WHY SMS? Benefits of using SMS Marketing

Kirsty Liu

Dec 10, 2021

Kirsty Liu

Dec 10, 2021

With mobile-first marketing on the rise, are you staying top-of-mind through channels that your customers are most engaged in, and keep in the palm of their hand?


SMS marketing can be used to boost your business growth, and is often left untouched by many brands. Most people today have their mobile at arm’s length, and we need to ensure we are leveraging this behavior & channeling our resources to where users are best engaged. 


So, why SMS? 

  • The Click Through Rate for SMS is 6x higher than email 
  • Staying top of mind with a channel where customers are most engaged is crucial.
  • The average SMS open rate is 94%, and 78% read every SMS.

Insider’s journey orchestrator, the Architect, integrates SMS seamlessly into the rest of your marketing channels for a consistent experience that inspires users to engage more with your brand.


Benefits of using SMS marketing 

  • High engagement 
  • Create deep & authentic connections
  • Design compelling journeys for segments and sales events

SMS marketing allows you to personalise interactions based on user behaviour – an opportunity waiting to be leveraged. It can be used for various campaigns, such as upsell, mobile exit-intent pop-ups, discount codes & more.  


Insider is trusted by well known brands such as PUMA, Philips, Virgin, EveryHuman & so many more for their SMS strategy. Insider was named as the #1 Leader in The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management 2021 and Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines 2021. The company has been named the #1 leader on G2’s Mobile Marketing Software and Personalization Grids, with a 4.6/5 rating based 100% on user reviews,18 consecutive quarters.


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