Rich push notifications to boost mobile engagement

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  1. Discover dynamic push notifications to boost conversions and drive immediate actions

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Discover dynamic push notifications to boost conversions and drive immediate actions

With a robust increase in mobile usage, the mobile ecosystem evolves and adapts synchronously. The launch of rich push notifications for iOS10 has been a huge leap in the way marketers engage with audiences.

Rich push notifications have brought advantages for both marketers and iOS 10 users alike. With iOS 10, you will no longer need to jump in and out of apps — thanks to 3D touch, all you need to do is to tap notifications to preview content, speedily. With the new rich push notifications, marketers can enrich their messages with images, GIFs, and even videos.

What has changed?

In the previous versions of iOS, users had to tap into the notification, go to the app and go back to notifications screen to check other notifications. With iOS 10, the way we think about apps will change: Notifications are extended to a complex level enabling us to see more information and take action immediately, meaning accessing apps without even opening them. A simple 3D touch will let you do a list of tasks easily and quickly.

iOS 10 enables marketers to deliver highly engaging content that includes images, GIFs, audio and video that encourage deeper interaction. Especially in the mobile environment where users are constantly distracted by various media, rich push notifications promise a brand new way of interaction for app owners and support content extensions that allow users to interact with the notification without the need to open the app.

What does it mean for digital marketers?

iOS10 brings new features to notifications along with new functions. Now notifications are able to deliver information in the form of aesthetic visuals, energizing users for deeper interaction. Users’ lock screens have become a hub of information and the notifications are more fun and enticing than ever before!

Now that media platforms are able to deliver breaking news in the form of video and navigation apps are able to deliver live maps in notifications, it is time for marketers across industries to alter their content marketing strategies accordingly. All app owners can conveniently leverage iOS10 opportunities and start delivering more valuable and enhanced mobile experiences.


Here at Insider, following technology trends closely and acknowledging the power of mobile innovations, we have been experimenting with and optimizing the use of rich push notifications for our partners. To learn more about delivering personalized mobile experiences check out our mobile personalization page or read the success stories of our partners Aramex and

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