Insider voted #1 Leader with the highest user satisfaction score (98/100) in G2’s Spring’23 Reports across seven categories, including Personalization, Mobile Marketing, and Customer Data Platforms

Mar. 30, 2023, London – Insider has been voted the #1 Leader in G2’s Spring’23 reports for the sixth year in a row, achieving an overall score of 4.7 out of 5 and the highest user satisfaction score of 98. Insider topped the charts in numerous Grid Reports and Index Reports across all 7 categories: Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Personalization Software, Mobile Marketing, Personalization Engines, Customer Journey Analytics, E-commerce Personalization, and Marketing Automation

The company has been awarded the highest scores on over 110 Grid Reports and Indexes across seven categories, including Momentum Grid Reports, Regional Grid Reports, Results Index, Relationship Index, Usability Index, and Implementation Index. Insider’s scores surpassed other vendors, including Braze, Klaviyo, Bloomreach, CleverTap, and MoEngage across categories.

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Insider also recently topped the charts in G2’s Best Software Awards for 2023 across multiple categories, including Top 100 Software Products, Top 50 Marketing Products, Top 50 Commerce Products, Top 100 Highest Satisfaction Products, Top 100 Fastest Growing Products, Top 50 UK Companies, and more. 

Highest score (99/100) in Integrations and other Omnichannel Marketing Automation capabilities 

Insider scored 99/100 for Integration capabilities and Integration APIs—20% higher than the industry average. Customers rated Insider’s Breadth of Partner Applications as 97/100, thanks to integrations with CDPs like Segment and Tealium, and analytics platforms like Amplitude and Mixpanel, to help brands connect data between multiple platforms, create personalized campaigns across channels, and measure the performance of campaigns. 

Insider’s advanced AI-led A/B Testing capabilities scored 97/100, and allow brands to test multiple variations of campaigns to decide the most engaging option for different audiences. Insider also secured scores of 97/100 in Revenue Analytics, ROI Analytics, and Custom Dashboards, allowing brands to measure the true impact of their cross-channel campaigns. 

According to testimonials, Insider’s customers can realize ROI 2X faster than other players. Scores of 94/100 for Ease of Setup, 99/100 for Integration, and 96/100 for both Implementation and Ease of Use demonstrate how Insider helps brands integrate and onboard faster with localized customer support to achieve superior results.  

Insider also topped the Momentum Grid in Marketing Automation, proving itself the fastest-growing and most robust cross-channel journey orchestration solution. 

“We started using Insider, and in less than a quarter, we saw a conversion rate uplift of 14.4% and a 12X uplift in ROI… We feel a true sense of partnership with Insider.”

Product Owner, The Body Shop

Industry-leading features and top scores (97+/100) in personalization capabilities for E-Commerce brands

Insider has topped the charts in personalization features like Personalized Recommendations (96/100), Triggered Messaging (98/100), Coupon & Promotions (96/100), Optimization (97/100), and A/B Testing (98/100)—achieving an overall G2 score of 97 in this category.

To help marketers create and launch campaigns faster and more efficiently, Insider continues to expand its pre-built template library (96/100) across all products like On-site, Mobile App, Email, WhatsApp, and its cross-channel journey orchestrator, Architect. 

Insider recently also announced the launch of Eureka, a search and merchandising solution to help brands deliver personalized search results for online shoppers with AI-led product recommendations (97/100) based on browsing history and predicted behavior. Eureka will help brands curate intelligent, personalized, and faster search experiences by showing personalized recommendations, enabling customers to discover more relevant products faster. 

“Insider’s smart recommender helped us generate a 629% uplift in sales. InStory helped us improve our CTR by 34.16% thanks to the highly engaging recommendations we could display on top of the site. With predictive advertising features, we also achieved over 216% uplift in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). ”

Digital Director, Costco

Topping the Mobile Marketing charts (95+/100) in Campaign Creation and Ease of Integration

Insider continues to develop innovative mobile solutions for mobile-first audiences. In addition to helping brands improve their mobile app experience, Insider helps brands engage users on other mobile-specific channels like App Push, SMS, WhatsApp, and Email. 

Insider’s newest feature launch—WhatsApp Commerce, helps marketers deliver web-style end-to-end buying experiences while leveraging the power of two-way conversational messaging. Users can discover products and services, seamlessly browse product catalogs, add items to their cart, and complete purchases without exiting the platform. 

Insider’s industry-leading expertise also saw them launch AMP for Email to help marketers create add web-style experiences like swipe-through carousels, collapsible accordions, and interactive forms without the need for expertise in coding. Thanks to these innovations, users have scored Insider with the highest scores of 98/100 for Building Personalized Emails, Sending Outbound Emails, and Email Deliverability. 

“With Insider’s powerful, AI-backed recommendation engine, we were able to engage our users to take the step from browsing to purchasing. We were able to see an increase of 25% in our conversion rate in just one week. ”

Digital Marketing Director, Watsons 

#1 Customer Data Platform with the highest scores (95/100) in Data Enrichment and Predictive Modeling

Insider’s Customer Data Platform is not a traditional CDP that unifies customer data and creates multiple segments. Receiving scores of 94/100 in Data Enrichment and Expandability and 95/100 in Multiple Devices, Insider helps connect and consolidate data from multiple offline and online sources, including CRM data and  much more. 

However, Insider’s Actionable CDP goes beyond data unification to help marketers leverage this data to create highly individualized experiences across channels. Combining that with the Predictive Modeling (95/100) and Segmentation (98/100) capabilities helps marketers target the right target audiences with the most relevant messages on the right channels. Insider’s CDP Use Case Explorer tool is a comprehensive guide for helping marketers get the most out of their customer data.

“We’re using Insider’s best-in-class customer data platform and action layer to craft personalized experiences that reach customers where they want our brand to be. Insider has all the makings to stitch together scattered anonymous and known data into actionable customer data profiles.”

Marketing Director, Renault 

Insider continues to expand its product suite to help brands deliver more individualized experiences to drive higher and faster ROI. 98% of Insider’s customers believe the product is heading in the right direction, with 96% open to recommending them to prospects looking for an AI-led personalized, cross-channel journey orchestration solution. 

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