Insider launches Eureka to help brands personalize search results for online shoppers

Insider announced the launch of Eureka, a search and merchandising solution to help brands deliver personalized search results for online shoppers with AI-led product recommendations based on browsing history and predicted behavior. 

Eureka is a product discovery platform that will enable brands in curating intelligent, relevant, and faster search experiences by showing personalized recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. The AI-powered search and merchandising platform would help brands reduce bounce rates, and increase clickthrough rates, conversions, Average Order Value, and revenue by tailoring products presented to shoppers based on your business goals.

Insider also recently launched WhatsApp Commerce on the back of becoming a WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP) to provide end-to-end shopping experiences on the popular messaging platform. The launches of Eureka and WhatsApp Commerce are major milestones in Insider’s pursuit of helping enterprise brands create individualized cross-channel customer experiences effortlessly as they would brands create immersive shopping experiences across channels. 

The search results on Eureka would reflect every shopper’s unique interests and affinities, like most preferred brands, sizes, styles, colors, etc. The most relevant products for each user would be ranked and displayed right at the top of the search results to assist shoppers in discovering their favorite products faster than ever before.  

Eureka’s advanced faceting filters and sorting capabilities would also help improve search precision and speed up product discovery by allowing shoppers to filter the products based on their characteristics and attributes to arrive at their desired products. These customizable faceting filters can be set up and configured easily by brands while creating search campaigns.

Built on Natural Language Processing, Eureka would also be able to understand the intent and the context behind each search query and deliver the right search results guiding shoppers to the exact products they’re looking for. The search engine would be trained to understand and interpret queries that are long tail search terms and have typos. They would also capture the user’s desire even if the search terms are synonyms.  

The integration is seamless with Insider’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor offering an instant search view with ready-made templates. Brands can also design their search menus by easily connecting to our API.

Shoppers love using the search feature to look for products they want. E-commerce brands want shoppers to spend more time on their websites exploring and browsing more products. Eureka fits in as a win-win solution for e-commerce brands and their customers as well. Insider’s desire to help brands showcase their products better is strengthened with Eureka by helping them transform their search experiences with AI-powered recommendations and merchandising. 

Take an interactive tour to see how Eureka will work on your website. 

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