Aramex uplifts conversion rate by 41.18% with geo-targeted messaging

About Aramex

Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive delivery, logistic, and transportation solutions. Established in 1982 as an express delivery operator, the company rapidly evolved into a global brand recognized for its customized services and innovative multi-product offering. Aramex operates in over 354 locations across 60 countries, and has a strong alliance network providing a worldwide presence.
Showing Relevant Information to a Huge International Audience

Being one of the world’s largest transportation solution providers, the diverse locations of Aramex’s customers are at the core of its business. Aramex’s customer base spans more than 20 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The type and availability of delivery services varies according to those users’ locations.

Aramex had difficulty in segmenting its users based on their location. They wanted to put the right information in front of their customers in real-time, making it easy for them to find the exact information they needed, and stimulate conversions. 

Geo-Targeted Experiences
When used effectively, personalization based on geo-targeting can be a powerful way to increase your conversion rate. Aramex serves so many countries, with such a wide range of services, that it would not be feasible to deliver messaging on its homepage that spoke to all users. Using Insider’s geo-location and segmentation capabilities, Aramex was able to deliver targeted messages to their visitors, offering a location-specific personalized experience. 
Going Local on a Global Scale
Insider’s geo-location personalization solution was used to segment the audience into more than 20 countries including GCC, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. If a user from Uganda landed on the homepage he/she saw a customized page, providing locally-relevant information about delivery and displaying a personalized promo code. A visitor from Singapore, for example, was shown a different, similarly personalized homepage and code.


The results were beyond expectations. Thanks to Insider’s geo-targeting personalization solution, Aramex was able to deliver country specific messages to each customer and saw 41.18% uplift in conversion rate.

“Insider gives us enormous power to deliver unparalleled customers experiences, understanding their basic needs and responding in real-time. Before, we didn’t have the opportunity to present relevant content to customers based on their location. With Insider we are able to create, implement and test personalization campaigns quickly and get the most out of our website.”

Hassan Mikail

Chief eCommerce Manager

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