a purchase, customers toggle between multiple channels to research, consider, compare, and shortlist. As the day passes, a new channel is added into your marketing mix. So for marketers to be present on all these channels has become essential to deliver personalized content, relevant offers, and continuously nudge customers. 

So on which channels should I use to engage my users?

After receiving any segment/cohort from Mixpanel, you will have immense channel options to  engage with customers through Insider platform  Connect with your customers across online channels like Web Push, Email, App Push, Onsite, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Ads, and SMS. Extend your reach further with our API connectors to communicate through Call Centers, Support Desks, and other offline channels. 

Engage these users early on across multiple digital touchpoints as they progress through the lifecycle!

2. Nudge Your Users Towards their First Purchase

When it comes to ecommerce apps, first time users hold a lot of value. In fact, 99% of your users don’t purchase on their first visit. As a marketer, this is a constant challenge for you to convert them. 

Leverage Mixpanel data to individualize each and every message you send your users. Mixpanel’s user level data such as user profile, user preferences, app browsing and purchase behavior come really handy to craft individualized messages that nudge users towards a specific action. 

Using Mixpanel, you can create a cohort of users who logged-in your app but never purchased and send these cohorts to Insider. You can use these cohorts as custom segments on Insider to target these users and send contextually personalized messages at the right time on the best channel to nudge them towards their first purchase.

While targeting the first time users, if they still don’t make a purchase on your app, let our algorithm take over the guesswork and automatically pick the next best channel to nudge and engage them. Deliver individualized messages to your customers on their preferred channels (App Push, Web Push, Email, Facebook) at the right time, to get them closer to your conversion goals.

In the following scenario, our algorithm first checks if the user opted to receive push notifications. If not, then the architecture immediately redirects the flow through other channels.

3. Engage Your High LTV Users to Increase Revenue

People who get repeated value from your product are your most valuable users. MIxpanel identifies them as power users. These users interact with your app the most and continuously contribute to your revenue growth and have a higher LTV in comparison to other users. This can vary according to your industry, for example, an ecommerce customer may consider users purchasing 2X in a month as power users, 3X transacting users in a week for Fintech, users with multiple logins for media and publishing. 

Now keeping your power users in mind, use Mixpanel to build a cohort of ‘All users’ who performed a specific event similar to your power users and send this cohort to Insider. As and when users enter and exit your cohort, you can leverage Insider to create the most relevant journey to move your customers to become the power users of your brand while growing that subset and increasing your revenue.

What are the Integration Prerequisites?

To commence an Insider + Mixpanel Integration, you need to have an active Mixpanel account and must have your app integrated with both the Insider and Mixpanel SDKs. 

Getting Started with the Powerful Integration

If you’re an existing partner using Mixpanel, then reach out to your account managers to help you get started on the integration. 

If you are a Mixpanel customer and are wondering how to put your data in action or looking for ways to personalize your customer experiences, just schedule a demo and our digital growth expert will be happy to connect with you.