Introducing Insider’s SDK X — Building Powerful App Messaging

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  1. What Does SDK “X” Mean for Our Partners?

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It’s been an incredible year for us. We’ve significantly grown and helped businesses across the globe grow as well. With New Year around, we have decided to bring more power to strengthen your mobile marketing game. We are excited to introduce to you, the all-new SDK X, a powerful update designed to boost your mobile app personalization and engagement by building powerful app messaging. 

This SDK is very light on your app and is suitable for large enterprises as well as SMBs across verticals. It is designed to make a mobile marketer’s life easier and helps deliver seamless mobile app experiences at scale. 

SDK X comes with a lot of exciting features and functionalities. It’s a feature fest for mobile-first businesses. Here’s a brief look at what’s inside SDK:

The All-New Template Store – We have revolutionized how app marketers use in-app messages. With the in-app template store, we are bringing web-like experiences and personalization to mobile app users through in-app messages. With rich elements, multiple layouts, positioning and creative templates you can now make the most of your users’ time while they are active on your app. In order to use Template Store you don’t have to upgrade your SDK, you get it by default with SDK-X. Our in-app templates are designed to be highly customizable catering to your preferences. Read more about this product in our blog and see all the templates in action on the Template Store product page.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – You have an eCommerce mobile app that delivers users seamless shopping experiences. But, how do you know if your users are happy with your app? One way is to take feedback from your customers. But the most effective way is to monitor and improve NPS. NPS is a metric that measures customer experiences and predicts overall business growth. You will now be able to measure the success of your user’s desired activity. You can also get feedback from your users by enabling feedback options. You can customize NPS based on color and text preferences along with numerical (Linear Scale) or emoji reaction (Emotes).

Survey – Getting user feedback is now a lot easier. In addition to NPS, we’ve added surveys to your feedback arsenal. Like all our templates you can customize your survey template with color and text options. Choose from the 3-page options available:

  • Single Choice Survey
  • Linear Scale Survey
  • Short Answer Survey

Additionally, you can also use the “Thank You” page to incentivize your users for filling out the survey.

  1. Smart Recommender – If you are integrated with our web personalization suite then you must have already used smart recommender. With SDK -X, our recommendation engine will be powered seamlessly by both mobile app and website user data to deliver more powerful recommendations. You can now create smart recommender campaigns on the mobile panel.
  2. Standardization of data – We have standardized data collection from all platforms. We are now unifying all the data from various platforms. Our focus is not just a mobile app anymore. It helps in identifying, segmenting and targeting customers based on their most preferred channel other than the mobile app messaging.
  3. Integration Wizard – With SDK X, we have launched an integration wizard, an industry-first set-up wizard that guides you through the SDK integration process in a clear and concise manner and with minimal dependency on IT and QA teams. This guided wizard enables you to integrate the platform all by yourself (DIY). Read our blog to learnmore about integration wizard and how you can start mobile app engagement in a jiffy.
  4. Testing Lab for Live Testing – Testing your advanced events and attributes like cart reminders, geofence, products viewed, a category viewed, etc. was dreadful in the past. With the Testing Lab, you can now easily connect your mobile devices and test the events, attributes & event parameters on the fly.
  5. Enhanced and Improved Security – You no longer have to worry about security. The entire mobile app payload will be encrypted with a static key to making it far more secure.

What Does SDK “X” Mean for Our Partners?

  • Increased personalization for seamless mobile app user experience
  • More customization to build effective mobile app campaigns
  • Easy and faster integration with Integration Wizard
  • New features and ready-to-use templates on app messaging
  • Smart recommendations for mobile app campaigns
  • Improved and enhanced security

Try Our New SDK Today

Start personalizing and engaging your valuable app users with our SDK “X”. If you are already an existing partner, reach out to your account manager and if you are new to Insider then drop us a line at

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