RESHAPE Virtual Summit 2020: Navigating Digital World 2.0

RESHAPE Manifesto

Countries, companies, citizens, we are all having to rethink what is needed to survive, and beyond that, how we can thrive. Technology has been a huge lifeline during the current international crisis, helping us to connect with loved ones, to secure food and supplies for our families, and to keep our businesses functioning in as great a capacity as possible.

Crisis breeds innovation, both artistic and technical. And it should also breed community. So we are stepping up to the plate, opening our arms wide to business explorers and adventurers around the world, and providing a platform to help our global community exchange ideas and strategize for survival and success. 

And that’s what RESHAPE is. Marketers, techies, analysts, leaders, let’s all unite. Let’s connect the top minds in the industry to explore, debate, experiment, and question where we are now and how we will RESHAPE the future.  Let’s combine all our skills and vibrancy together, have honest, unfiltered conversations, and RESHAPE a more conscientious world, a thriving economy and accelerate business transformation for the better.

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Your Invitation to RESHAPE Virtual Summit 2020

We are delighted to invite you to RESHAPE Virtual Summit: Digital World 2.0 on Thursday 11 June. Insider will host an all-day virtual conference, gathering thought leaders from around the globe to discuss how the digital ecosystem can play a role in (re)shaping a better world, helping businesses transition into a more digital and conscientious model. The conference will cover a variety of topics—going way beyond eCommerce and customer experience—to explore how we can embrace the “new normal”, to make our businesses and economy thrive. We’ll get together with the top minds in the industry to discuss how we can drive growth and accelerate business transformation for the better: Digital World 2.0. Also, expect the unexpected from AR art workshops, stand-up comedy shows, un-conference sessions, and inspiring talks from familiar faces in the industry.

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