Insider Announces 110+ New Customers, Unveils World’s Most Advanced Generative AI Solution for CX, Sirius AI™, and Launches Industry-Leading Capabilities in Q3’23

[NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 9 November 2023] — Insider, a single platform for building individualized, cross-channel experiences, has achieved significant milestones in the third quarter of the year, with a focus on groundbreaking innovations, increased customer acquisition, and substantial workforce expansion. Insider continues to pave the way in revolutionizing CX and making marketing teams more efficient and productive. This quarter saw Insider onboard 110+ new customers, including  Nike, Shoprite, New Balance, Unilever, QNB, Laser Clinics, Belcorp, MASMOVIL Group, and Pixmania,  reinforcing its status as the #1 trusted partner for globally recognized brands.

The third quarter saw Insider’s signature event series, UPLIFT, travel to more than six continents. With more than 10 events taking place across the globe to unite hundreds of customer experience professionals, thought leaders and experts to explore the latest news and trends in the industry. UPLIFT events took place in cities including London, Sao Paolo, Cape Town, Paris, Hanoi, Riyadh, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur, alongside partners such as AWS, Amplitude, Adjust, Twilio, and PwC.

Insider also joined the wider CX community at third-party events and tradeshows, including eCommerce Expo/Technology for Marketing in the UK, eTail East in the United States, iMedia in Australia, Paris Retail Week in France, and Fórum E-Commerce in Brazil. 

Insider recognized as #1 Leader in latest reports by Gartner, IDC, and G2

Insider has once again been recognized as a #1 leader by the world’s leading analyst firms.  In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines 2023, Insider became the fastest-moving player, making the biggest leaps for three consecutive years. Insider also achieved the highest scores in all three personalization use cases – Marketing (3.99/5.0), Digital Commerce (4.11/5.0), and Services and Support (3.94/5.0). Additionally, Insider has emerged as a leader in IDC’s pioneering MarketScape for Worldwide Omnichannel Marketing Platforms for B2C Enterprises 2023, outplaying every other vendor to take the top right spot. Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC said, “The big names in the market no longer have a decisive technological advantage, which is symptomatic of a mature market. In fact, the group of disruptors led by platforms like Insider are either at or above technical parity with the conventional solutions.”

The company further retained its position as the #6 best software product in the world, according to G2, and as the undisputed leader in six G2 categories, including Personalization Software, Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Mobile Marketing, Personalization Engines, Customer Journey Analytics, and E-Commerce Personalization for seven consecutive years. Insider outplayed all other vendors with the highest user satisfaction score compared to any vendor; 100% of users rated us above 4 stars, and 86% of users gave us a 5-star rating. 

Sirius AI™: The World’s Most Comprehensive Generative AI Solution for CX

Earlier this quarter, Insider unveiled Sirius AI™, the world’s leading Generative AI solution designed to transform customer experience creation at every level. This patent-pending technology combines the power of large language models (LLM) and machine learning (ML) to enhance productivity for marketing teams, making them up to 60% more efficient.

Sirius AI™ addresses business and revenue growth and challenges by eliminating weeks of manual labor and guesswork from the customer experience creation at every stage of the process, including: 

  • Segment Discovery: Create highly profitable audience segments up to 30X faster through AI-powered segment creation—provide a prompt and expected outcomes, and Sirius AI™ will generate tailored segments in seconds.
  • Journey Orchestration: Generate omnichannel customer journeys with precision, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. Effortlessly design journeys to meet objectives with a quick prompt.
  • Content Generation: Automate content creation to craft compelling email subject lines and engaging campaign content effortlessly. Specify use cases, CTAs, tone of voice, and more, ensuring messages align with brand guidelines and resonate with the audience.
  • Auto-Generated Conversations: Powered by Open AI, Sirius AI™ facilitates two-way conversations between brands and consumers across various channels, including WhatsApp, Web, SMS, and App.

“For many brands, achieving true personalization – a totally unique experience per person – remains a challenge. This is largely caused by unmanageable workloads and the amount of manual effort required to execute customer journeys. That’s why we developed Sirius AI™, to alleviate marketers of these challenges at every level of customer journey creation.” 

— Hande Cilingr, CEO at Insider

Deliver the Best Journey for Every Customer with Journey Prioritization

Journey Prioritization enhances journey accuracy for marketers. With Journey Prioritization, marketers can assign priorities to different omnichannel journeys based on importance or relevance, ensuring that the most fitting journey takes precedence when customers qualify for multiple options. This prioritization mechanism has proved crucial in streamlining the customer experience.

The feature leverages advanced rule-based algorithms considering various factors, including eligibility, timeout durations, entry and exit details, and more. These algorithms ensure that each customer is directed to the most appropriate journey, maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns. 

Journey Prioritization also effectively resolves conflicts and message overload. By strategically directing customers to the highest-priority journey, it eliminates the risk of conflicting messages and ensures that customers receive communication that is not only relevant but also consistent and coherent.

Seamless Integration with Hightouch and Yotpo

Insider is proud to announce two integration partnerships in the third quarter. The first is Hightouch, the innovative Data Activation platform powered by Reverse ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) allows marketers to access their warehouse data effortlessly. By syncing data from warehouse tools at lightning speed, marketers can activate this data to create seamless, cross-channel customer experiences that drive conversions, engagement, loyalty, and profitable growth. Insider also announced its collaboration with Yotpo to empower businesses to leverage Yotpo’s retention marketing platform alongside Insider’s extensive channel capabilities for precise, retention-focused campaigns across 10+ channels. With this news, brands can now sync loyalty events and review data with Insider, enabling sophisticated segmentation and personalized messaging, nurturing customer loyalty effectively.

Additional Releases: Industry-Leading Features to Create Trustworthy and Effective Customer Experiences at Scale

Insider’s dedication to enhancing customer experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle has led to further product releases, including in; templatization, personalization capabilities, and APIs.

  • Cookieless Personalization: As data privacy regulations and changes in cookie tracking reshape digital marketing, Insider enables brands to deliver personalized experiences without relying on cookies, ensuring compliance with global regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
  • WhatsApp Template Quality Rating: Insider’s WhatsApp Template Hub now includes a quality rating feature based on Meta’s internal scoring mechanism, helping marketers choose high-quality templates for enhanced performance.
  • Verify API for SMS OTP: Insider’s Verify API enhances data security and user experience, enabling secure transactions and use cases like user authentication, account recovery, and more. The platform offers a library of 60+ expert-approved SMS templates for various industries and business goals, optimizing SMS campaigns.

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