EUREKA — Personalize search results for online shoppers with AI-led recommendations 


Personalize search results for online shoppers with AI-led recommendations

Personalize search results for every shopper based on their past and predicted behaviors.
Offer AI-led search results and recommendations to help them discover the products they are looking for faster.

Transform Search Experiences


decrease in bounce rate


higher conversions


Average Order Value

Rank search results based on customer affinities

Highlight search results that reflect every shopper’s unique affinities like most preferred brands, sizes, colors as well as special offers. Rank the most related products at the top of search results and personalize the buying journey right from the start.

Showcase popular products that are in high demand

Set recommendation rules with one click to reveal the most popular products on top of your search results. Choose to list recommendations based on customer affinities or market trends.

Improve search precision with advanced faceting filters

Speed up product discovery and search precision by helping shoppers pinpoint the products they’re looking for faster. Using advanced faceting filters, refine search results based on defined product attributes like price, category, brand, etc.

Deliver an immersive search experience with instant search preview

As shoppers start typing, understand
their intent and improve their search
experience with instant search
preview and auto-complete features.

WYSIWYG editor or API integration?

Instant search view or customization? Your choice. Use our pre-built templates, or design your own by easily connecting to our API.

Pre-built templates for personalized search results
Natural language processing

Understand the intent and the context behind each search query with Eureka’s NLP. Guide users toward the search results that match their intent no matter how longtail their search query might be.

Typo tolerance

“galazy phones” or “galaxy phones? Typos are common in search queries. Eureka understands shoppers’ search intent and yields the best matching search results regardless of the typos.


Expand keyword meanings and show exact results based on intent, whether your users search for “trainers,” “running shoes” or any other similar words.

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