Insider named #1 in G2 Spring’21 report for Personalization and Mobile Marketing

Christopher Lowe

Jan 13, 2021

Table of Contents
  1. Insider Tops Spring 21 G2 Grids in Mobile Marketing and Personalization

  2. AI-led personalization that gets at the person behind the experience

  3. Insider Products Designed for Personalization

  4. Leading the category with a mobile-first approach

  5. Insider’s Mobile-first Products

  6. Insider Mobile Marketing Capabilities

  7. What Customers are Saying About Insider on G2 Crowd

  8. What Insider’s Growth Management Platform Can Do for Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Insider Tops Spring’21 G2 Grids in Mobile Marketing and Personalization

With 5 million monthly buyers and counting on G2 Crowd, it’s the ultimate platform where businesses go to find and review software. 

No spin. Just pure unfiltered opinions from everyday users of the Insider platform. 

So to lead G2 Grids in the Spring 2021 Report is a testament to Insider partners who provide unmatched insights into our performance. A huge thank you for choosing our growth management platform to help you save money and market with confidence.

AI-led personalization that gets at the person behind the experience

#1 Leader on the Personalization Grid for the Enterprise Segment

G2 Grid® for Personalization Software

Personalization software is what marketers use to create individualized customer experiences across channels. Using unified data profiles, deep segmentation, and AI-led recommendation strategies, marketers can build experiences that mirror how each customer thinks. 

Personalization software that qualifies for G2’s Personalization Grid must:

  • Track user behavior on mobile, web, email, and other channels
  • Create personalized messaging and product recommendations 
  • Create & deliver custom messages based on a user’s behavior and historical patterns
  • Have AI and machine learning capabilities that analyze user recommendations and apply those insights to website analytics 

Insider Products Designed for Personalization

Insider’s Growth Management Platform unites disconnected customer data from offline and online channels into one easy-to-manage dashboard for marketers. The platform’s AI allows marketers to segment customers on an individual level and build subgoals to help each user get to their desired goal faster as they move between channels and devices

Enhancing personalization with customer segmentation 

Your customers are seeking to accomplish their goals and make decisions. Imagine how many questions run through each customer’s head as they’re considering purchasing a new coat.

Would this look good one me?

Can I afford it?

How often will I need to dry clean it? 

Effective marketers think about all the steps in each individual’s mental journey and ask the questions that pop up along the way.

Insider’s personalization and behavioral segmentation tools help marketers create a consistent, contextually relevant experience and mirror what happens in each customer’s mind on-screen, across multiple channels and device interfaces. 

Superhuman segmentation with a human-machine combination

As marketers you’re probably aware of the power of personalization, maybe you’ve even experienced its power firsthand and want to replicate that experience for your customers. 

Let’s take a look at Insider’s customer segmentation and personalization tools to understand how you can achieve singularly brilliant experiences for each customer. 

Predictive segments and behavioral segmentation – Insider’s predictive segmentation engine runs on AI and machine-learning backed algorithms that track customer behavior across channels and turns that data into actionable segments. With 120+ behavioral segments such as Likelihood to Purchase (LTP), discount affinity and Likelihood to Churn, marketers can segment customers by what appeals to them, enhances their lives, and helps them achieve their spoken (and unspoken) goals on a product, category, and brand level.

AI-powered recommendations  – Insider’s platform uses multiple recommendation strategies to create individualized experiences for each customer, such as:

Insider’s Smart Recommender uses AI to determine trending products, recently viewed items, location-based bestsellers, view together, purchased together, and custom recommendations strategies for personalization. To see this feature in action, learn how Selsey boosted conversions by 8% with smart recommendations.

Onsite Engagement

With attention spans in short supply, getting the user’s attention and keeping it is half the battle. Use surveys, display notifications, and coupon codes to level up onsite engagement.
Discover how Insider helped Philips achieve a 35% increase in average order value (AOV) with onsite engagement and personalization. 

Category Optimizer

Welcome visitors with a personalized view of your website or app. Change the order of categories and individualize your menu with easy drag and drop features. 

Want even more cool features? Dynamically change categories based on user behaviors in real time. 

100+ pre-optimized personalization templates – Marketers can stand on the shoulders of giants, and make headway quicker with 100+ personalization templates built for maximum engagement and conversion. Insider behavioral segmentation and predictive segments use AI to drive engagement, influence customers’ micro-decisions and drive them towards the right goals. 

WhatsApp Business API

Take time-sensitive and transactional conversations right to the table with our WhatsApp Business API integration. Marketers can now engage users, who opt-in to receive updates via WhatsApp, directly on the messaging app. Whatsapp Business API enables marketers to deliver automated and personalized WhatsApp messages following an on-site transaction, such as purchase confirmation, boarding pass, event ticket, and more.

Facebook Messenger

More than 70% of customers are confident about a brand they can message directly. With Insider’s Facebook Messenger integration, marketers can continue the engagement on Messenger—doesn’t get more personal than that. This integration enables brands to send automated cart abandonment messages, promote seasonal sales, and deliver non-promotional news and updates to engage customers.


Bring the best of Instagram-like stories to web and mobile channels. Excite and engage customers, show them personalized product recommendations, trending products, and more. Up the interactive quotient of your website a notch with Insider’s powerful InStory layover for your onsite engagement.

Gamified Templates

Who doesn’t love the curiosity of a scratch-coupon or the thrill of spinning a wheel? Get the best out of your customers’ curiosity with gamified templates. Marketers can introduce these gamified elements to their onsite strategy to offer discounts, free subscriptions, free +1 offers, free shipping, and much more. Check out our gamified template store.

Social Proof

A templated (or from scratch)  approach to creating urgency around your products and content. Let visitors see the popularity of a product when stock is getting low, and how many people viewed the item they’re looking at. 

Level up your social proof game with customized banners that speak to what a user is experiencing in real-time. 

Let’s say, there are only three jackets left in the visitor’s size, you can mirror the social proof message letting on your website banners and let the user know this is a high-demand item with Insider’s Banner Management capabilities. 

But social proof isn’t just for eCommerce. Publishing sites can benefit from social proof too. If you’ve published a post on “The 10 Most Amazing Beaches in the World” to attract readers let them know how many people already read the blog. 

Purchase Progress

Show customers how close they are to hitting a target with purchase progress. 

Let’s say a shopper has 50 dollars worth of clothing in their cart and needs to hit $75 to snag free shipping. A purchase progress bar can show them how close they are to hitting your desired target. 

Showing shoppers how close they are to a reward will entice them to add more items to their cart and increase their average order value (AOV). (

Leading the category with a mobile-first approach

#1 Leader on the Mobile Marketing Overall and for the Enterprise Segment

G2 Grid® for Mobile Marketing Software

More than 60% of the traffic to digital channels comes from the mobile, yet only 20% of conversions take place on this channel as poor experiences cause users to drop off. A McKinsey report states that 40% of potential mobile web customers are lost to competitors because of poor experiences, further highlighting the need for a flawless mobile web experience.

There is a significant leak in the mobile conversion funnel, and the only way to plug it is to have marketers adopt a mobile-first strategy to win back lost opportunities. 

Insider also leads G2’s Mobile Marketing Software Grid, backed by detailed reviews from customers about their experience and our mobile-first capabilities. Our mobile marketing suite comes with powerful engagement and conversion tools optimized for mobile web and mobile apps. With the right mobile marketing software, marketers across industries can engage users on mobile web, mobile apps, and web browsers and connect with users despite the smaller screen sizes. 

From mobile web history to a user’s location, Insider’s mobile marketing solutions actively track data collected along the many touchpoints in a customer’s journey to win more sales, gain subscribers, and compel users to take action. 

Mobile marketing software that qualifies for G2’s Mobile Marketing Grid must:

  • Empower marketers to reach users on their mobile devices
  • Reach users on mobile web browsers, with mobile push notifications, and in-app
  • Have templates for mobile ad campaigns
  • Track user interactions with each ad
  • Be compatible or offer proximity analytics software for delivering targeted ads 

Insider’s Mobile-first Products 

Mobile app users expect the same great experience they know on the desktop to extend to mobile. Leaving mobile apps as an afterthought is going to hurt your brand. 

Insider designs mobile-first features to help marketers create captivating experiences on the smaller screens without sacrificing the features traditionally reserved for website optimization only.

Let’s explore them in more detail. 

Insider Mobile Marketing Capabilities 

Mobile-first personalization

Insider gives marketers the tools to design immersive experiences on mobile with InStory, a personalized brand story builder to speed up product discovery. Pre-optimized and gamified templates within the platform keep engagement levels high and the world’s first exit intent feature for mobile helps marketers retain users.

Push notifications and in-app messaging

Rich push notifications, geofencing, and ready-to-go in-app messaging templates allow marketers to make the most of mobile interactions and drive conversions and loyalty.

Mobile App Push Notifications

Personalized mobile app push notifications can increase user engagement, conversions, and retention rates. With the right message at the right time, you can give people who download your app a person to keep using it. 

Personalized mobile app push notifications can increase user engagement, conversions, and retention rates. With the right message at the right time, you can give people who download your app a person to keep using it. 

Let’s discover the different types of mobile app push notifications.  

  • Standard Push Notifications

Mobile app push notifications with titles and descriptions. Standard push notifications can be sent to users instantly or can be scheduled.

  • Rich Push Notifications

Mobile app push notifications enriched with an image. Rich push notifications can be delivered to users instantly or can be scheduled.

  • Carousel & Slider Push Notifications

Carousels allow you to add images and enter the title and description for your products. Carousel and Sliders require a minimum of three products or content pieces. You can add up to six products. The order of the products can be changed by dragging and dropping the images. Brands are now competing to draw users’ attention in a relatively small space, that’s why it’s key to test and do something different from the competition and stand out from the crowd.

  • Recurring Push Notifications

Automation campaigns can have strong use cases when it comes to saving time and making sure users don’t get cold with scheduled automated push campaigns that can be sent at a specific time and date. 

  • Conversion Push Notifications

Automated campaigns that are triggered by user behavior in the app are called conversion push campaigns. Conversion scenarios work as short funnels, in which you expect the user to complete specific steps. If they don’t, you send them a notification.

  • Geofence Push Notifications

Automated campaigns that are triggered by the user’s current location are geofence push campaigns. A Geofence is a tracked area of a pinpoint location on a map based within a given radius. If a user enters or exits the tracked geofence, a push notification will be sent.

  • Cart Reminder Push Notifications

Cart Reminder Notifications are very similar to conversion push notifications, but they’re more restricted. When a user adds items to the cart and ends the session, a push will be triggered. Depending on the number of items in the cart, the user will receive either one image notification or a carousel notification with the image, name, and price of the items.

Insider’s Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing: From setting goals to optimizing design, messaging, and delivery, learn everything you need to know about getting started with mobile marketing personalization. 

Individualized mobile experiences & recommendations

Content optimization tools tailor mobile experiences for each user and ease navigation. AI-led recommendations speed up decisions on smaller screens and improve average order value. Marketers can also run mobile experiments to test their ideas before investing in permanent changes.

Content Optimizer for Mobile

Content Optimizer for Mobile lets marketers change and test any element (button color, copy, font), slider image order, title, subtitle, or images without time-consuming and expensive app development or app store deployments. 

Learn more about Content Optimizer for Mobile and how you can bridge the desktop-to-mobile experience gap with individualized mobile app personalization.

Mobile App Survey

Create a feedback loop with your mobile app users. A mobile app survey can give you unfiltered insight into what users like and dislike about your app. Use survey responses to fuel product innovation and prioritize feature development. 

Mobile App Smart Recommender

Create mobile-first experiences in the age of always-connected consumers with smart recommendations for mobile.

AI analyzes user behavior and history to make relevant and contextual recommendations to mobile app users.

When you don’t have a whole of space to convince and convert, showing mobile users products and content already aligned with their interests reduces the risk of them exiting (and even uninstalling)  your app.

With consumer patience in short supply, you can’t risk a few bad experiences with irrelevant content. 

How Insider won customers’ hearts on Valentine’s Day and beyond with mobile-first experiences. 

Don’t stop at mobile apps. Explore how to create converting conversations on the mobile web, with our definitive guide to mobile web marketing.

What Customers are Saying About Insider on G2 Crowd

We are what our customers think. At Insider, we’re committed to learning and growing—and taking the good, with the bad and the ugly—to emerge stronger and build products marketers love and want to use and tell others about.

G2 Customer Reviews on Insider Personalization Capabilities 

Insider helps our website to generate more traffic and conversions and enhance/customize UX

When we started working with Insider our goal was to improve our eCommerce arm. By using Insider’s mobile and desktop web personalization tools, web push notifications, smart recommendation and triggered emails, we quickly achieved 6X ROI !

Best CRM and personalization tool we’ve used

Their CRM API is one of the best that we’ve used and it allows us to manage all our data in one place. And when we combine this with Architect, another Insider product, we get one of the most advanced personalization tools in the market.

Humanized connection with our customers through data insights

We are able to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to micro-segments of app users based on their historical and behavioral data in real-time. We are able to engage and delight our customers through 1:1 messages, product recommendations, and gamified promotions that are truly tailored for them. We feel like we know our customers better.

G2 Customer Reviews on Insider Mobile Marketing Capabilities 

“Best tool for conversions increasing AOV”

Our goal was to combat user drop-off and improve retention. It was vital that we were able to increase the AOV on our mobile web. With the Insider platform, we realized we could create unique campaigns with custom experiences, and when combined with tools like exit intent the resulting experiences were remarkable.” 

“Once we knew where we were losing, we had all the power to fix it

We leveraged many Insider’s features like in-app feedback and smart incentives with contextual 1:1 communication for all the users to improve retention. Those who had recently uninstalled our app were re-targeted with FB ads. […] Within a month’s time, we could see the number of apps uninstalls dropping and conversion rates rising.

“Engaging mobile users personally has never been easier”

“What we really enjoy about using Insider is their segmentation capability which helps us to engage with users in a very efficient way. The next best thing is the InStory product which greatly improves the engagement on our mobile web as these are Instagram-like stories where we can tell our customers about important things like offers, new plans etc.”

Engaging mobile users personally has never been easier

With Insider, we were able to show amazing stories on our mobile web using their InStory product. The engagement improvement was almost immediate and our CTR increased 2X from before. Insider’s app push feature has helped us send highly targeted app push notifications, almost 21 million in the past 6 months.

G2 Customer Reviews on Insider Customer Journey Analytics Capabilities 

Excellent tool to increase interaction with websites

It is a simple, fast and easy to use platform, it is really adaptable and understands user behavior, also its account management support is amazing, it also has one of the newest and most attractive functions to show recommendations, the tools can improve the current website by providing more messages and reminders, the best is its detailed analytics platform that provides amazing information about the performance of our campaigns, it is one of the best we have used and allows us to manage all our data in one place.

G2 Customer Reviews on Insider ROI

A growth marketing platform with zero IT dependency and 100% ROI

During this year, we managed to improve our conversion rate by 14% and also observed an uplift in our AOV by 32.9% after using Insider. Insider’s web push product works amazing well at giving results, infact our conversion rate from Insider’s Conversion Push Notifications was 2X higher than the industry average. Highly recommend this platform for others looking to optimize their UX.

Great functions that understand customers to provide better experiences

The platform has helped us in engaging each customer in a much personalized manner according to their preferences and needs. And what makes it even better is that the platform makes use of the data from our website to predict customer behavior with accuracy. All this combined creates a greater package to boost conversion and ROI throughout the conversion funnel.

What Insider’s Growth Management Platform Can Do for Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

With customer behavior rapidly changing in a mobile-first and messaging-first age, it’s critical for you to have the right tools you need to create, track, optimize, and personalize experiences for each user at scale. 

But having almighty capabilities isn’t enough. You need to have a solid foundation to get off the ground running. You need the full support of a marketing expert community behind you that’s already tested and learned, taking the guesswork and initial growing pains out of the learning curve for you.

From scratch, semi-customized, or ready-to-launch templates, you have the freedom and flexibility to build customer journeys and market the way you want with speed and baked intelligence that will steer you and your customers clear from detours.

Want to see Insider’s powerful personalization and mobile marketing in action? Request a personalized demo today.

Christopher has a long history of driving value and creating personalized, omnichannel journeys that enhance customer experience. He's passionate about learning and development and has a keen interest in developing economies, especially ones with a lot of room for digital growth.