Insider Launches Global Advisory Board to Elevate Brands’ Digital Footprints

At Insider, we strive to forge significant connections and create the bridge between consumers and the brands we adore through relevant and memorable experiences. We truly believe in the success of our customers; it is in our nature to be committed to growing their success. 

Such beliefs have led to the launch of our Global Advisory Board (GAB), a concept that has been a success in the APAC region. Insider has decided to take this concept global and bring together the world’s brightest minds to create a network of esteemed advisors, capable of elevating the digital footprint of organizations worldwide. From APAC to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, these esteemed advisors—from the Retail/eCommerce, Telecommunications, Travel, Finance, and other consumer-related industries— will help to ensure organizations are enabled and equipped to move forward in their respective local markets. 

Comprising leading global professionals, GAB is designed to solicit feedback on the wide range of Insider’s products and services, as well as provide highly significant insights on the market in general. As an organization that focuses on the success of its customers, Insider’s success is measured on our customers’ growth and progress. We identify our customers as our partners because we truly believe we are in this together, as partners.

Insider has an annual year-over-year growth of 100% since our inception in 2012, and we believe this ever-growing trend is due to our partners’ trust in Insider. Giants such as Singapore Airlines, Estee Lauder, Vodafone, and Adidas are among our 1000+ clients in more than 25 countries. 

The establishment of GAB is part of Insider’s commitment to undertake the unique obstacles and opportunities that companies face in each and every market, by taking proven steps at the local level to overcome those challenges. GAB brings an added layer of tailored expertise to the table, helping organizations adapt quicker to local requirements, language, cultural differences, and customer preferences

The expertise of GAB will elevate Insider’s Growth Management Platform to better meet and overcome every industry’s unique challenges, needs, and ever-growing expectations. Insider’s partners will continue to reap the benefits as we continuously improve the experience and performance for our users. As we always say, our success is based on our Partners’ success.