Insider Named #1 Leader in G2’s Spring’24 Reports, Achieving a Perfect 100/100 User Satisfaction Score, and the Highest Roadmap Score of 98/100

Insider has moved further into the top-right corner and widened the gap between itself and other vendors in more than six categories, taking the #1 Leader position for the seventh consecutive year, topping the charts in 180+ grid reports and indexes
G2’s Spring’24 Reports CDP grid

NEW YORK, NY (March 29, 2024) – Insider, the leading AI-native platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, today announced it has been recognized as the #1 Leader in G2’s Spring’24 reports across six categories, securing a perfect user satisfaction score of 100/100. For the seventh consecutive year, Insider has dominated the charts across Personalization Software, Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Mobile Marketing, Personalization Engines, Customer Journey Analytics, and E-Commerce Personalization. Insider has also accelerated up the charts to reach the #2 position in the Marketing Automation category, currently placed only behind HubSpot Marketing Hub.  

Insider has made significant leaps in the latest G2 reports, increasing its leadership gap to pull away to the upper-right corner of every grid and outperform every other vendor on the ratings and capabilities that marketing users care most about. Insider’s roadmap received the highest approval score of 98/100, meaning customers believe that Insider’s product development is headed in the right direction, fuelled by the company’s commitment to deliver against the most ambitious product and AI roadmaps in the industry. Not only did Insider receive a perfect user satisfaction score, but 96% of their customers are willing to recommend them to prospective customers, while 97% of customers believe that the product’s capabilities and services meet or exceed their requirements, and 96% also believe that the product is easy to use – helping brands to drive ROI up to 3X faster compared to all other vendors. 

Insider has expanded its leadership and achieved the highest scores in more than 180+ Grid reports and indexes: including Momentum Grid Reports, Regional Grid Reports, Implementation Indexes, Relationship Indexes, Usability Indexes, and Results Indexes. Insider has outperformed all other vendors, including Adobe, Bloomreach, Braze, CleverTap, Dynamic Yield, Emarsys, Iterable, Klaviyo, MoEngage, Salesforce, and more, for the 28th quarter in a row. 

G2 comparison report of Insider x Braze x Bloomreach x Emarsys x CleverTap x MoEngage

See the full comparison report of Insider x Braze x Bloomreach x Emarsys x CleverTap x MoEngage

Ranked in The Top 1% of All Software Companies in The World and The #7 Best Product for Enterprise in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards

The #7 Best Product for Enterprise in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards

In G2’s Best Software Awards for 2024, Insider was recognized in The Top 1% of all software companies worldwide and named in The Top 10 best software products with the most #1 rankings alongside other software legends like Google, Zoom, and Other accolades include reaching: Top 50 Marketing Products, Top 50 Commerce Products, Top 100 Highest Satisfaction Products, Top 100 Fastest Growing Products, #7 Best Product for Enterprise brands, and more. In the regional rankings, Insider was named the #2 Top Software Company in the UK, and #3 in EMEA. Having made the biggest moves in each of these categories, Insider cemented its position as the #1 solution for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences globally for companies of all sizes, also widening the gap to all other vendors in the same space.

Insider’s Ambitious Product Roadmap Recognized with Highest Score of 98/100

Insider’s mission has always been to develop solutions that anticipate and solve marketers’ biggest frustrations, even before they arise. That focus on product excellence has earned Insider a reputation for being a first-mover, always incorporating the latest technologies and capabilities and making them available before any other vendor. Insider continues to execute against the most ambitious product roadmap in the industry. 

98% of Insider’s users believe that Insider’s ambitious product roadmap is headed in the right direction, and 97% of users would be open to recommending them to other businesses. It’s not only users who are recognizing their reputation for innovation. Recently, Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology, IDC, commented, 

The big names in the market no longer have a decisive technological advantage, which is symptomatic of a mature market. In fact, the group of disruptors led by platforms like Insider are either at or above technical parity with the conventional solutions”.

Some of Insider’s latest product developments include Cookieless Personalization, Journey Prioritization, WhatsApp Commerce, WhatsApp Flows, and upgrades to Eureka, Insider’s AI-native site search solution, 

Insider also announced several ground-breaking updates in Sirius AI™, the world’s most comprehensive AI solution for CX and Marketing, to help brands achieve higher productivity while driving more revenue and ROI. Insider’s patent-pending AI solutions help brands boost productivity by leveraging the combined power of generative, predictive, and conversational AI to uncover new revenue opportunities and scale marketing efforts at an unprecedented enterprise scale.

“We were impressed with Insider’s commitment to innovating in the Customer Experience space. Moreover, its global footprint allows us to have a consistent experience globally. Insider’s product suite is robust.” — Director – Global Marketing Office at Samsung

#1 Customer Data Platform with a Score of 99

With an overall score of 99/100, Insider is well ahead of all other vendors within the Customer Data Platforms report, including Bloomreach (86/100), Klaviyo (87/100), SAP CDP (68/100), Segment (80/100), and Treasure Data CDP (72/100). Insider also scored the highest (96/100) in capabilities like Data Enrichment, Data Expandability, Predictive Modeling, Content Marketing, Multi-Device Orchestration, and Marketing Metrics.

Processing 4.5 billion data points each week and generating more than 14 billion AI predictions every month, Insider’s AI-native Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution helps enterprise-level brands orchestrate customer experiences by connecting and consolidating siloed data from multiple offline and online sources, including CRM data. It goes beyond data unification to help marketers leverage data to create personalized experiences across multiple channels based on each user’s behavior, interests, and preferences. The CX orchestration layer of Insider’s CDP helps marketers target the right target audiences with the most relevant messages across any of the 12+ channels at the right time. 

Insider scored 97/100 for Integration capabilities—10% higher than the industry average, thanks to out-the-box integrations with data warehouses like Snowflake and Amazon Redshift, Reverse ETL tools like Hightouch, and analytics platforms like Amplitude and Mixpanel. Insider helps brands connect data between multiple platforms, gain a single view of the customer, and put customer data into action, creating seamless and personalized customer experiences across the broadest number of channels. With Insider, brands can import and export data across a trusted ecosystem of connectors and integrations across 20+ categories, including CRM, Analytics, Ads, Email, SMS, Social platforms, Chat, and more.

Insider was also named the #1 Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Front-Office Users 2021-22 Vendor Assessment. The IDC report recognizes Insider as a “robust yet intuitive platform that helps marketers achieve a 360-degree customer view and powers customer journey analytics, orchestration, and personalization.“

“We’re using Insider’s best-in-class customer data platform and action layer to craft personalized experiences that reach customers where they want our brand to be.” — Marketing Director at Renault 

#1 Personalization Software with a Score of 99/100

Insider is the #1 leader in all three personalization categories: Personalization Software, Personalization Engines, and E-commerce Personalization. With an overall score of 99/100, Insider clearly outranks all other vendors like ActiveCampaign for Marketing (87/100), Bloomreach (69/100), Braze (90/100), CleverTap (76/100), Iterable (83/100), Klaviyo (84/100), MoEngage (72/100), and WebEngage (69/100). Insider also scored the highest (97/100) in key capabilities that users care about, including Customer Profiles, Behavioral Targeting, A/B Testing, Optimization, Templates Library, Marketing Campaigns, Triggered Messages, Personalized Messaging, Web and Mobile Personalization, Guided Selling, and Product Recommendations. 

Insider also scored 96/100 for its Search Personalization capability. Its AI-native site search platform, Eureka, redefines online experiences for its shoppers by recommending relevant products based on past and predicted user behavior. Eureka also allows marketers and merchandisers to boost the performance of their search results and category pages by manually re-arranging the listings with drag-and-drop merchandising. 

Marketing, CRM, and eCommerce professionals love Insider for its personalization capabilities across different platforms as it empowers brands to create seamless experiences across desktop, mobile devices, and tablets. Insider helps brands deliver AI-powered product recommendations, improve product discovery with social media-like experiences, and personalize search results

Last year, Insider was also named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Personalization Engines for the third year running, with the highest scores in all three personalization use cases: Marketing (3.99/5.0), Digital Commerce (4.11/5.0) and Services and Support (3.94/5.0). 

“With Insider’s powerful AI, we were able to engage our users with more relevant and personalized offers. We saw an increase of 25% in our conversion rate in just one week.” — Digital Marketing Director at Watsons

#1 Mobile Marketing Software with a Score of 98/100

With an overall score of 99/100 for Mobile Marketing, Insider is leaps ahead of all other Mobile Marketing vendors like AppsFlyer (74/100), Attentive (80/100), Bloomreach (63/100), Braze (96/100), CleverTap (82/100), Iterable (75/100), and MoEngage (71/100). Insider also scored the highest (96/100) in capabilities like Segmentation, Optimization, Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Bulk SMS, Coupons and Promotions, and Dashboards. 

Insider continues to develop industry-leading mobile solutions for brands looking to capitalize on a new generation of consumers seeking convenience, immediacy, and conversational experiences across mobile channels like App Push, SMS, WhatsApp, and Email

“Insider’s personalization suite for the web and mobile have been amazingly efficient in helping us offer a sensible, customer-focused experience that our customers love and spread the word about.” — Digital Operations Director at  IKEA

Climbs up to #2 in Marketing Automation Software 

Insider has accelerated to the #2 position in the Marketing Automation rankings, with the highest progression of any vendor listed, and has also topped the charts in the Momentum Report. With an overall score of 91/100, Insider is ahead of all Marketing Automation vendors except HubSpot Marketing Hub: including ActiveCampaign for Marketing (89/100), Bloomreach (73/100), Braze (88/100), CleverTap (76/100), Iterable (78/100), Klaviyo (82/100), MailChimp All-in-one Marketing Platform (84/100), and MoEngage (71/100). Insider scored highest (98/100) in capabilities such as Integrations, Segmentation, A/B Testing, Customization, Email Marketing, Performance, and Reliability in Marketing Automation. 

Insider helps brands create orchestrated and connected customer journeys across channels to target the right users with advanced segmentation capabilities and personalized content to drive higher conversions. Insider’s marketing automation solution, Architect, helps brands seamlessly orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys across 12+ channels from a single platform. 

Insider was also named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Omnichannel Marketing Platforms for B2C Enterprises 2023 as IDC recognizes Insider as a leader that supports an impressive array of omnichannel marketing tactics, including email marketing, website personalization, push notifications, and In-App Messaging—all from a single platform. 

“Insider is a top tier marketing automation platform for winners which enabled seamless cross-channel marketing by personalizing experiences” — eCommerce Director at Slazenger

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