4fun.tv sees higher app engagement with an 8.48% increase in push open rates

About 4fun.tv

4fun.tv is the biggest music channel in Poland, providing music entertainment shows for a young audience. Part of 4fun Media, 4fun.tv produces and airs music-related game and reality shows, live coverage of music events, celebrity interviews, and music videos. Their app, 4fun APP, is a strong new marketing tool for the brand. It allows music fans to appear on TV, make friends with the presenters, socialize with people, and watch behind-the-scenes footage, all through their mobile device.
Effectively Targeting a Fragmented User Base

Holidays are a great time to ramp up mobile marketing efforts because users are typically enjoying some leisure time and using their mobile phones more actively. Considering 4Fun.tv’s user base consists mostly of teenagers, school holidays provide the perfect opportunity to drive greater app engagement with segmented push notifications.

However, school holiday dates vary throughout Poland, meaning that mass push-messaging would not be hugely effective. Furthermore, each user has unique app usage habits, meaning that a more personal approach is required to achieve effective communication. 
Users living in cities which had school holidays. 
Precision Mobile Targeting
The Insider Mobile Suite enables location-based targeting, allowing marketers to segment users and send personalized push notifications according to their city. Insider’s InTime technology can analyze users’ in-app activity and, using machine learning algorithms, identify the ideal time to send push notifications. Using these products, 4fun.tv was able to optimize their push-notification timing strategy by adjusting the timing of messages for individual users.
The Right Message at Exactly the Right Time
Users were sent a push notification encouraging them to share their holiday photos which would be displayed on the 4fun.tv channel.


As a result of Insider’s personalized push notification campaign, 4fun.tv was able to achieve higher app engagement with an 8.48% increase in push open rates and a 293% conversion rate uplift.

“Thanks to Insider we have gained an opportunity to target our app users in relevant and unique ways. Insider empowers marketers to build and deliver effective communication, increasing engagement and app usage. Advanced segmentation and dynamic personalization solutions deliver incredible results.”

Łukasz Modzelewski

Digital Media Director

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